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List of Vanity Fair caricatures

The following is a list of caricatures published by the British magazine Vanity Fair (1868-1914)


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Code Category
H Racehorses
J Judges
L Ladies
M Men or Women of the Day
O Our Celebrities
P Princes
Pe People of the Day
S Statesmen
So Sovereigns
SS Summer supplement
W Women of Genius
WS Winter supplement


Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes
1869-01-30 The Rt Hon B Disraeli He educated the Tories and dished the Whigs to pass Reform, but to have become what he is from what he was is the greatest Reform of all Singe S 001
1869-02-06 The Rt Hon WE Gladstone Were he a worse man, he would be a better statesman Singe S 002
1869-02-13 The Rt Hon J Bright Will the sentimental orator be lost in the practical Minister, or will both be extinguished? Ape S 003
1869-02-20 Mrs Mary Ann Starr I felt very uncomfortable Ape Pe 1; late Mother Superior of the Convent at Hull
1869-02-27 The Rt Hon Robert Lowe An enemy to democracy, yet a professor of liberal principles, which tend to democracy; the combination will one day make him Prime Minister of England Ape S 004
1869-03-06 The Rt Hon WE Forster If he is not an advanced liberal, it is for want of advancing himself Ape S 005
1869-03-13 Lord Granville The ablest professor in the cabinet of the tact by which power is kept: it is his mission to counteract the talk by which it is won and lost Ape S 006
1869-03-20 The Lord Chancellor When he who has too little piety is impossible, and he who has too much is impracticable; he who has equal piety and ability becomes Lord Chancellor Ape S 007
1869-03-27 The Marquis of Hartington His ability and industry would deserve respect even in a man; in a Marquis they command admiration Ape S 008
1869-04-03 The Rt Hon E Cardwell If the State is happy that has no history, thrice happy is the Statesman who makes none Ape S 009
1869-04-10 The Rt Hon James Stansfeld Pour encourager les autres Ape S 010
1869-04-17 The Duke of Argyll God bless the Duke of Argyll Ape S 011
1869-04-24 The Earl of Clarendon To say that he is the best foreign minister in the country is not much as foreign ministers go; but as times go it is a great deal Ape S 012
1869-05-01 Viscount Sydney He received the Royal Commands and lengthened the skirts of the Ballet Ape S 013
1869-05-08 Earl Grey A privileged person Ape S 014
1869-05-15 Lord Westbury An eminent Christian man Ape S 015
1869-05-22 Lord de Grey and Ripon Qualis ab inepto Ape S 016
1869-05-29 The Earl of Derby It is his mission to stem the tide of democracy Ape S 017
1869-06-05 Earl Russell The greatest liberal statesman of modern times Ape S 018
1869-06-12 The Rt Hon GJ Goschen The Theory of Foreign Exchanges Ape S 019
1869-06-19 The Rt Hon HCE Childers A returned colonist Ape S 020
1869-06-26 Lord Stanley He speaks with one party and acts with the other Ape S 021
1869-07-03 The Bishop of Peterborough If eloquence could justify injustice, he would have saved the Irish Church Ape S 022
1869-07-10 The Marquis of Salisbury He is too honest a Tory for his party and his time Ape S 023
1869-07-17 Lord Kimberley He improves, if possible, but he accepts always the accomplished fact Ape S 024
1869-07-24 The Bishop of Oxford Not a brawler Ape S 025
1869-07-31 Lord Cairns When Birth cannot lead Brains must Ape S 026
1869-08-07 The Duke of Somerset Proud and sincere, yet liberal and just, he refused to serve under the most humble of Premiers Ape S 027
1869-08-14 The Rt Hon CS Fortescue He married Lady Walderave and governed Ireland Ape S 028
1869-08-21 The Rt Hon HA Bruce He has gained credit by converting himself to the Ballot; he would gain greater credit by converting himself into an ex-secretary of State for the Home Department Ape S 029
1869-08-28 The Rt Hon AH Layard He combines the love of truth and art with equal devotion and success Ape S 030
1869-09-04 Napoleon III La regime parlementaire Coïdé So 01
1869-09-11 Lord Carnarvon The whole life of that great party to which I thought I had the honour to belong was nothing but a mere organised hypocrisy Ape S 031
1869-09-18 Isabella II of Spain She has throughout her life been betrayed by those who should have been most faithful to her Coïdé So 02
1869-09-25 The Duke of Abercorn Promoted from a Viceroyalty to a Dukedom Ape S 032
1869-10-02 Mr ME Grant-Duff MP A philosophic liberal Ape S 033
1869-10-09 Leopold II of the Belgians Un roi constitutionnel Coïdé So 03
1869-10-16 Alexander II of Russia La civilisation Russe Coïdé So 04
1869-10-23 Mr AS Ayrton MP Mind and Morality Ape S 034
1869-10-30 Sultan Abdul Aziz of Turkey Ote-toi de la que je m'y mette Coïdé So 05
1869-11-06 The Rev Frederick Temple DD He has displayed ability in the free handling of religious subjects, and has nevertheless been made a Bishop Coïdé M 0001
1869-11-13 The Earl of Shaftesbury He is not as other men are, for he is never influenced by party motives Ape S 035
1869-11-20 The Rt Hon Lord JJR Manners MP Let arts and commerce, laws and learning die, But leave us still our old nobility Ape S 036
1869-11-27 Le Viscomte de Lesseps He suppressed an isthmus Coïdé M 0002
1869-12-04 The Earl of Zetland The Most Worshipful Grand Master Coïdé S 037
1869-12-11 The Rt Hon Sir AJE Cockburn Bt The Lord Chief Justice of England Ape J 01
1869-12-18 Lord Penzance A Judge and Peer Ape J 02
1869-12-25 The Archbishop of Canterbury An earnest and liberal primate Coïdé S 038
1870-01-01 Pius IX The Infallible Coïdé So 06
1870-01-08 Chief Justice W Bovill The majesty of the Law Ape J 03
1870-01-15 M E Ollivier The Parliamentary Empire Coïdé M 0003
1870-01-22 M H Rochefort La Voyoucratie Coïdé M 0004
1870-01-29 Victor Emmanuel II Il Re Galantuomo Coïdé So 07
1870-02-05 Lord Chelmsford It is hardly to be believed that two political leaders should fall out only because their wives cannot agree ATn S 039
1870-02-12 Sir JS Pakington He was Chairman of the Quarter Sessions and reconstructed the Navy ATn S 040
1870-02-19 Sir RP Collier Sir John Coleridge serves under him ATn S 041
1870-02-26 The Marquess Townshend The Beggar's Friend ATn S 042
1870-03-05 Sjt W Ballantine SL He resisted the temptation to cross-examine a Prince of the blood ATn M 0005
1870-03-12 The Rt Hon The Speaker The first of the Commoners of England ATn S 043
1870-03-19 Sir Robert Peel A professor of strong languages ATn S 044
1870-03-26 The Duke of Richmond Highly respectable ATn S 045
1870-04-02 The Rt Hon Sir F Pollock A souvenir ATn J 04
1870-04-09 Lord Dufferin An exceptional Irishman ATn S 046
1870-04-16 The Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Behar and Orissa A living monument of English injustice ATn So 08
1870-04-23 HRH The Duke of Cambridge A military difficulty ATn S 047
1870-04-30 Sir JD Coleridge A risen barrister ATn S 048
1870-05-07 Adm HJ Rous As straight as a reed ATn M 0005
1870-05-14 Prince Teck The most popular of princes he has married the most popular of princesses ATn M 0006
1870-05-21 Sir Joseph Hawley The purist of the Turf ATn M 0007
1870-05-28 Mr R Bernal-Osborne The smart critic ATn S 049
1870-06-04 Mr WGGVV Harcourt He was considered an able man till he assumed his own name ATn S 050
1870-06-11 Mr EH Knatchbull-Hugessen MP A promising apprentice Ape S 051
1870-06-18 The Earl of Dudley Property Ape S 052
1870-06-25 Viscount Ranelagh He has succeeded in volunteering Ape M 0009
1870-07-02 Earl Spencer The Messenger of Peace Ape S 053
1870-07-09 The Duke of Sutherland Simple and unassuming himself, yet magnificent and generous towards his fellow men, he is the very Prince of Dukes Ape S 054
1870-07-16 The Marquis of Westminster The Richest man in England Ape S 055
1870-07-23 Lord Elcho His course has been if not a wise yet a consistent one and dictated by conscience only Ape S 056
1870-07-30 Lord H Gordon-Lennox A man of Fashion and Politics Ape S 057
1870-08-06 Lord Halifax He fell of his horse into a Peerage Ape S 058
1870-08-13 Mr Charles Newdigate Newdegate MP A Jesuit in disguise Ape S 059
1870-08-20 Lord Strathnairn He was made a Statesman because he was a soldier Ape S 060
1870-08-27 Sir HLE Bulwer A superannuated diplomat Ape S 061
1870-09-03 Lord Houghton The cool of the evening Ape S 062
1870-09-10 Mr AJB Beresford-Hope Batavian grace Ape S 063
1870-09-17 Gen LJ Trochu The hope of France Coïdé M 0010
1870-09-24 The Crown Prince of Prussia Fritz Coïdé M 0011
1870-10-01 Lord R Montagu A Working Conservative Ape S 064
1870-10-08 Sir S Northcote He does his duty to his party and is fortunate if it happens to be also his duty to his country Ape S 065
1870-10-15 Count von Bismarck-Schoenausen The ablest statesman in Europe Coïdé S 066
1870-10-22 T Carlyle The Diogenes of the Modern Corinthians without his Tub Ape M 0012
1870-10-29 Lord Lytton The representative of Romance Ape S 067
1870-11-05 The Hon John Cranch Walker Vivian Always pleasant, always genial Ape S 068; brother of Baron Vivian
1870-11-12 The Bishop of London One who has grieved more than others over 'The Sinfulness of Little Sins' Ape S 069
1870-11-19 The Marquis of Lorn If everywhere as successful as in love a great destiny awaits him Ape M 0013
1870-11-26 Sir RI Murchison A faithful friend and eminent Savant and the best possible of Presidents Ape M 0014
1870-12-03 Baron de Brunnow One of the most precious products of political Miscengenation Ape M 0015
1870-12-10 The Rev CH Spurgeon Noone has succeeded like him in sketching the comic side of repentance and regeneration Ape M 0016
1870-12-17 Sir W Fergusson Bt There is no man of greater weight in his profession Ape M 0017
1870-12-24 Sir HK Storks He is a living paradox; no one less subject to control, no one a greate slave of control Ape S 070
1870-12-31 The Rev AH Mackonochie He makes religion a tragedy, and the movements of his muscles a solemn ceremony Ape M 0018
1871-01-07 The King of Prussia Les Mangeoit Pour Soi Refraischir Devant Souper Coïdé So 08
1871-01-14 Count Rudolph Apponyi One of the lambs of the Political Fold Ape S 071
1871-01-21 Lord Lawrence One of the best types of administrative ability in modern times Ape S 072
1871-01-28 Prof T Huxley A great Med'cine-Man among the Inqui-ring Redskins Ape M 0019
1871-02-04 HE Musurus Bey The most interesting of all the diplomatic corps in London Ape S 073
1871-02-11 The Rt Hon W Monsell The painstaking Irishman Ape S 074
1871-02-18 Mr George Hammond Whalley MP The great believer in Roman Catholicism Ape S 075
1871-02-25 Archbishop Manning The next Pope Ape M 0020
1871-03-04 The Chevalier Charles Cadorna A liberal and an enemy of the priests: he fitly represents the Power which has seized Rome and suppressed the Pope Ape S 076
1871-03-11 The Rt Hon GW Hunt The fat of the land Ape S 077
1871-03-18 The Hon Gerard James Noel MP A nice little fellow Ape S 078
1871-03-25 Mr Richard Dowse MP An Irish wit and Solicitor-General Ape S 079
1871-04-01 Lord Lyttelton A man of position Ape S 080
1871-04-08 The Earl of Harrowby MP KG The last generation Ape S 081
1871-04-15 Lord Ebury A common-prayer reformer Ape S 082
1871-04-22 The Marquis of Normanby By birth a man, by inheritance a Marquis and a Governor by his Sovereign's favour: he fills all his positions with credit Ape S 083
1871-04-29 Sir F Grant An able artist and an excellent President Ape M 0021
1871-05-06 Sir T Erskine May KCB Parliamentary Practice Ape M 0022
1871-05-13 Mr JE Millais RA A converted pre-Raphaelite Ape M 0023
1871-05-20 Mr MT Bass MP Beer Ape S 084
1871-05-27 Baron MA de Rothschild MP The winner of the race Ape S 085
1871-06-03 Capt EM Shaw He well deserves is popularity Ape M 0024
1871-06-10 Sir RD Tichborne Baronet or butcher Ape M 0025
1871-06-17 Mr A Borthwick The Morning Post Ape M 0026
1871-06-24 The Archbishop of York The Archbishop of Society Ape S 086
1871-07-01 Sir GJ Shaw-Lefevre KCB La Reyne le veult Ape M 0027
1871-07-08 The Duke of Marlborough A Conservative religionist Ape S 087
1871-07-15 Lord Skelmersdale A Conservative whip Ape S 088
1871-07-22 A Tennyson The Poet Laureate Ape M 0028
1871-07-29 Mr E Miall MP The Nonconformist Ape S 089
1871-08-05 Mr George Bentinck MP Big Ben Coïdé S 090
1871-08-12 Mr John Locke MP The only man who is ever known to make Mr Gladstone smile Coïdé S 091
1871-08-19 Mr H Cole CB King Cole Coïdé M 0029
1871-08-26 Don Manuel Rances y Villanueva The Spanish Minister Coïdé M 0030
1871-09-02 The Duke of Saldanha He might have been a King Coïdé M 0031
1871-09-09 The Rt Hon Russell Gurney MP A Commissioner Coïdé S 092
1871-09-16 The Duke of Rutland He was once offered the leadership of the Conservative Party Coïdé S 093
1871-09-23 Mr GJ Whyte-Melville The novelist of Society Coïdé M 0032
1871-09-30 Mr CR Darwin Natural Selection Coïdé M 0033
1871-10-07 Alderman Andrew Lusk MP Now I want to know Coïdé S 094
1871-10-14 Mr HW Eaton MP Silk Coïdé S 095
1871-10-21 The Rev C Voysey I have much to be thankful for Coïdé M 0034
1871-10-28 Mr John Pender MP Telegraphs Coïdé M 0035
1871-11-04 The Rt Hon Sir FE Kelly The Lord Chief Baron Coïdé J 05
1871-11-11 Mr M Arnold 'I say, the critic must keep out of the region of immediate practice' Coïdé M 0036
1871-11-18 Mr LSW Dawson-Damer MP Hippy Coïdé S 096
1871-11-25 Sir CW Dilke MP A far advanced Radical Coïdé S 097
1871-12-02 Mr A Baillie-Cochrane MP Judicious Amelioration Coïdé S 098
1871-12-09 Mr AJ Mundella MP Education and Arbitration Coïdé S 099
1871-12-16 Mr JG Dodson MP Ways and Means Coïdé S 100
1871-12-23 Mr GAF Cavendish-Bentinck MP Little Ben Coïdé S 101
1871-12-30 Mr WH Gregory MP An art critic Coïdé S 102
1872-01-06 M LA Thiers Faute-de-mieux Premier Cecioni S 103
1872-01-13 The Earl of Cork and Orrery Master of Her Majesty's Buckhounds Cecioni S 104
1872-01-20 Dr Frederick Quin Homoeopathic Society Cecioni M 0037
1872-01-27 Mr JA Froude He created Henry VIII exploded Mary Stuart and demolished Elizabeth Cecioni M 0038
1872-02-03 Mr WW Collins The Novelist who invented Sensation Cecioni M 0039
1872-02-10 The Rt Hon SH Walpole MP He defended Hyde Park Cecioni S 105
1872-02-17 Mr J Ruskin The realisation of the Ideal Cecioni M 0040
1872-02-24 The Hon GG Glyn MP The Whip Cecioni S 106
1872-03-02 Mr AW Kinglake Not an MP Cecioni M 0041
1872-03-09 Mr WH Smith MP Newspapers Cecioni S 107
1872-03-16 Sir R Palmer He refused the Woolsack, and voted against the Disestablishment of the Irish Church Cecioni S 108
1872-03-23 Mr John Francis Maguire MP A Home Ruler Cecioni S 109
1872-03-30 Rev Canon Charles Kingsley The Apostle of the Flesh Cecioni M 0042
1872-04-06 Prof J Tyndall FRS The Scientific Use of the Imagination Cecioni M 0043
1872-04-13 The Rev J Cumming DD The End of the World Cecioni M 0044
1872-04-20 The Rt Hon Gathorne Hardy MP DCL Conservative Cecioni S 110
1872-04-27 Mr WH Dixon He discovered New America and Free Russia Cecioni M 0045
1872-05-04 King Amadeus of Spain He would be a King Cecioni So 09
1872-05-11 Sir W Lawson Bt MP Permissive Prohibition Cecioni S 111
1872-05-18 The Hon Hamilton Fish Consequential damages Nast S 112
1872-05-25 The Hon Charles Sumner The Massive Grievance Nast S 113
1872-06-01 Gen US Grant Captain, Tanner, Farmer, General, Imperator Nast So 10
1872-06-08 Mr Thomas Hughes MP Tom Brown Cecioni S 114
1872-06-15 Mr S Morley MP Dissent Cecioni S 115
1872-06-22 Sir AR Wellesley KG PC MP The son of Waterloo Cecioni S 116
1872-06-29 Mr F Leighton ARA A sacrifice to the Graces Coïdé M 0046
1872-07-06 Sir MAA Costa Orchestration Lyall M 0047
1872-07-13 Mr George Leeman MP A Yorkshire Solicitor Coïdé S 117
1872-07-20 Mr H Greeley Anything to beat Grant Nast S 118
1872-07-27 The Rt Hon E Pleydell-Bouverie MP He did not decline the Speakership Lyall S 119
1872-08-03 Mr James Delahunty MP Currency Coïdé S 120
1872-08-10 The Rt Hon E Horsman MP the eccentric Liberal Lyall S 121
1872-08-17 Lord Radstock DV Cecioni S 122
1872-08-24 Rev CJ Vaughan DD Nolo episcopari Montbard M 0048
1872-08-31 The Rt Hon CP Villiers MP He advocated Free-trade before it was safe to attack Protection Coïdé S 123
1872-09-07 Msgr Thomas John Capel The Apostle to the Genteel Montbard M 0049
1872-09-14 Lord Enfield MP Answers questions Cecioni S 124
1872-09-21 The Very Rev AP Stanley DD Philosophic Belief Montbard M 0050
1872-09-28 The Rt Hon Sir CM O'Loghlen Bt MP An Irish Baronet Cecioni S 125
1872-10-05 Mr CF Adams An Arbitrator Nast S 126
1872-10-12 The Rev T Binney The head of the Dissenters Montbard M 0051
1872-10-19 M L Gambetta He devoured France with activity Montbard S 127
1872-10-26 Mr Joseph Cowen MP Newcastle-on-Tyne Coïdé S 128
1872-11-02 Mr HM Stanley He found Livingstone Montbard M 0052
1872-11-09 Sir SH Waterlow The Lord Mayor Cecioni M 0053
1872-11-16 The Rt Hon HBW Brand MP Mr Speaker Coïdé S 129
1872-11-23 The Rev Newman Hall Come to Jesus Montbard M 0054
1872-11-30 Mr Roger Eykyn MP The Police Champion Coïdé S 130
1872-12-07 Sir FH Goldsmid Bt MP Barrister & Baronet Coïdé S 131
1872-12-14 Baron PJ Reuter Telegrams Delfico M 0055
1872-12-21 Mr H Fawcett MP A Radical Leader Delfico S 132
1872-12-28 Mr Gabriel Goldney MP Practical Delfico S 133
1873-01-04 The Duke of St Albans Hereditary Grand Falconer Delfico S 134
1873-01-11 Mr Robert Wigram Crawford MP A man of weight and high standing Delfico S 135
1873-01-18 Mr CS Gilpin MP Capital Punishment Delfico S 136
1873-01-25 The Duke of Buccleuch and Queensbury The Governing Classes D'Epinay S 137
1873-02-01 The Earl of Galloway Army reorganisation Delfico S 138
1873-02-08 The Rt Hon Sir James Bacon Contempt of Court WV J 06
1873-02-15 Mr J d'Aguilar Samuda MP Iron Shipbuilding Lyall S 139
1873-02-22 Sir JB Karslake Kt Jack Lyall M 0056
1873-03-01 Prof Richard Owen Old Bones Ape M 0057
1873-03-08 Mr T Mayne-Reid Impossible Romantic Coïdé M 0058
1873-03-15 Mr S Plimsoll MP The Sailor's Champion WV S 140
1873-03-22 Mr Edward Levy The Daily Telegraph Spy M 0059
1873-03-29 Mr JS Mill MP A Feminine Philosopher Spy S 141
1873-04-05 Mr A Trollope A Novelist Spy M 0060
1873-04-12 Lt-Col Lord Charles James Fox Russell 'This fell sergeant - strict in this arrest' Coïdé M 0061
1873-04-19 The Rt Hon TE Headlam MP Has kept his seat for six-and-twenty years Spy S 142
1873-04-26 Sir W Jenner Bt KCB Physic Spy M 0062
1873-05-03 Mr I Butt MP Home Rule Spy S 143
1873-05-10 Mr WP Frith RA The Derby-Day Spy M 0063
1873-05-17 Mr John Laird MP He built the 'Alabama' and the 'Captain' Spy S 144
1873-05-24 The Hon Sir John Mellor Judges the The Claimant Spy J 07
1873-05-31 Mr Robert Lush A little lush Spy J 08
1873-06-07 Mr Robert Dalgleish MP The most popular man in the House of Commons Spy S 145
1873-06-14 Sir W Williams-Wynn Bt MP The King of Wales Spy S 146
1873-06-21 Mr Henry Dawkins QC The Tichborne Case Spy M 0064
1873-06-28 Mr Washington Hibbert A Londoner Coïdé M 0065
1873-07-05 HIM The Shah of Persia He Endowed Persia with a National Debt Spy So 11
1873-07-12 Sir HC Rawlinson KCB Our Eastern Policy Spy S 147
1873-07-19 Sir R Airey GCB Adjutant-General of the Forces Spy M 0066
1873-07-26 Lord Colville of Culross A good fellow Spy S 148
1873-08-02 Mr GO Trevelyan MP The Competition Wallah Spy S 149
1873-08-09 Rt Hon Lord OA Fitzgerald MP A Message from the Queen Spy S 150
1873-08-16 Mr S Laing MP The infant Samuel Spy S 151
1873-08-23 The Earl of Wilton The Commodore Coïdé S 152
1873-08-30 FM Sir WM Gomm GCB The Constable of the Tower Spy M 0067
1873-09-06 Mr Thomas Collins MP Noisy Tom Spy S 153
1873-09-13 Lord Colonsay Scotch Law Spy S 154
1873-09-20 Sir HBE Frere KCB The Slave Trade Spy M 0068
1873-09-27 Sir Julius Benedict Sweet sounds Spy M 0069
1873-10-04 Lord Campbell and Sratheden and Stratheden Spy S 155
1873-10-11 Sir AWJ Clifford Bt CB Black Rod Spy M 0070
1873-10-18 The Duke of Hamilton Premier Peer of Scotland Coïdé S 156
1873-10-25 The Earl of Harrington An unexpected Earl Coïdé S 157
1873-11-01 Dr EVH Kenealy The Claimant's Counsel Spy M 0071
1873-11-08 The Prince of Wales The Prince Coïdé P 01
1873-11-15 Col JM McGarel-Hogg MP Board of Works Spy S 158
1873-11-22 Earl Bathurst A Relic Coïdé S 159
1873-11-29 Sir Richard Wallace Bt The Hertford Property Spy S 160
1873-12-06 Sir John Doran FSA Notes and Queries Spy M 0072
1873-12-13 Sjt John Humffreys Parry a lawyer Spy M 0073
1873-12-20 Mr EM Ward RA Historic Art Spy M 0074
1873-12-27 Mr Percy William Doyle CB Diplomacy Coïdé M 0075
1874-01-03 Mr Augustus William Lumley-Savile Cotillon Ape M 0076
1874-01-10 HRH The Duke of Edinburgh First Violin Ape P 02
1874-01-17 Sir A Panizzi KCB Books Ape M 0077
1874-01-24 Sir George Orby Wombwell Bt Our Sir George Ape M 0078
1874-01-31 The Earl of Desart Chesterfield Letters Ape M 0079
1874-02-07 Lord Carrington Charlie Ape S 161
1874-02-14 Mr James Johnstone The Standard Ape M 0080
1874-02-21 Mr Albert Grant MP Leicester Square Ape S 162
1874-02-28 Mr JW Huddleston QC MP A future Judge Ape S 163
1874-03-07 Sir H James MP Nervous Ape S 164
1874-03-14 Mr AS Sullivan English Music Ape M 0081
1874-03-21 Capt Ralph Allen Gossett Popular Members Ape M 0082; Serjeant-at-Arms
1874-03-28 Sir C Forster Bt MP An Amateur Whip Ape S 165
1874-04-04 The Marquis of Lansdowne Family Ape S 166
1874-04-11 Mr JA Roebuck MP Tear 'em Ape S 167
1874-04-18 Sir GJ Wolseley Bt KCB The man who won't stop Ape M 0083
1874-04-25 The Rt Hon JW Henley MP Common Sense Ape S 168
1874-05-02 The Rt Hon Sir WRS Vesey-FitzGerald GCSI Bombay Ape S 169
1874-05-09 Lord Hardwicke High Political Office Ape S 170
1874-05-16 The Rt Hon RA Cross MP The new man Ape S 171
1874-05-23 Earl Stanhope A Noble Writer Ape S 172
1874-05-30 The Rt Hon Lord Sandhurst GCB GCSI Military advice Ape S 173
1874-06-06 The Duke of Devonshire Position Ape S 174
1874-06-13 The Marquis of Bath Ancient lineage Ape S 175
1874-06-20 The Marquis D'Azeglio Il Marchese Ape M 0084
1874-06-27 The Rt Hon WP Adam MP The Past Ape S 176
1874-07-04 Col The Rt Hon Thomas Edward Taylor MP Lately whipped Ape S 177
1874-07-11 The Duke of Bedford The head of the Russells Ape S 178
1874-07-18 Mr Herbert Praed MP The Philanthropist Ape S 179
1874-07-25 The Earl of Malmesbury GCB PC DCL Diplomacy Ape S 180
1874-08-01 Sir Henry Thompson Bt Thompson Ape M 0085
1874-08-08 The Rt Hon G Sclater-Booth MP The safe man Ape S 181
1874-08-15 Sir A Helps KCB Council Ape M 0086
1874-08-22 The Rt Hon Sir ME Hicks-Beach A scagliola apollo Ape S 182
1874-08-29 Mr R Winn MP the lash Ape S 183
1874-09-05 Sir H Drummond-Wolff KCMG MP Consular chaplains Ape S 184
1874-09-12 Mr Oscar Clayton Fashionable surgery Ape M 0087
1874-09-19 Count Edward Batthyany Yachting Ape M 0088
1874-09-26 Sir James Hudson GCB Ill-used Ape S 185
1874-10-03 The Rt Hon Stephen Cave MP Amends Ape S 186
1874-10-10 The Rt Hon ES Gordon Lord Advocate Ape S 187
1874-10-17 The Rev James Augustus Hessey DCL Merchant Taylors Ape M 0089
1874-10-24 The Earl of Bradford Master of the Horse Ape S 188
1874-10-31 Mr James Lloyd Ashbury MP The Ocean Race Ape S 189
1874-11-07 Mr H du Pre Labouchere MP Modest assurance Ape M 0090
1874-11-14 Mr C Sykes the Gull's friend Ape S 190
1874-11-21 Mr AC Swinburne Before sunrise Ape M 0091
1874-11-28 The Rt Rev JW Colenso DD the Pentateuch Ape M 0092
1874-12-05 Mr H Chaplin MP A turf reformer Ape S 191
1874-12-12 Lord W Hay The Director Ape M 0093
1874-12-19 Mr H Irving The Bells Ape
1874-12-26 The Rev Henry White MA Prayers Ape M 0094
1875-01-02 The Rev EB Pusey DD High Church Ape M 0095
1875-01-09 Sir WA Fraser Bt MP The Sanitary Ape S 192
1875-01-16 Mr WH Russell LLD Our War correspondence Ape M 0096
1875-01-23 Gen RC Schenck The United States Ape S 193
1875-01-30 The Very Rev HG Liddell DD Christchurch Ape M 0097
1875-02-06 FM Muller LLD The science of language Ape M 0098
1875-02-13 Count Schouvaloff Russia Ape S 194
1875-02-20 Dr L Playfair CB MP Chemistry Ape S 195
1875-02-27 Lord Redesdale the Lord Dictator Ape S 196
1875-03-06 Lt-Col EYW Henderson CB Police Ape M 0099
1875-03-13 Maj Purcell O'Gorman MP The joker for Waterford Ape S 197
1875-03-20 Mr EJ Reed MP Naval Construction Ape S 198
1875-03-27 HE Governor John Pope Hennessy CMG Colonial Government Ape M 0100
1875-04-03 Mr DL Moody Prayer and Praise Ape M 0101
1875-04-10 Mr ID Sankey Praise and Prayer Ape M 0102
1875-04-17 Mr HC Raikes MP Order, order Ape S 199
1875-04-24 Sir GS Jenkinson Bt MP The Colossus of Roads Ape S 200
1875-05-01 Viscount Bury PC KCMG The auxiliary Forces Ape M 0103
1875-05-08 M Michel Chevalier French Free Trade Ape S 201
1875-05-15 Sir Massey Lopes Bt MP Local Taxation Ape S 202
1875-05-22 Sig T Salvini Othello Ape M 0104
1875-05-29 The Duke of Buckingham a safe Duke Ape S 203
1875-06-05 Mr Clare Sewell Read MP A tenant Farmer Ape S 204
1875-06-12 The Rt Hon Sir JC Dalrymple Hay Bt MP The retired list Ape S 205
1875-06-19 Lord Hammond Foreign Policy Ape S 206
1875-06-26 The Earl of Abergavenny The Tory bloodhound Ape S 207
1875-07-03 Maj-Gen Lord AH Paget MP The Clerk Marshal Ape M 0105
1875-07-10 Sir HJ Stracey Bt MP A country gentleman Ape M 0106
1875-07-17 Mr FA Milbank Yorkshire Ape S 208
1875-07-24 Mr Guildford Onslow The Claimant's Friend Ape M 0107
1875-07-31 The Earl of Stradbroke Suffolk Ape S 209
1875-08-07 Mr Philip Henry Muntz MP Birmingham Ape S 210
1875-08-14 Lord Wharncliffe Conservative Conversion Ape S 211
1875-08-21 Sir Thomas Bazley Bt MP Manchester Ape S 212
1875-08-28 Count Beust Austria Ape M 0108
1875-09-04 Mr WH Dyke MP a whipper Ape S 213
1875-09-11 Lord Barrington MP a young man Ape S 214
1875-09-18 Mr George Payne GP Ape M 0109
1875-09-25 Mr GAH Sala Journalism Ape M 0110
1875-10-02 Mr Charles James Matthews Our only Comedian Ape M 0111
1875-10-09 Mr M Webb Swam the Channel Ape M 0112
1875-10-16 Lord Forester The ex-Father of the House Ape S 215
1875-10-23 Rear-Adm Lord J Hay CB An Admiral Ape M 0113
1875-10-30 Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimar Guards Ape M 0114
1875-11-06 Sir EW Watkin MP The Railway Interest Ape S 216
1875-11-13 Sir GB Airy KCB Astronomy Ape M 0115
1875-11-20 Mr R Browning Modern Poetry Ape M 0116
1875-11-27 Mr A Hayward QC Anecdotes Ape M 0117
1875-12-04 The Hon Spencer Lyttelton Marshall of the Ceremonies Ape M 0118
1875-12-11 Sir R Baggallay The Court of Appeal Ape J 09
1875-12-18 Sir WW Gull Bt MD Physiological Physic Ape M 0119
1875-12-25 Adm The Rt Hon Lord CE Paget KCB Sailor politician and sculptor Ape M 0120
1876-01-01 Sir WB Brett Popular Judgement Ape J 10
1876-01-08 The Marquis of Tweeddale KT GCB Peninsular Veteran Ape S 217
1876-01-15 The Hon AF Kinnaird MP Piety and Banking Ape S 218
1876-01-22 The Rev CO Goodford DD Goody Spy M 0121
1876-01-29 The Hon Sir GW Wilshere The Exchequer Spy J 11
1876-02-05 The Hon Sir Anthony Cleasby Formerly of the Carlton Spy J 12
1876-02-12 Sir James Paget Bt Surgery Spy M 0122
1876-02-19 Mr Lionel Lawson Prosperity JTJ M 0123
1876-02-26 The Rev Benjamin Jowett MA Greek Spy M 0124
1876-03-04 Mr Henry Louis Bischoffsheim a retired Financier JTJ M 0125
1876-03-11 Mr Tom Taylor Punch Spy M 0126
1876-03-18 Lord Lytton the Vice-Empress Spy S 219
1876-03-25 Gen Sir FP Haines GCB Commander in chief in India JTJ M 0127
1876-04-01 Maj-Gen The Hon James Macdonald CB Jim JTJ M 0128
1876-04-08 The Hon And Very Rev GV Wellesley The old Dean Spy M 0129
1876-04-15 Viscount Torrington A man of the world Spy S 220
1876-04-22 Adm The Hon Sir Henry Keppel GCB Little Harry JTJ M 0130
1876-04-29 Carlo VII of Spain Legitimacy Spy P 03
1876-05-06 Viscount Midleton Steward Spy S 221
1876-05-13 Mr Marcus Beresford MP Southwark Spy S 222
1876-05-20 The Earl of Roden In waiting Spy S 223
1876-05-27 The Earl of Powis Mouldy Spy S 224
1876-06-03 The Earl of Rosebery H Spy S 225
1876-06-10 Lord Eslington Shipping Spy S 226
1876-06-17 HRH the Duke of Connaught KG a future Commander-in-Chief Spy P 04
1876-06-24 Mr HA Herbert MP of Muckross Spy S 227
1876-07-01 The Earl of Portsmouth Horseflesh Spy S 228
1876-07-08 Lord Alington Bunny Spy S 229
1876-07-15 Lieutenant VL Cameron RN He walked across Africa Spy M 0131
1876-07-22 Lord Cottesloe Customs Spy S 230
1876-07-29 Mr John Laurence Toole A Spelling Bee Spy M 0132
1876-08-05 Mr JM Gully MD Hydropathy Spy M 0133
1876-08-12 Lord CW Beresford RN MP The little rascal Spy S 231
1876-08-19 Lord Vivian Hook & eye Spy S 232
1876-08-26 Col James Farquharson of Invercauld The Queen's Landlord JTJ M 0134
1876-09-02 Mr GH Lewis An astute lawyer Spy M 0135
1876-09-09 Adm FB Paget-Seymour CG The swell of the Ocean Spy M 0136
1876-09-16 The Rev HP Liddon DD DCL High Church Spy M 0137
1876-09-23 Viscount Dupplin Petrarch Spy M 0138
1876-09-30 The Duke of Beaufort the Duke of Sport Spy S 233
1876-10-07 Viscount Cole Good Looks Spy M 0139
1876-10-14 Nawab Sir Salar Jung KCSI An Indian Statesman Spy S 234
1876-10-21 HM George, King of Greece Greece Spy So 12
1876-10-28 Viscount Newry And Mourie amateur theatricals Spy M 0140
1876-11-04 Col RJ Loyd Lindsay VC MP The Victoria and Geneva crosses Spy S 235
1876-11-11 Marquess of Londonderry the vice-commodore Spy S 236
1876-11-18 Maj-Gen Sir HP de Bathe Bt Henry Spy M 0141
1876-11-25 Col Charles Napier Sturt a younger son Spy M 0142; brother of Lord Alington
1876-12-02 Capt FG Burnaby Fred Spy M 0143
1876-12-09 The Earl of Northbrook GCSI British Rule in India Spy S 237
1876-12-16 Viscount Macduff MP an elder son Spy S 238
1876-12-23 Count George Herbert Munster the German Ambassador Spy S 239
1876-12-30 The Rt Hon Sir George Mellish DCL appeals Spy J 13
1877-01-06 Count G Andrassy Hungary in effigy Kluz S 240
1877-01-13 Mr VC Prinsep Val Spy M 0144
1877-01-20 The Rev JH Newman DD Tracts for the times Spy M 0145
1877-01-27 Mr J Chamberlain MP our Joe Spy S 241
1877-02-03 Lt-Gen Sir Alfred Hastings Horsford GCB The Beau ideal Spy M 0146
1877-02-10 The Rev Arthur Tooth The Christian Martyr Spy M 0147
1877-02-17 Mr Robert Richardson-Gardner MP The Royal Borough Spy S 242
1877-02-24 The Marquis of Winchester the premier Marquess Spy S 243
1877-03-03 Mr MW Corry The pattern Private Secretary Spy M 0148
1877-03-10 The Rt Hon Lord C Hamilton The Dowager Spy S 244
1877-03-17 The Rt Hon Sir Henry George Elliot GCB Ambassador to the Porte Spy S 245
1877-03-24 Lord Dorchester The Turf Spy S 246
1877-03-31 The Marquess of Headfort An Irish Property Spy S 247
1877-04-07 The Marquess of Hertford The Lord Chamberlain Spy S 248
1877-04-14 Gen NP Ignatieff a manipulator of phrases Spy S 249
1877-04-21 HRH Prince Leopold KG The student Prince Spy P 05
1877-04-28 The Hon Robert Bourke Bobby Spy S 250
1877-05-05 Mr Jacob Bright MP the Apostle to the Women Spy S 251
1877-05-12 Mr William Bromley Davenport MP Clever Spy S 252
1877-05-19 R Wagner The Music of the future Spy M 0149
1877-05-26 The Rt Hon Lord HF Thynne MP younger son Spy S 253
1877-06-02 Mr TB Potter MP the Manchester school Spy S 254
1877-06-09 Mr WG Grace Cricket Spy M 0150
1877-06-16 HE Kuo Sung Tao China Spy S 255
1877-06-23 Adm Sir HR Yelverton GCB Spanish Ironclads Spy M 0151
1877-06-30 HH Midhat Pasha The Turkish Constitution Spy S 256
1877-07-07 Mr Theodore Martin CB LLD The Royal Literary assistant Spy M 0152
1877-07-14 HIH The Prince Imperial The Empire Spy P 06
1877-07-21 Mr JG Biggar MP Irish obstruction Spy S 257
1877-07-28 The Rt Hon Lord OWL Russell GCB Odo Spy M 0153
1877-08-04 The Duke of Cleveland the fourth Duke Spy S 258
1877-08-11 Sir Francis Seymour Bt KCB Albert's Seymour Ape M 0154
1877-08-18 Lord RC Sutherland-Leveson-Gower a sculptor Spy M 0155
1877-08-25 Gen The Rt Hon Sir William Thomas Knollys PC KCB Black Rod Ape M 0156
1877-09-01 Viscount Falmouth Never bets Spy S 259
1877-09-08 Mr Henry Villebois The Squire Ape M 0157; High Sheriff of Norfolk
1877-09-15 M PG Doré sensational art Spy M 0158
1877-09-22 Baron LN de Rothschild Baron Lionel Ape M 0159
1877-09-29 Harry Benson the Turf Frauds Spy M 0160
1877-10-06 Mr T Brassey MP Round the World Ape S 260
1877-10-13 Gen Lord George Augustus Frederick Paget KCB a soldier Spy M 0161
1877-10-20 Gen Sir Charles Henry Ellice KCB the Adjutant General Ape M 0162
1877-10-27 Mr Henry Steel the leviathan Spy M 0163
1877-11-03 The Hon Oliver George Paulett Montagu Oliver Ape M 0164
1877-11-10 The Marquis of Queensberry a good light weight Spy S 261
1877-11-17 Sir JD Astley] Bt MP the Mate Spy S 262
1877-11-24 Sir FHC Doyle Bt Poetry Spy M 0165
1877-12-01 Sir John Lintorn Arabion Simmons KCB Fortifications Ape M 0166
1877-12-08 Mr J Lowther MP Jim Spy S 263
1877-12-15 Sir Allen Young Alleno Ape M 0167
1877-12-22 Mr John Mackenzie Grieve Haute école Spy M 0168
1877-12-29 HI and RM The Emperor-King of Austro-Hungary Austria Sue So 13
1878-01-05 Mr Archibald Forbes Thorough Ape M 0169
1878-01-12 Mr JAM Whistler a symphony Spy M 0170
1878-01-19 Col Owen Lewis Cope Williams The Prince Ape M 0171
1878-01-26 The Hon Spencer Cecil Brabazon Ponsoney-Fane Spencer Spy M 0172
1878-02-02 Sir Charles Russell, 3rd Baronet VC MP Westminster Ape S 264
1878-02-09 Sir John Holker Attorney-General Spy S 265
1878-02-16 Lord EG Fitzmaurice MP Calne Spy S 266
1878-02-23 Sir J Lubbock Bt MP The Bank Holiday Spy S 267
1878-03-02 The Earl of Denbigh a Catholic Ape S 268
1878-03-09 Lt-Gen V Baker Baker Pasha Ape M 0173
1878-03-16 Gen Frederick Marshall Handsome Fred Ape M 0174
1878-03-23 Gen Sir CH Doyle KCMG A General Spy M 0175
1878-03-30 Lord Feversham a Conservative Ape S 269
1878-04-06 Lord Lyons Diplomacy Ape S 270
1878-04-13 Maj-Gen Sir Daniel Lysons KCB Dan Spy M 0176
1878-04-20 Gen Lord Napier of Magdala GCB The British Expedition Spy M 0177
1878-04-27 Mr Joseph Cowen MP Joe Spy S 271
1878-05-04 The Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl active Ape S 272
1878-05-11 Lord JL Lindsay MP Astronomy Spy S 273
1878-05-18 His Holiness Pope Leo XIII The Pope T So 14
1878-05-25 Col The Hon Frederick Arthur Wellesley Promotion by merit Ape M 0178
1878-06-01 Adm AC Hobart-Hampden Hobart Pasha Spy M 0179
1878-06-08 Lt-Gen Sir Arnold Burrowes Kemball KSCI CB Asia Minor Ape M 0180
1878-06-15 Gen G Garibaldi Revolution T M 0181
1878-06-22 Sir HS Giffard MP the Solicitor-General Spy S 274
1878-06-29 George Sackville Frederick Lane-Fox of Bramham George Fox Spy M 0182
1878-07-02 The Earl of Beaconsfield the junior Ambassador Ape SS
1878-07-02 St James Street - June 1878 St James Street - June 1878 Whistler SS
1878-07-06 Sir James Dalrymple-Horn-Elphinstone Bt MP the Admiral Spy S 275
1878-07-13 Mr FR Spofforth The Demon Bowler Spy M 0183
1878-07-20 Gen Sir Thomas Montagu Steele KCB Aldershot Ape M 0184
1878-07-27 Lord CJ Hamilton Bridegroom Spy S 276
1878-08-03 King Humbert Italy T So 15
1878-08-10 Col John Sidney North MP a Tory Spy S 277
1878-08-17 Lord Tenterden The Foreign Office Ape S 278
1878-08-24 The Earl of Portarlington Port Spy S 279
1878-08-31 Mr Edward Jenkins MP Ginx's Baby Spy S 280
1878-09-07 Lord Kensington MP a Whip Spy S 281
1878-09-14 Earl Fitzwilliam KG Property and Principle Ape S 282
1878-09-21 Sir G Campbell KCSI MP Indian authority Spy S 283
1878-09-28 M WH Waddington France at the Congress T S 284
1878-10-05 Lord Gerard a new peer Spy S 285
1878-10-12 The Marquis of Ormonde Kilkenny Spy S 286
1878-10-19 Lord Londesborough a whip Spy S 287
1878-10-26 Mr J Tenniel Punch Spy M 0185
1878-11-02 Mr Alfred Montgomery Alfred Spy M 0186
1878-11-09 Mr Rivers Wilson CB Egyptian Finance Ape M 0187
1878-11-16 Mr EH Yates The World Spy M 0188
1878-11-23 Sir Francis Philip Cunliffe Owen KCMG Paris Exhibition Spy M 0189
1878-11-30 Mr John Morley The Fortnightly Review Ape M 0190
1878-12-07 Sir FJW Johnstone Bt Freddy Spy S 288
1878-12-14 The Earl of Dunmore Charlie Spy S 289
1878-12-14 HRH The Prince of Wales Spy
1878-12-14 HRH The Prince of Wales The Prince Spy WS
1878-12-21 Charles Seeley MP Pigs Spy S 290
1878-12-28 The Duke of Manchester KP the Colonies Spy S 291
1879-01-04 Mr FB Harte the Heathen Chinee Spy M 0191
1879-01-11 Lord Bateman Reciprocity Ape S 292
1879-01-18 Sir G Bowyer Bt MP the Knight of Malta Spy S 293
1879-01-25 Mr Peter Rylands MP Foreign Policy Spy S 294
1879-02-01 Mr CF Gounod Emotional Music T M 0192
1879-02-08 Mr AJ Otway MP He killed the cat Ape S 295
1879-02-15 Sig G Verdi Italian Music T M 0193
1879-02-22 Mr JE Renan La vie de Jésus T M 0194
1879-03-01 The Rt Hon Sir G Jessel The Law Spy M 0195
1879-03-08 Adm Sir W Edmonstone Bt CB MP Chorus Spy S 296
1879-03-15 Maj-Gen Henry Hope Crealock CB Second in Zululand Spy M 0196
1879-03-22 L Alma Tadema Ancient Painting Ape M 0197
1879-03-29 Maj-Gen Sir HM Havelock VC CE MP The soldier who couldn't draw his sword Spy S 297
1879-04-05 The Rt Hon Lord GF Hamilton MP Georgie Spy S 298
1879-04-12 The Hon Edward Stanhope MP The young man Spy S 299
1879-04-19 Mr Mitchell Henry MP Home Rule Spy S 300
1879-04-26 Mr Herbert Spencer Philosophy CG M 0198
1879-05-03 Lord Suffield Charlie Ape S 301
1879-05-10 The Hon Mr Justice Straight the new Judge Spy M 0199
1879-05-17 Mr GO Morgan QC MP Burials Spy S 302
1879-05-24 The Rt Hon FA Stanley War Ape S 303
1879-05-31 Sir PJW Miles MP Philip Spy S 304
1879-06-07 Viscount Castlereagh MP C Spy S 305
1879-06-14 The Earl of Lonsdale Self-conquest Spy S 306
1879-06-21 Mr John Farley Leith MP Aberdeen Spy S 307
1879-06-28 Mr Charles Watkin Williams-Wynn MP Montgomeryshire Spy S 308
1879-07-01 The Row in the Season English Society in Hyde Park Corbold SS; the Prince and Princess of Wales and other riders in Hyde Park; double print
1879-07-01 The Rt Hon WE Gladstone MP The people's William Spy SS
1879-07-05 Mlle S Bernhardt Sarah Bernhardt TC W 1; her signature in facsimile
1879-07-12 M J Grevy the French Republic T S 309
1879-07-19 Mr W Holman Hunt The Pre-Raphaelite of the World Spy M 0200
1879-07-26 Prince Napoleon Plon-Plon T P 08
1879-08-02 Mr WC Brooks MP The Golden Pippen Spy S 310
1879-08-09 The Marquis of Waterford MP The Great Man of Waterford Spy S 311
1879-08-16 Sir AAD Sassoon CSI The Indian Rothschild Spy M 0201
1879-08-23 Sir Tatton Sykes Bt fifteen churches Spy M 0202
1879-08-30 Earl De La Warr Jour de ma vie Spy S 312
1879-09-06 Maj-Gen CC Fraser VC Conspicuous & cool Spy M 0203
1879-09-13 HE Phya Bhaskarawongse Siam Spy S 313
1879-09-20 M V Hugo a French Poet T M 0204
1879-09-27 Lord WL Beresford VC fighting Bill Spy M 0205
1879-10-04 Mr Thomas Chenerey The Times Spy M 0206
1879-10-11 Marshall Macmahon J'y suis j'y reste T S 314
1879-10-18 The Hon and Rev Francis Edmund Byng Prayers Spy M 0207
1879-10-25 The Earl of Donoughmore KCMG Eastern Roumelia Spy S 315
1879-11-01 Mr Montagu Williams In his military capacity Spy M 0208
1879-11-08 The Duke of Athole the seventh Duke Spy S 316
1879-11-15 Brig-Gen Sir HE Wood KCB VC the Flying Column Spy M 0209
1879-11-22 Mr William Stuart Stirling-Crawfurd Gang forward Spy M 0210
1879-11-29 Sir G Elliot Bt MP Geordie Spy S 317
1879-12-06 M PG de Cassagnac a French duellist T S 318
1879-12-13 Sir PF Shelley Bt The Poet's Son Ape M 0211
1879-12-16 The Earl of Beaconsfield and Mr MW Corry Power and Place Spy WS
1879-12-20 M JJL Blanc social revolution T S 319
1879-12-27 M Alexandre Dumas Fils French Fiction T M 0212
1880-01-03 Mr Henry Savile The Turf Spy M 0213
1880-01-10 Mr Samuel Ward Uncle Sam Spy M 0214
1880-01-17 Capt Lord EF Gifford VC VC Spy S 320
1880-01-24 M E Zola French Realism T M 0215
1880-01-31 Sir Roger William Henry Palmer Bt Roger Spy M 0216
1880-02-07 Vice-Adm Sir Reginald John Macdonald KCSI Rim Spy M 0217
1880-02-14 Col Robert Nigel Fitzhardinge Kingscote MP The Court Spy S 321
1880-02-21 Mr ME Whitley MP Liverpool Spy S 322
1880-02-28 Commander Lord Ramsay RN Liverpool Spy M 0218
1880-03-06 Col James Keith Fraser Keith Spy M 0219
1880-03-13 Mr EG Clarke MP Southwark Spy S 323
1880-03-20 Mr Markham Spofforth He invented the Conservative Working Man Ape M 0220
1880-03-27 Lord Inverurie Candidate for Chelsea Spy M 0221
1880-04-03 Lord Headley a loyal Irishman Ape M 0222
1880-04-10 Gen Sir FS Roberts KCB Bobs WGR M 0223
1880-04-17 Mr George Burrow Gregory MP East Sussex Spy S 324
1880-04-24 Lt-Col Henry Stracy Henry Ape M 0224
1880-05-01 M JLE Meissonier a great French painter T M 0225
1880-05-08 Lord Ardilaun a practical patriot Spy S 325
1880-05-15 Mr Henry Calcraft Board of Trade Spy M 0226
1880-05-22 Baron H de Worms MP Intelligent Toryism Ape S 326
1880-05-29 The Rt Hon DR Plunket MP hereditary eloquence Ape S 327
1880-06-05 Sir WAG Gordon-Cumming Bt Bill Ape M 0227
1880-06-12 Mr C Bradlaugh MP Iconoclast Spy S 328
1880-06-19 Mr F Greenwood He created The Pall Mall Gazette Ape M 0228
1880-06-26 The Rt Hon Sir AB Paget KCB Promotion by marriage T S 329
1880-07-03 Viscount Folkestone MP South Wilts Ape S 330
1880-07-06 The Treasury Bench Babble, Birth and Brummagem T SS; Gladstone, Hartington and Chamberlain
1880-07-10 Lord RH Spencer-Churchill MP a younger Son Spy S 331
1880-07-17 The Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot the premier Earl Spy S 332
1880-07-24 Col Lewis Guy Phillips Order at Wimbledon Ape M 0229
1880-07-31 Mr JE Gorst MP Tory organisation Spy S 333
1880-08-07 Mr MJ Guest MP Monty Spy S 334
1880-08-14 Sir CJ Forbes Bt of Newe Ape M 0230
1880-08-21 Mr JR Lowell Hosea Biglow T S 335
1880-08-28 Mr FH O'Cahan O'Donnell MP Roman Catholic Home Rule T S 336
1880-09-04 Mr Henry Richard MP Peace Spy S 337
1880-09-11 Mr CS Parnell MP Anti Rent T S 338
1880-09-18 The Marquis of Anglesey the head of the Pagets Ape S 339
1880-09-25 Mr LH Courtney MP Proper self-sufficiency T S 340
1880-10-02 The Earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham Youth Spy S 341
1880-10-09 The Marquis of Ailesbury Three Dowagers T S 342
1880-10-16 Sir JG Tollemache-Sinclair Bt MP A Poet Ape S 343
1880-10-23 D O'Donoghue MP The O'Donoghue Spy S 344
1880-10-30 The Hon PS Wyndham MP Æsthetics Spy S 345
1880-11-06 Sir H Bessemer CE Steel Spy M 0231
1880-11-13 Viscount Lymington MP Young Oxford Spy S 346
1880-11-20 M EFV About French fiction T M 0232
1880-11-27 Capt John Bastard H Spy M 0233
1880-12-01 Spencer-Churchill, Balfour, Drummond-Wolff and Gorst The Fourth Party Spy WS
1880-12-04 M JBL Say President No. 3 Ape S 347
1880-12-11 Alderman Sir RW Carden Kt MP City justice Spy S 348
1880-12-18 Mr WJE Wilson MRCS the Obelisk Spy M 0234
1880-12-25 M V Sardou Ficelle Dramatique T M 0235
1881-01-01 The Marquis Conyngham Mount Spy S 349
1881-01-08 Mr FC Burnand Punch Ape M 0236
1881-01-15 Sir R Temple Bt GSCI CIE Burra Dick Spy S 350
1881-01-22 Mr JE Boehm ARA the Queen's Sculptor Spy M 0237
1881-01-29 Mr CC Boycott Boycott Spy M 0238
1881-02-05 Sir BE Cunard Bt MFH A Cunarder Spy M 0239
1881-02-12 Mr JM Howard QC Energetic Toryism Spy M 0240
1881-02-19 Lt-Col CG Gordon CB RE The ever victorious army Ape M 0241
1881-02-26 The Earl of Kenmare PC MP The Lord Chamberlain Spy S 351
1881-03-05 The Marquis of Hamilton MP Hamlie Spy S 352
1881-03-12 Mr WLAB Burdett-Coutts The Baroness husband Spy M 0242
1881-03-19 Sir Farrer Herschell QC MP the Solicitor-General Spy S 353
1881-03-26 The Rt Rev JC Ryle DD Liverpool Ape S 354
1881-04-02 Lord Waveney Suffolk Spy S 355
1881-04-09 The Marquis of Exeter a real English gentleman Ape S 356
1881-04-16 Earl Nelson the noblest of English names Spy S 357
1881-04-23 The Earl of Lucan Balaklava Ape S 358
1881-04-30 Lord Tollemache Cheshire Spy S 359
1881-05-07 HH Isma'il Pasha GCB GCSI The ex-Khedive T S 360
1881-05-14 Sir Philip Rose Bt Lord Beaconsfield's friend Spy M 0243
1881-05-21 Mr W.S. Gilbert Patience Spy M 0244
1881-05-28 Mr FJ Archer the favourite Jockey Spy M 0245
1881-06-04 Earl Cadogan Chelsea and the Colonies Spy S 361
1881-06-11 Lord Ribblesdale Mufti Spy S 362
1881-06-18 The Marquis of Blandford B T M 0246
1881-06-25 Alderman Robert Nicholas Fowler MP the City T S 363
1881-07-02 Mr Charles Cox CB Colonial Spy M 0247
1881-07-05 Her Majesty's Opposition Birth, Behaviour and Business T SS; Lord JJ Manners, Sir SH Northcote, and Sir RA Cross
1881-07-09 Col Henry P Ewart CB Croppy T M 0248
1881-07-16 Lord Harris Kent Spy S 364
1881-07-23 Sir M White Ridley Bt MP Ex-official Ape S 365
1881-07-30 Lord Aveland A great officer of State Spy S 366
1881-08-06 The Earl of Clonmell Earlie Ape S 367
1881-08-13 The Earl of Coventry Covey Ape S 368
1881-08-20 The Hon Alexander Grantham Yorke Alick Spy M 0249
1881-08-27 The Rt Hon Earl Percy MP Northumberland T S 369
1881-09-03 Gen Lord Chelmsford Isandula Spy S 370
1881-09-10 Mr J Walter MP The Times Spy S 371
1881-09-17 The Earl Fortescue Sanitas T S 372
1881-09-24 Lord HJ Montagu-Douglas-Scott MP South Hants T S 373
1881-10-01 The Duke of Norfolk Our little Duke Spy S 374
1881-10-08 Mr William McArthur MP The Lord Mayor Spy S 375
1881-10-15 Lord Rendlesham MP Property in Suffolk T S 376
1881-10-22 The Earl of Macclesfield A coachman Spy S 377
1881-10-29 The Hon W Lowther MP Westmorland Spy S 378
1881-11-05 Sir R Knightley Bt MP a fine old Tory Spy S 379
1881-11-12 The Earl of Rosslyn The Kirk of Scotland T S 380
1881-11-19 The Rt Hon Lord Blackburn a lord of appeal Spy S 381
1881-11-26 Viscount Hawarden hereditary whip T S 382
1881-12-03 Mr Mordaunt Fenwick-Bisset MP The General Spy S 383
1881-12-07 CS Parnell and John Dillon Force no Remedy Furniss WS
1881-12-07 WE Gladstone and C Bradlaugh The Gladstone Memorial WS
1881-12-10 The Hon Charles Robert Spencer MP Bradlaugh's Baby Spy S 384
1881-12-17 The Earl of Leven And Melville amiability Spy S 385
1881-12-24 Vice-Adm Sir JE Commerell KCB A Jingo T M 0250
1881-12-31 The Hon Algernon William Fulke-Greville Racing & Politics Spy M 0251
1882-01-07 Lord Crewe Lay Episcopacy Spy S 386
1882-01-14 Samuel Smiles LLD Self-help Spy M 0252
1882-01-21 Daniel Cooper Sydney Spy M 0253
1882-01-28 Sir T Bateson Bt MP Landed Estates in Ireland Spy S 387
1882-02-04 Lord Robartes Cornwall Spy S 388
1882-02-11 Mr WH Gladstone MP His father's son Spy S 389
1882-02-18 John Holms MP Military changes Spy S 390
1882-02-25 Earl of Munster Brighton Spy S 391
1882-03-04 Lord Haldon Torquay Spy S 392
1882-03-11 Sampson Samuel Lloyd Fair Trade Spy M 0254; Chairman, Lloyds Bank
1882-03-18 The Duke of Montrose Scotland and Racing Spy S 393
1882-03-25 Lord Penrhyn Slate Spy S 394
1882-04-01 George Errington MP the Vatican T S 395
1882-04-08 Rt Hon Sir JR Mowbray MP Committee of Selection Spy S 396
1882-04-15 Arthur Loftus Tottenham MP Lofty Spy S 397
1882-04-22 Viscount Mandeville Kim Spy M 0255
1882-04-29 The Hon Thomas Charles Bruce MP Portsmouth Spy S 398
1882-05-06 HJ Gladstone Young hopeful Spy S 399
1882-05-13 Lewis Llewellyn Dillwyn MP a wet Quaker Spy S 400
1882-05-20 The Earl of Selkirk Created in 1646 Spy S 401
1882-05-27 WEH Lecky the eighteenth century Spy M 0256
1882-06-03 The Duke of Portland the Young Duke Spy S 402
1882-06-10 Montagu David Scott MP East Sussex Spy S 403
1882-06-17 Mr John Anstruther-Thomson Fife Spy M 0257; Deputy Lieutenant of Fife
1882-06-24 Capt Arthur Gooch Goochie Spy M 0258
1882-07-01 Lord Henniker MP a man of business T S 404
1882-07-05 The Lords Northbrook, Granville, Selbourne and Salisbury Purse, Pussy, Piety and Prevarication T SS
1882-07-08 Sir J Bennet Lawes Bt Agricultural Science T M 0259
1882-07-15 Sir Harry Verney Bt MP Bucks Spy S 405
1882-07-22 The Earl of Ilchester Fifth Earl Spy S 406
1882-07-29 Sir Alexander Milne Bt Admiral of the Fleet T M 0260
1882-08-05 Frederick Barne the Jockey Club Spy M 0261
1882-08-12 The Hon BEB FitzPatrick MP Barnie Spy S 407
1882-08-19 Cyril Flower MP The Senator T S 408
1882-08-26 Cetewayo Restored Spy So 16
1882-09-02 George Fordham The Demon Spy M 0262
1882-09-09 Lord Walsingham a Naturalist T S 409
1882-09-16 Rt Hon Lord CW Brudenell-Bruce MP Marlborough Spy S 410
1882-09-23 Lord Wimbourne Tennis T S 411
1882-09-30 The Hon Sir Adolphus Frederick Octavius Liddell QC Dodo Spy M 0263
1882-10-07 Col John J Macdonnell Mac Spy M 0264
1882-10-14 John Henry Puleston MP Devonport Spy S 412
1882-10-21 Mr E Ashmead-Bartlett MP The Patriotic League Spy S 413
1882-10-28 Mr G Armitstead MP Dundee Spy S 414
1882-11-04 Sir John Whitaker Ellis The Lord Mayor Spy M 0265
1882-11-11 Mr Henry Edwards MP Weymouth Spy S 415
1882-11-18 HH The Maharajah Duleep Singh GCSI The Maharajah Spy M 0266
1882-11-25 Gen William Booth the Salvation Army Spy M 0267
1882-12-02 Lord Foley a liberal Peer Spy S 416
1882-12-05 HRH The Princess of Wales HRH The Princess of Wales Chartran WS
1882-12-09 Sir Daniel Gooch Bt MP the Great Western Spy S 417
1882-12-16 Mr DL Boucicault the Sensation Drama Spy M 0268
1882-12-23 Col The Hon Charles Hugh Lindsay MP Army, Court and Volunteers Spy M 0269
1882-12-30 Mr WH Mallock Is life worth living? Spy M 0270
1883-01-06 Ahmed Arabi Ahmed Arabi the Egyptian FV M 0271
1883-01-13 Sir John Bennett Clocks Spy M 0272
1883-01-20 HH Tewfik Pasha The Khedive FV M 0273; he holds the badge of the Order of Osmania
1883-01-27 Viscount Baring Winchester Spy S 418
1883-02-03 Sir C Lindsay Bt The Grosvenor Gallery Jopling M 0274
1883-02-10 Capt Henry Montague Hozier Lloyds Jopling M 0275; Secretary of Lloyd's and father of Clementine Churchill
1883-02-17 Her Grace the Duchess Dowager of Cleveland Her Grace the Duchess Dowager of Cleveland Chartran L 01
1883-02-24 Sir HA Hoare Bt reformed Radical Spy M 0276
1883-03-03 Mr RA Proctor BA FRAS Astronomy Spy M 0277
1883-03-10 Maj-Gen ES Burnaby MP a Crimean hero T S 419
1883-03-17 The Rt Hon Gen Sir HF Ponsonby KCB The Privy Purse T M 0278
1883-03-24 Mr WT Marriot MP QC Brighton T S 420
1883-03-31 Sir Charles James Freake Bt an eminent builder T M 0279
1883-04-07 Sir Julian Pauncefote KCMG CB The Foreign Office T M 0280
1883-04-14 Lt-Gen Charles Baring an old Coldstreamer T M 0281
1883-04-21 Lt-Col Ralph Vivian Ralph T M 0282
1883-04-28 Rear-Adm Sir AH Hoskins KCB Naval Reserves Spy M 0283
1883-05-05 Mr Charles Russell QC MP a splendid advocate VER S 421
1883-05-12 Mr Charles Bennet Lawes Athlete and Sculptor VER M 0284
1883-05-19 Lord Gerald FitzGerald a Wandering Minstrel Spy M 0285; son of the Duke of Leinster
1883-05-26 Mr RE Webster QC Law and conscience VER M 0286
1883-06-02 Mr Thomas Thornhill MP Tom VER S 422
1883-06-09 Mr CC Tennant MP Glasgow VER S 423
1883-06-16 Mr RW Duff MP Fetteresso VER S 424
1883-06-23 Sir EAH Lechmere Bt MP St John of Jerusalem T S 425
1883-06-30 Capt William George Middleton Bay T M 0287
1883-07-07 The Hon Charles Spencer Bateman-Hanbury-Kincaid-Lennox MP Charlie Spy M 0288
1883-07-14 Gen The Earl of Albemarle Waterloo T S 426
1883-07-21 Lord Gardner Fox hunting Spy S 427
1883-07-28 Mr John Hinde Palmer QC MP Lincoln Spy S 428
1883-08-04 The Earl of Leicester KG Agriculture Spy S 429
1883-08-11 The Earl of Rocksavage Rock Spy M 0289
1883-08-18 The Earl of Onslow a Parliamentary Title Spy S 430
1883-08-25 Gen The Hon St George Gerald Foley The friend of Pelissier Spy M 0290; son of Baron Foley
1883-09-01 The Marchioness of Waterford The Marchioness of Waterford Chartran L 02; daughter of the Duke of Beaufort
1883-09-08 The Earl of Mount Cashell Ninety-one Spy S 431
1883-09-15 Lord Digby Lord Leicester's nephew Spy S 432
1883-09-22 The Earl of Stair KT White Dal Spy S 433
1883-09-29 The Earl of Seafield Sheep Spy S 434
1883-10-06 Gladys, Countess of Lonsdale Gladys, Countess of Lonsdale Chartran L 03
1883-10-13 Mr CC Cotes MP a Liberal Whip Spy S 435
1883-10-20 Mr Henry Reginald Corbet of Adderley Hall Born in the Scarlet Spy M 0291
1883-10-27 Maj Viscount Downe Smartness Spy S 436
1883-11-03 The Baroness Burdett-Coutts The Baroness Burdett-Coutts T L 04
1883-11-10 The Earl of Westmorland the affable Earl Spy S 437
1883-11-17 The Hon AEM Ashley MP Palmerston's Secretary Spy S 438
1883-11-24 The Earl of Milltown a persevering politician Spy S 439
1883-11-27 The Cabinet Council, 1883 The Gladstone Cabinet T WS; Gladstone, Selborne, Granville, Derby, Spencer, Kimberley, Northbrook, Hartington, Carlingford, Harcourt, Childers, Dodson, Chamberlain, Dilke
1883-12-01 The Countess of Dalhousie The Countess of Dalhousie T L 05
1883-12-08 Mr William Torrens McCullagh Torrens MP Finsbury Spy S 440
1883-12-15 Mr Richard Quain MD FRS Lord Beaconsfield's Physician Spy M 0292
1883-12-22 Mr CEH Vincent Criminal Investigation Spy M 0293
1883-12-29 Lt-Col The Hon Henry Townshend Forester The Lad Spy M 0294; son of Baron Forester
1884-01-05 The Lady Florence Dixie The Lady Florence Dixie T L 06
1884-01-12 Sir EB Malet KCB Justice! Justice! Justice! Spy M 0295
1884-01-19 Mr Seymour Portman Horse-race management Spy M 0296
1884-01-26 Mr H Herkomer ARA Painter, Sculptor, Blacksmith &c FG M 0297
1884-02-02 The Lady Holland The Lady Holland T L 07; daughter of the Earl of Coventry
1884-02-09 Sir Charles Lennox Wyke KCB GCMG the Baron Ape M 0298
1884-02-16 Capt Conway Seymour Despatches Spy M 0299
1884-02-23 Mr Arthur Coventry The Baby Spy M 0300
1884-03-01 The Marchioness of Tweedale The Marchioness of Tweedale T L 08
1884-03-08 Lord Cardross Horsey Spy M 0301
1884-03-15 The Hon Henry Robert Brand MP Ordnance Spy S 441
1884-03-22 Lord Haldon a legislator Spy S 442
1884-03-29 Mr JE Thorold Rogers MP a professor Spy S 443
1884-04-05 Elizabeth the Empress of Austria HIM the Empress of Austria Grimm L 09
1884-04-12 Lt-Gen GWA Higginson CB a good soldier Spy M 0302
1884-04-19 The Rev Joseph Parker Congregational Union? Ape M 0303
1884-04-26 Mr Carl Haag The glorious East Go M 0304
1884-05-03 Mrs Georgina Weldon Mrs Weldon Spy L 10
1884-05-10 Mr CN Warton MP Hear! Hear Hear ! Hear Ape S 444
1884-05-17 The Hon Frederick Stephen Archibald Hanbury-Tracy MP gentle and liberal Spy S 445
1884-05-24 Mr O Wilde Oscar Ape M 0305
1884-05-31 Mr AC de Rothschild Alfred Spy M 0306
1884-06-07 The Princess Royal of Great Britain The Princess Royal Nemo L 11
1884-06-14 The Duke of Northumberland the House of Percy Spy S 446
1884-06-21 Mr Donald Currie KCMG MP the Knight of the Cruise of Mr Gladstone Ape S 447
1884-06-28 Sir John William Ramsden Bt MP Huddersfield Spy S 448
1884-07-05 Vice-Adm HSH Count Gleichen the Queen's nephew Go P 08
1884-07-12 Mr John Coupland the Quorn Ape M 0307
1884-07-19 Mr William Cornwallis Cartwright MP Oxfordshire Spy S 449
1884-07-26 Sir WG Stirling Bt two-and-eighty Spy M 0308
1884-08-02 Mr John Slagg MP Manchester Ape S 450
1884-08-09 Mr Henry Broadhurst MP the working-man Member Spy S 451
1884-08-16 Police Inspector Ebenezer Denning Parliamentary Police Ape M 0309
1884-08-23 FM Count von Moltke Modern Strategy Go M 0310
1884-08-30 The Hon George Charles Brodrick MA Merton College Spy M 0311
1884-09-06 Sir John Christopher Willoughby Bt high prices Spy M 0312
1884-09-13 Mr GJ Bonnor Australian cricket Ape M 0313
1884-09-20 The Hon Alfred Lyttelton English cricket Ape M 0314
1884-09-27 HRH The Duc D'Aumale The Orleans Family Nemo P 09
1884-10-04 The Rt Hon John Jellibrand Hubbard MP old Mother Hubbard Spy S 452
1884-10-11 HIM Alexander III of Russia my august master Nemo So 17
1884-10-18 Mr CM Palmer MP Shipping Ape S 453
1884-10-25 Mr WG George The Champion of champions Ape M 0315
1884-11-01 Thomas Firr the huntsman Spy M 0316
1884-11-08 Mr F Winn Knight CB MP has sat for three and forty years Spy S 454
1884-11-15 Mr JG Bennett New York Herald Nemo M 0317
1884-11-22 Sir Thomas Chambers QC MP The deceased wife's sister Spy S 455
1884-11-29 Mr Henry Hansard Hansard Ape M 0318
1884-12-06 Capt Arthur Smith Doggie Ape M 0319
1884-12-13 Mr Leopold de Rothschild Racing and Sporting Spy M 0320
1884-12-20 The Dean of Lichfield Convocation Spy M 0321
1884-12-27 M NK de Giers The Russian Foreign Office Nemo S 456
1885-01-03 His Grace The Duke of Wellington the Iron Duke's Grandson Ape S 457
1885-01-10 The Rt Rev AW Thorold DD Rochester Spy M 0322
1885-01-17 Col JP Mahon MP Mhagthamma Spy S 458
1885-01-24 Sir S Wilson a squatter Spy M 0323
1885-01-31 Mr WS Blunt a prophet Ape M 0324
1885-02-07 Sir George Chetwynd Bt racing Spy M 0325
1885-02-14 Sir William Rose KCB the Clerk to Parliaments Spy M 0326
1885-02-21 Mr CH Wilson MP Hull Ape S 459
1885-02-28 Sir TE Colebrooke Bt MP Lanarkshire Spy S 460
1885-03-07 The Hon Sir JF Stephen KCSI The Criminal Code Spy J 14
1885-03-14 Mr John Delacour John Spy M 0327
1885-03-21 Sig L Arditi Il Bacio Ape M 0328
1885-03-28 The Hon Sir JW Chitty The Umpire Spy J 15
1885-04-04 Mr J Roberts Jr The champion Roberts Spy M 0329
1885-04-11 Mr Robert W Eddis FSA Architecture militant Ape M 0330
1885-04-18 Mr Edward Brydges-Willyams MP Cornwall Spy S 461
1885-04-25 The Rt Hon WE Baxter MP Montrose Spy S 462
1885-05-02 Mr Thomas Hay Sweet Escott the Fortnightly Review Ape M 0331
1885-05-09 Sir JE Eardley-Wilmot Bt MP South Warwickshire Spy S 463
1885-05-16 Hassan Fehmy Pasha The Turkish Alliance Spy S 464
1885-05-23 Mr Justin McCarthy MP Irish history Spy S 465
1885-05-30 Maj The Hon Augustus George Frederick Jocelyn The Father of the Rag Ape M 0332
1885-06-06 The Ven Benjamin Harrison MA the Revised Version of the Bible Spy M 0333
1885-06-13 Sir ER Sullivan Bt Common-sense in politics Ape M 0334
1885-06-20 The Rev Edmund Warre DD the head Spy M 0335
1885-06-27 Sir FG Milner Bt MP York Ape M 0336
1885-07-04 The Rt Hon E Gibson PC QC LLD Dublin University Spy S 466
1885-07-11 The Earl of Limerick a Freemason Ape S 467
1885-07-18 The Rt Rev Charles John Ellicott DD Revision Spy S 468; Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol
1885-07-25 Lord Calthorpe Fred Spy S 469
1885-08-01 Mr SC Allsopp MP Burton Beer Spy S 470
1885-08-08 Maj-Gen Sir Peter Stark Lumsden GCB CSI Afghan frontier Spy M 0337
1885-08-15 Mr Edward Birkbeck MP the fisherman's friend Ape S 471
1885-08-22 Mr Corney Grain Corney Grain Spy M 0338
1885-08-29 Mr Opfer of Blowitz The Times Ape M 0339; smaller picture of him with back to viewer in bottom corner
1885-09-05 Mr William James Richmond Cotton the City Spy S 472
1885-09-12 Tom Cannon Tom Cannon Spy M 0340
1885-09-19 M Paul Lessar The Affghan frontier Ape M 0341
1885-09-26 Mr A Akers-Douglas MP The Kent Gang Ape S 473
1885-10-03 Mr WH Houldsworth MP Manchester Ape S 474
1885-10-10 Mr Richard John Lloyd Price Of Rhiwlas pointers Spy M 0342
1885-10-17 Mr JP Edwards MP The Echo Ape S 475
1885-10-24 Capt RF Burton The Arabian Nights Ape M 0343
1885-10-31 Mr CT Ritchie MP Sugar Bounties Ape S 476
1885-11-07 Sir Robert Bateson-Harvey Bt MP Bucks Spy S 477
1885-11-14 Sig P Tosti For ever and for ever Ape M 0344
1885-11-21 Mr Tom Nickalls Tom PAT M 0345
1885-11-28 The Rt Hon The Earl of Harrowby the Sugar of Toryism Ape S 478
1885-11-30 The Paddock at Newmarket Newmarket 1885 Lib WS; the Prince of Wales and other racegoers with jockey Fred Archer; double print
1885-12-05 Baron de Staal The Russian Ambassador Ape S 479
1885-12-12 Mr Samuel Pope QC Jumbo Spy M 0346
1885-12-19 Sir GCA Arthur Bt The Mite Spy M 0347
1885-12-26 The Rt Rev George Howard Wilkinson DD Truro Spy S 480
1886-01-02 The Rev Canon R Duckworth DD A Court parson Ape M 0348
1886-01-09 Col ER King-Harman MP The King Spy S 481
1886-01-16 Earl Cairns the Woolsack Spy S 482
1886-01-23 Mr Frederic Harrison MA An Apostle of Positivism Ape M 0349
1886-01-30 The Very Rev RW Church MA St Paul's Lib M 0350
1886-02-06 Maj-Gen Sir Charles Warren KCMG Bechuanaland Ape M 0351
1886-02-13 The Hon Harry Tyrwhitt-Wilson near the Rose Spy M 0352
1886-02-20 Sir James Taylor Ingham MA Kt Bow Street Spy M 0353
1886-02-27 Gen Lord Mark Ralph George Kerr GCB CSI Lord Mark Spy M 0354
1886-03-06 Count Nigra Italy Ape S 483
1886-03-13 Mr Henry Bodkin Poland for the Crown Spy M 0355
1886-03-20 Lt-Col Lord Charles John Innes-Ker Charley Spy M 0356; son of the Duke of Roxburghe
1886-03-27 HE The Rt Hon Sir E Thornton GCB CSI safe Ambassador Ape S 484
1886-04-03 Mr TM Healy MP Tim Spy S 485
1886-04-10 Sir JH Kennaway Bt MP Devonshire Spy S 486
1886-04-17 Mr HC Gardner MP amateur theatricals Spy S 487
1886-04-24 Mr Lionel Louis Cohen MP the Stock Exchange Lib S 488
1886-05-01 The Rt Hon JB Balfour PC MP the Lord Advocate Spy S 489
1886-05-08 Mr Edmund Tattersall Tattersall's Lib M 0357
1886-05-15 The Abbé Liszt the Abbé Spy M 0358
1886-05-22 Charles Wood Charlie Wood Lib M 0359
1886-05-29 Lt-Col John Palmer Brabazon Bwab Ape M 0360
1886-06-05 Sir HH Vivian Bt MP Swansea Spy S 490
1886-06-12 James Selby Old Times Ape M 0361
1886-06-19 Mr O Wendell Holmes the Autocrat of the Breakfast Table Spy M 0362
1886-06-26 Mr Joseph Arch MP the agricultural labourer Spy S 491
1886-07-03 Mr WGR Craven Billy Lib M 0363
1886-07-10 The Rt Hon The Earl of Lonsdale H Spy S 492
1886-07-17 Lt-Col W Hood Walrond MP Whip Lib S 493
1886-07-24 The Rt Hon Lord Hastings Melton Lib S 494
1886-07-31 The Earl of Zetland a gentleman Spy S 495
1886-08-07 Maj-Gen The Duke of Grafton KG CB Charles II Spy S 496
1886-08-14 Mr George Granville Leveson-Gower MP Mr dear George Spy M 0364
1886-08-21 Lord AW Hill PC MP Orangeman Spy S 497
1886-08-28 Mr Andrew Fountayne-Wilson-Montagu The Squire Spy M 0365
1886-09-04 Mr Robert Peck Robert Lib M 0366
1886-09-11 Mr CB Stuart-Wortley MP Sheffield Spy S 498
1886-09-18 The Lord Ellenborough Law Spy S 499
1886-09-25 Sir John Simon Kt MP The Serjeant Spy S 500
1886-10-02 Lord E Cavendish MP a good fellow Spy S 501
1886-10-09 Sir AK Rollit Kt LLD MP municipal corporations Spy S 502
1886-10-16 Mr WH Long MP Wiltshire Spy S 503
1886-10-23 Sir William Barttelot Barttelot Bt MP CB one of those Spy S 504
1886-10-30 Mr John Perkins MA LLD Downing Hay M 0366
1886-11-06 Mr Samuel Montagu MP Whitechapel Lib S 505
1886-11-13 The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor Of London The Lord Mayor Ape M 0367
1886-11-20 Mr Edmund Sturge A Quaker Spy M 0368
1886-11-27 Lord Egerton of Tatton Tatton Ape S 506
1886-11-30 The Lobby of The House of Commons The Lobby of The House of Commons Lib WS; Chamberlain, Parnell, Gladstone, Spencer-Churchill, Hartington and other members; double print
1886-12-04 Mr Matthew Dawson Matt Lib M 0369
1886-12-11 The Hon S Herbert MP Croydon Ape S 507
1886-12-18 Col Francis Charles Hughes-Hallett MP Rochester Ape S 508
1886-12-25 Mr J O'Connor Power the brains of Obstruction Spy M 0371
1887-01-01 Lord Truro Universal Knowledge Ape S 509
1887-01-08 M L Pasteur Hydrophobia T M 0372
1887-01-15 Gen Sir DM Stewart Bt GCB GCSI CIE LLD Ahmed Khel Ape M 0373
1887-01-22 The Earl of Ellesmere Bridgewater House Ape S 510
1887-01-29 The Rt Hon Sir HT Holland MP the Colonies Ape S 511
1887-02-05 Lt-Gen Sir SJ Browne KCB KCSI VC Sir Sam Ape M 0374
1887-02-12 Sir Charles Parker Butt divorce Ape J 16
1887-02-19 The Viscount Ebrington MP The Devon and Somerset Ape S 512; Master of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds
1887-02-26 Col EJ Saunderson MP Irish loyalty Ape S 513
1887-03-05 Lord Coleridge The Lord Chief Justice Ape J 17
1887-03-12 Gen G Boulanger La Revanche T S 514
1887-03-19 Col Francis Duncan RA MP CB LLD DCL MA Finsbury Ape S 515
1887-03-26 Capt JCR Colomb MP The Rule of the Road at Sea Ape S 516
1887-04-02 Lt-Gen Sir EB Hamley KCB KCMG MP English Strategy Ape S 517
1887-04-09 The Rev JL Lyne Father Ignatius Ape M 0375
1887-04-16 Lord Burghley MP North Northamptonshire Ape S 518
1887-04-23 Sir Julian Goldsmid Bt MP St Pancras Ape S 519
1887-04-30 Mr Justice WV Field Stay, please Spy J 18
1887-05-07 Mr John Dillon MP the Plan of Campaign Ape S 520
1887-05-14 Sir JP Corry Bt MP a temperate Ulster man Ape S 521
1887-05-21 Mr H Rider Haggard She Spy M 0376
1887-05-28 Mr George Pitt-Lewis QC MP Barnstaple Spy S 522
1887-06-04 Sir HM Meysey-Thompson Bt Coaching Ape M 0377
1887-06-11 Col John Hargreaves MFH Mr Hargreaves Spy M 0378
1887-06-18 Gen Sir Frederick Charles Arthur Stephenson GCH dear old Ben Spy M 0379
1887-06-25 J Watts Johnny Watts Lib M 0380
1887-07-02 The Rt Hon AW Peel PC MP The Speaker Spy S 523
1887-07-09 Sir Henry Barkly KCB GCMG The Cape of Good Hope Spy M 0381
1887-07-16 The Rev James Leigh Joynes MA Jimmy Spy M 0382; lower Master at Eton
1887-07-23 Mr Henry Ernest Schlesinger Benzon The Jubilee Plunger Spy M 0383
1887-07-30 The Rt Hon EW Benson The Primate Spy S 524
1887-08-06 Mr CI Elton QC MP Court Roll Spy S 525
1887-08-13 Mr HJB Manners Lord Salisbury's Manners Ape M 0384
1887-08-20 Mr Frank Lockwood QC MP York Spy S 526
1887-08-27 The Mahraj Sir Pertab Sing KCSI Jodhpore Spy M 0385
1887-09-03 George Barrett George Barrett Lib M 0386
1887-09-10 The Rt Hon Henry Matthews QC MP The Home Secretary Spy S 527
1887-09-17 Mr JH Heaton MP International Penny Postage Spy S 528
1887-09-24 The Rt Hon A Balfour PC LLD MP the Irish Secretary Spy S 529
1887-10-01 Sir JW Pease Bt MP Peace Spy S 530
1887-10-08 The Hon Sir WR Grove galvanic electricity Spy J 19
1887-10-15 Sir Morrell Mackenzie Kt Disease of the Throat Ape M 0387
1887-10-22 Mr T Sutherland MP P and O Ape S 531
1887-10-29 The Hon Sir Ford North gentle manners Spy M 0388
1887-11-05 The Rt Hon WE Gladstone MP The Grand Old Man Spy S 532
1887-11-12 The Rt Hon WH Smith MP First Lord of the Treasury Spy S 533
1887-11-19 Maj Lord HAG Somerset Podge Spy M 0388
1887-11-26 Alderman Rt Hon Polydore de Keyser the Lord mayor Spy M 0389
1887-12-03 Capt James Octavius Machell Jem Spy M 0390
1887-12-06 Newmarket Tattersall's, 1887 Lib WS; double print
1887-12-10 J Osborne Johnny Lib M 0391
1887-12-17 The Rt Hon Edward Heneage PC MP Grimsby Spy S 534
1887-12-24 The Earl of Durham Coals Spy S 535
1887-12-31 The Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire Dover Lib S 535
1888-01-07 The Hon Sir Edward Ebenezer Kay costs disallowed Spy J 20
1888-01-14 Lord Alexander Victor Paget Dandy Spy M 0392
1888-01-21 Mr G Grossmith The Pinafore Spy M 0393
1888-01-28 The Rev Ernest John Heriz Smith MA Pembroke Hay M 0394
1888-02-04 The Hon Sir Arthur Charles the new Judge Spy M 0395
1888-02-11 HE The Greek Minister M John Gennadius Greece Spy M 0396
1888-02-18 Mr Charles Hall QC MP Charley Spy S 536
1888-02-25 Mr TP O'Connor MA MP Tay Pay Spy S 537
1888-03-03 Mr Reginald Walkeline Chandos-Pole Shandy Spy M 0397
1888-03-10 Daniel Godfrey Dan Godfrey Spy M 0398
1888-03-17 The Rt Rev Harvey Goodwin DD Carlisle Spy M 0399
1888-03-24 Mr Thomas Wallace Russell MP loyal and patriotic Spy S 538
1888-03-31 Mr Edward Hare Pickersgill MP Bethnal Green Spy S 539
1888-04-07 The Marquis of Ailesbury the Marquis Lib S 540
1888-04-14 The Earl Cathcart He has devoted his life to husbandry and has nine children Spy S 541
1888-04-21 The Rt Hon Sir James Hannen Kt the great unmarrier Spy J 21
1888-04-28 Mr John Francis Holcombe Read Father Time Lib M 0400
1888-05-05 The Viscount Combermere H Spy S 542
1888-05-12 Sir Edward Bates Bt MP Plymouth Spy S 543
1888-05-19 The Rt Hon Lord Justice Henry Cotton guileless Spy J 22
1888-05-26 Mr James Brand telephones Lib M 0401
1888-06-02 Mr JH Blackburne Chess Ape M 0402
1888-06-09 The Lord Rothschild Natty Lib S 544
1888-06-16 M Charles Floquet Vive la Pologne Ape M 0403
1888-06-23 Rt Hon JHA Macdonald CB QC MP JP DL The Lord Advocate Spy S 544
1888-06-30 Mr Walter Gilbey cart horses Spy M 0404
1888-07-07 Mr Francis Charles Philips As in a Looking Glass Ape M 0405
1888-07-14 The Earl of Pembroke And Montgomery The Earl and the Doctor Ape S 546
1888-07-21 The Rt Hon The Marquis of Hartington MP The Right Hon the Marquis of Hartington MP Spy S 547
1888-07-28 Mr WW Read WW Lib M 0406
1888-08-04 Mr Charles Kearns Deane Tanner BA MD FRCSI MP the blister Spy S 548
1888-08-11 Col Cuthbert Larking Cuthbert Ape M 0407
1888-08-18 Gen Viscount Templetown GCB MP Upty Ape M 0408
1888-08-25 Mr RB Cunninghame-Graham MP Trafalgar Square Spy S 549
1888-09-01 Mr William Bromley-Davenport MP Macclesfield Spy S 550
1888-09-08 Mr James Payn The Heir of the Ages Ape M 0409
1888-09-15 Lord Revelstoke Barings Lib S 551
1888-09-22 The Rev HR Haweis MA The Parson, The Play and the Ballet Ape M 0410
1888-09-29 The Very Rev GG Bradley The Dean of Westminster Spy M 0411
1888-10-06 Mr George Alexander Baird Mr Abington Lib M 0412
1888-10-13 Prince Albert Victor KG KP LLD Eddie Hay P 09
1888-10-20 The Rt Hon Earl of Bessborough Fred Spy S 552
1888-10-27 The Hon Sir JCFS Day 2nd Commissioner Spy J 23
1888-11-03 The Hon Sir AL Smith 3rd Commissioner Spy J 24
1888-11-10 Lord Rodney a pupil Lib M 0413
1888-11-17 Sir SB Crossley MP Lowestoft Spy S 553
1888-11-24 Mr Oscar Browning OB Hay M 0414
1888-12-01 Mr Jesse Collings MP 3 acres and a cow Spy S 554
1888-12-08 Group of jockeys and their horses The Winning Post Lib WS; John Osborne, Tom Cannon, John Watts, Fred Webb, Fred Barrett, George Barrett, William Robinson and Fred Rickaby; double print
1888-12-15 Mr RB Finlay QC MD MP hard head Ape S 555
1888-12-22 Sir William Bartlett Dalby MB MA FRCS the ear Ape M 0415
1888-12-29 The Hon George Thomas Kenyon JP MP Denbigh Boroughs Spy S 556
1889-01-05 The Rt Hon Lord RH Spencer-Churchill PC LLD MP In a new character Lib S 557
1889-01-12 The Viscount Dangan Viscount Dangan Spy S 558
1889-01-19 The Rev Edmund Henry Morgan MA Red Morgan Hay M 0416
1889-01-26 The Rev Henry Arthur Morgan DD Black Morgan Hay M 0417
1889-02-02 The Rt Hon Lord Grimthorpe QC LLD Bells Spy S 559
1889-02-09 Mr WC Quilter JP MP in Society and a Member of Parliament Lib S 560
1889-02-16 Sir William Tindal Robertson Kt MD FRCP MRCS JP MP Brighton Spy S 561
1889-02-23 The Marquis of Carmarthen MP Dolly Hay S 562
1889-03-02 Sir George Russell DL MP Wokingham Spy S 563
1889-03-09 Richard Pigott Richard Pigott Spy M 0418
1889-03-16 The Rt Hon James Whitehead JP DL Bonnie Westmoreland Hay M 0419; Lord Mayor of London
1889-03-23 Mr JT Mackenzie of Kintail the Universal Benefactor Lib M 0420
1889-03-30 The Marquis of Drogheda KP PC JP DL Punchestown Hay S 564
1889-04-06 Mr J Bright John Bright Ape S 565; reprint of 1869-02-13
1889-04-13 Col George E Gouraud Little Menlo Ape M 0421
1889-04-20 The Hon George Higginson Allsopp MP Beer Lib S 566
1889-04-27 Sig C Pellegrini Ape AHM M 0422
1889-05-04 Mr John Patrick Murphy QC for the Times Spy M 0423
1889-05-11 M AG Eiffel Gustave Eiffel GUTH M 0424
1889-05-18 The Rev Henry Montague Butler DD the Master of Trinity Hay M 0425
1889-05-25 Sen PMM Sarasate Sarasate Ape M 0426
1889-06-01 Fred Barrett Fred Barrett Lib M 0427
1889-06-08 Harry Marks Financial News AHM M 0428
1889-06-15 Baron FJ de Rothschild MP Ferdy Hay S 567
1889-06-22 the Rt Hon Lord Sandhurst A Soldier's Son Spy S 568
1889-06-29 Mr H Philipson Oxford Cricket Spy M 0429
1889-07-06 HSH Prince Demtrey Soltykoff Prince Soltykoff Spy M 0430
1889-07-13 Mr TG Bowles Tommy Spy M 0431
1889-07-20 Mr Guy Nickalls Wingfield Sculls Spy M 0432
1889-07-27 The Earl of Fife A Princess's Husband Spy M 0433
1889-08-03 Adm Sir JE Commerell GCB VC Admiral Sir John Edmund Commerell, VC Spy M 0434
1889-08-10 Fred Webb Fred Webb Lib M 0435
1889-08-17 The Rt Hon Lord Hothfield Lord Hothfield Spy M 0436
1889-08-24 Maj EH Egerton Official Handicapper to the Jockey Club Lib M 0437
1889-08-31 Mr James Coates Mr James Coates Spy M 0438
1889-09-07 Henry Searle Professional Champion Sculler of the World Spy M 0439
1889-09-14 Mr John Corlett The Pink 'Un Lib M 0440 (See John Corlett by Lib in Vanity Fair, 1889.jpg)
1889-09-21 M MF Sadi Carnot President of the French Republic PAL S 569
1889-09-28 Mr AHG Harris Drury Lane Spy M 0441
1889-10-05 Mr Harry Leslie Blundell McCalmont Mr HLB McCalmont Spy M 0442
1889-10-12 Mr J Porter Mr John Porter Lib M 0443
1889-10-19 Maj-Gen Sir FW Grenfell KCB Major Gen Sir Francis Grenfell KCB Spy M 0444
1889-10-26 The Hon CM Depew LLD President of the New York Central Road Spy M 0445
1889-11-02 Capt John Thomas North The Nitrate King Spy M 0446
1889-11-09 Sir Henry Aaron Isaacs A New Lord Mayor Spy M 0447
1889-11-16 Mr PT Barnum Barnum Spy M 0448
1889-11-23 Mr LM Ward Spy PAL M 0449
1889-11-30 Mr Henry Manisty Mr Justice Manisty QUIZ M 0450
1889-12-07 M de Blowitz 'The Times' in Paris GUTH M 0451 (See Blowitz Vanity Fair.jpg)
1889-12-14 Mr Alexander Meyrick Broadley He defended Arabi Spy M 0452
1889-12-21 Lord Justice Barry MP Lord Justice Barry Lib M 0453
1889-12-28 Mr Arthur Cecil Mr Arthur Cecil Spy M 0454
1890-01-04 Sir Myles Fenton KB A Railway Knight Spy M 0455
1890-01-11 Mr Edward Frederick Smyth Pigott MA Examiner of Plays PAL M 0456
1890-01-18 Mr Archibald John Stuart-Wortley Sports and Arts Spy M 0457
1890-01-25 Mr Stewart Pixley JP DL Bullion Spy M 0458
1890-02-01 Mr George Rowland Hill Rugby Union Spy M 0459
1890-02-08 Lord Justice N Lindley Partnership Spy J 27
1890-02-15 The Earl de Grey The Best game Shot in England Spy M 0460
1890-02-22 Mr FC Gould FCG Lib M 0461
1890-03-01 Mr J Hare Mr John Hare Spy M 0462
1890-03-08 Sir William Christopher Leng The Sheffield Daily Telegraph Spy M 0463
1890-03-15 The Hon Sir William Grantham Mr Justice Grantham Spy J 28
1890-03-22 Mr Stanley Duff Muttlebury One of the Presidents Spy M 0464
1890-03-29 Sir Charles Russell QC MP Cross Examination QUIZ S 570
1890-04-05 Mr Bernard John Angle Jack in the Box FCG M 0465
1890-04-12 HRH The Duke of Orleans Ier Conscrit de France GUTH P 11
1890-04-19 Mr John Jaffray JP DL The Birmingham Daily Post Spy M 0466
1890-04-26 Lord M Beresford Starting Lib M 0467
1890-05-03 The Rt Hon Lord Brooke DL JP MP He sits for Colchester Spy S 571
1890-05-10 Mr J Sims Reeves The 'English Tenor' Spy M 0468
1890-05-17 Mr J Weatherby Mr James Weatherby Lib M 0469
1890-05-24 The Prince George KG Our Sailor Prince Spy P 12
1890-05-31 Mr F Crisp Mr Frank Crisp Spy M 0470
1890-06-07 Sir Andrew Barclay Walker Bt DL JP Sir Andrew Barclay Walker Lib M 0471
1890-06-14 Mr James Monro CB Metropolitan Police Spy M 0472
1890-06-21 Mr J Woodburn James Woodburn Spy M 0473
1890-06-28 Mr Albert Deacon Tea Spy M 0474
1890-07-05 Sir Henry Mitchell JP Bradford Goods Spy M 0475
1890-07-12 Mr H Beerbohm Tree Mr Herbert Beerbohm Tree Spy M 0476
1890-07-19 Mr Horace Gordon Hutchinson Mr Horace Hutchinson Spy M 0477
1890-07-26 Baron Hirsch Baron Hirsch Lib M 0478
1890-08-02 HRH The Duke of Connaught and Strathearn KG KT KP Our Soldier prince Spy P 13
1890-08-09 The Hon Sir CE Pollock One of the Family Quiz J 29
1890-08-16 Mr Arthur Bower Forwood MP Mr AB Forward Lib S 572
1890-08-23 Sir R Jardine Bt DL MP Sir Robert Jardine Spy S 573; head of Jardine Matheson
1890-08-30 The Hon Henry Lorton Bourke DL JP MP The Lord Harry FCG M 0480
1890-09-06 Sir James Percy Miller Bt Sir James Miller Lib M 0481
1890-09-13 The Rt Rev E King DD a persecuted Bishop Spy M 0482
1890-09-20 Mr Reuben David Sassoon Mr Reuben Sassoon Spy M 0483
1890-09-27 Mr Jonathan Hutchinson FRS Mr Jonathan Hutchinson Spy M 0484
1890-10-04 Tom Loates Tom Loates Spy M 0485
1890-10-11 The Rt Hon The Earl of Jersey New South Wales Spy S 573
1890-10-18 Mr Marcus Henry Milner Mr Marcus Henry Milner Lib M 0486
1890-10-25 Mr James Vaughan Bow Street Spy M 0487
1890-11-01 Mr Alderman Joseph Savory JP DL a new Lord Mayor Spy M 0488
1890-11-08 Lord Halsbury From the Old Bailey Spy S 574
1890-11-15 Sir ERC Bradford KCSI Scotland Yard Spy M 0489
1890-11-22 Mr Joseph Fletcher Green Shipping Spy M 0490
1890-11-29 Prince George, The Duke of Connaught, and others In Vanity Fair Various WS; collage of past prints; double print
1890-12-06 Mr Howard John Kennard Beggar General to the Metal Trades Lib M 0491
1890-12-13 The Hon Sir Roland Vaughan Williams The Mandarin Quiz J 30
1890-12-20 Mr WH Grenfell Taplow Court Spy M 0492
1890-12-27 Mr Joseph Henry Houldsworth The new Steward Spy M 0493
1891-01-03 Sir P Magnus Technical Education STEL M 0493
1891-01-10 Mr Christopher Wyndham Wilson Mr Christopher W Wilson Spy M 0494
1891-01-17 Mr Alfred Cock QC He has leathern lungs and a voice of brass STUFF M 0495
1891-01-24 Gen Sir James Charlemagne Dormer KCB Madras BINT M 0496
1891-01-31 Sir George Grove DCL LLD G Spy M 0497
1891-02-07 Mr Cornelius Marshall Warmington QC MP Directors' liability STUFF S 576
1891-02-14 Mr Richard D'Oyly Carte Royal English Opera Spy M 0498
1891-02-21 Mr William Black Mr William Black Spy M 0499
1891-02-28 Prince Henri D'Orleans The Duc D'Aumale GUTH P 14
1891-03-07 Mr AW Pinero Lady Bountiful Spy M 0500
1891-03-14 Sir Francis Knollys KCMG CB Sir Francis Knollys Spy M 0501
1891-03-21 Lord Ampthill OUBC Spy M 0502
1891-03-28 The Hon CJ Rhodes The Cape Spy M 0503
1891-04-04 Mr Charles Scotter London and South Western Railway Spy M 0504
1891-04-11 Sir FH Jeune Matrimonial Causes STUFF J 31
1891-04-18 M C de Freycinet French Warfare GUTH S 577
1891-04-25 Sir John Bridge Chief Magistrate Spy M 0505
1891-05-02 M V Sardou Thermidor GUTH M 0506
1891-05-09 Mr Charles Frederick Gill Gill Brass Spy M 0507
1891-05-16 Capt Francis Pavy Railway Trusts Spy M 0508
1891-05-23 Mr Thomas Beard Under Sheriff Spy M 0509
1891-05-30 The Rt Hon Sir Edward Fry Specific Performance Spy J 32
1891-06-06 Mr JB Maple MP Cheap fares Spy S 578
1891-06-13 Mr S Bancroft B Spy M 0510
1891-06-20 Mr J Aird MP North Paddington Spy S 579
1891-06-27 Mr Justice Wright He declined a Knighthood but thought better of it STUFF J 33
1891-07-04 The Emperor of Morocco The Emperor of Morocco Pry So 18
1891-07-11 Lord Iveagh Guinness Trust Spy M 0511
1891-07-18 Rear-Adm Edward Field RN JP MP The Yellow Admiral Spy S 580
1891-07-25 Mr M Biddulph MP South Herefordshire Spy S 581
1891-08-01 Mr HH Asquith QC MP East Fife Spy S 582
1891-08-08 M J de Reszke Polish Tenor Spy M 0512
1891-08-15 Mr AN Hornby Monkey STUFF M 0513
1891-08-22 Maj-Gen Charles Taylor du Plat Senior Equerry Spy M 0514
1891-08-29 Sir John Stainer MA MusDoc Oxford Music Spy M 0515
1891-09-05 The Archbishop of York From the Army to the Church Spy M 0516
1891-09-12 M Jan Marie Constantin van Beers The Modern Wiertz Spy M 0517
1891-09-19 The Earl of Harrington Yeoman-like Polo Lib S 583
1891-09-26 Mr Harry Seymour Foster A Sheriff Spy M 0518
1891-10-03 Col The Hon Herbert Francis Eaton Brown Spy M 0519
1891-10-10 The Ven FW Farrar DD Chaplain to the Commons Spy M 0520
1891-10-17 HH Tunkoo Abubeker Bin Ibrahim GCMG KCSI Johore KYO So 19
1891-10-24 Herbert Mornington Cannon Morny Spy M 0521
1891-10-31 Sir Peter Henry Edlin QC JP DL London Sessions Spy J 34
1891-11-07 Mr Hwfa Williams Sandown Park Spy M 0522
1891-11-14 Prof JH Gladstone PhD FRS Chemistry and Optics Spy M 0523
1891-11-21 Gen Sir Michael Anthony Shrapnel Biddulph KCB The Regalia Spy M 0524
1891-11-28 Capt Edward Rodney Owen Roddy Spy M 0525
1891-12-05 Group of jurists Bench and Bar STUFF WS; double print
1891-12-12 The Hon Sir Robert Romer Bob STUFF J 35
1891-12-19 Mr JW Lowther LLM DL MP Foreign Affairs Spy S 584
1891-12-26 Mr GF Watts RA DCL LLD He paints portraits & ideas Spy M 0526
1892-01-02 Mr Edward Temple Gurdon Rugby Union STUFF M 0527
1892-01-09 Lord Lurgan Billy Spy S 585
1892-01-16 Mr EL Sambourne Sammy Spy M 0528
1892-01-23 Sir CC Smith KCMG Straits Settlements KYO M 0529
1892-01-30 The Rev Edward Hale MA FRGS FGS Badger Spy M 0530
1892-02-06 Mr Charles Willie Matthews He can marshal evidence Spy M 0531
1892-02-13 Canon Alfred Ainger LLD Temple Reader Spy M 0532
1892-02-20 Mr WH Thornycroft MA Bronze Statuary Spy M 0533
1892-02-27 Lord WC Gordon-Lennox PC MP Treasurer of the Household Spy S 586
1892-03-05 Mr J Ball Jr Mr John Ball jun Lib M 0534
1892-03-12 The Rt Hon Sir CSC Bowen Judicial Politeness Spy J 36
1892-03-19 Mr JS Balfour MP Burnley Spy S 587
1892-03-26 Lord Elcho MP Derby Day Spy S 588
1892-04-02 Mr HA Jones Author-Manager Spy M 0535
1892-04-09 Mr Robert Brudnell Carter FRCS a Literary Oculist STUFF M 0536
1892-04-16 Mr HS Wiggin MP Wiggin! STUFF S 589
1892-04-23 Col Vivian Dering Majendie CB Explosives Spy M 0537
1892-04-30 Sir J Fergusson Bt PC GCSI KCMG CIE a Postmaster General Spy S 590
1892-05-07 The Hon HN Sturt MP East Dorsetshire Spy S 591
1892-05-14 Col The Hon HWJ Byng JP Byngo STUFF M 0538
1892-05-21 Mr CH Hawtrey From Eton to the Stage Spy M 0539
1892-05-28 Mr Gainsford Bruce QC DCL MP Holborn Spy S 592
1892-06-04 Mr T Hardy Tess Spy M 0540
1892-06-11 Mr RT Hermon-Hodge MA JP MP Accrington Spy S 593
1892-06-18 The Hon GN Curzon MP JP DL Persia and India Spy S 594
1892-06-25 Mr E Lloyd English tenor Lib M 0541
1892-07-02 Mr Frances Schnadhorst the Caucus STUFF M 0542
1892-07-09 Mr AE Stoddart A big hitter STUFF M 0543
1892-07-16 Col WC Cornwallis-West MP Denbighshire Spy S 595
1892-07-23 Mr Philip Albert Muntz MP Metal Spy S 596
1892-07-30 Mr Charles Wallwyn Radcliffe Cooke JP DL The Constitutional Union Spy S 597
1892-08-06 Mr Samuel Moses James Woods Sammy STUFF M 0544
1892-08-13 Sir AE West Algy Spy M 0545
1892-08-20 Lord Lamington a Traveller Spy S 598
1892-08-27 Sir FJ Bramwell Bt An Arbitrator Spy M 0546
1892-09-03 Mr Clement Nugent Jackson MA Jacky Spy M 0547
1892-09-10 Sir C Dalrymple Bt Ipswich senior Spy S 599
1892-09-17 The Rt Hon Lord Norton PC KCMG Colonial Self-Government Spy S 600
1892-09-24 Lord Hawke Yorkshire Cricket Spy S 601
1892-10-01 Dr Samuel Wilks FRS Philosophical Pathology Spy M 0548
1892-10-08 Mr John Seymour Keay MP Prosy facts and figures Spy S 602
1892-10-15 John Burns MP Battersea Spy S 603
1892-10-22 Mr John William Maclure JP DL The Whitehead Torpedo Spy S 604
1892-10-29 Sir George Findlay North Western Spy M 0549
1892-11-05 The Hon Kenneth Howard Dear Boy Spy M 0550
1892-11-12 Mr JE Redmond MP Elisha Spy S 605
1892-11-19 The Hon George Denman He was an ornament on the Bench STUFF J 37
1892-11-26 Mr WE Henley The National Observer Spy M 0551
1892-12-03 Mixed Political Wares Methodical & Methodist / Babble & Bluster / Faithful & Faddist Spy WS; Campbell-Bannerman and Fowler (left); Gladstone and Harcourt (centre); Spencer and Ripon (right); triple print
1892-12-10 Lord Houghton a young Viceroy Spy S 606
1892-12-17 Maj-Gen Lord Metheun CB CMG The Home District Spy S 607
1892-12-24 Mr L Fildes RA He painted 'the Doctor' Spy M 0552
1892-12-31 Mr Walter Herries Pollock The Saturday Review Spy M 0553
1893-01-07 The Archbishop of Westminster Westminster Spy M 0554
1893-01-14 The Hon Sir RH Collins Smith's Leading Cases Quiz J 38
1893-01-21 The King of Spain A born King So 20
1893-01-28 Lord Wenlock Madras BINT S 608
1893-02-04 M Quesnay de Beaurepaire As Procureur Général GUTH M 0555
1893-02-11 Mr JWC Carr An Art Critic Spy M 0556
1893-02-18 The Hon Sir JG Barnes Admiralty Jurisdiction Spy J 39
1893-02-25 The Rt Hon J Bryce MP Privy Councillor, Professor and Politician STUFF S 609
1893-03-04 Col The Hon WHP Carington MP Bill Spy M 0557
1893-03-11 M A Daudet He wrote 'Sapho' GUTH M 0558
1893-03-18 Mr WAL Fletcher Flea Spy M 0559
1893-03-25 Lord Justice The Rt Hon Henry Charles Lopes An Old Fashined Judge Quiz J 40
1893-04-01 The President of St John's College, Oxford St John's, Oxford Spy M 0560
1893-04-08 The President of Magdalen College, Oxford Magdalen College, Oxford Spy M 0561
1893-04-13 Mr HH Cozens-Hardy QC MP North Norfolk Spy M 0562
1893-04-20 Mr WH Kendal Mr WH Kendal Spy M 0563
1893-04-27 The Duke of Somerset An old fashioned Duke Spy S 610
1893-05-04 The Count of Catena Count Strickland Hay M 0564
1893-05-11 Mr Harry Robert Graham MP West St Pancras Spy S 611
1893-05-18 Sir Frederick Seager Hunt Bt MP West Marylebone Spy S 612
1893-05-25 Prof RLK Virchow Cellular Pathology Spy M 0565
1893-06-01 Sir James Sivewright MA LLD KCMG Imperialist Afrikander Spy M 0566
1893-06-08 Mr Fred Crisp He Owns 'Chancellor' Spy M 0567
1893-06-15 Mr Alpheus Cleophas Morton MP Peterborough Spy S 613
1893-06-22 Mr WS Penley Charley's Aunt Spy M 0568
1893-06-29 Lord Thring He has written on Companies Spy S 614
1893-07-06 HSH the Princess Victoria Mary of Teck Victoria Mary of Teck Leslie Ward L 12; issued on the occasion of her marriage to the Prince of Wales. Her signature shown in facsimile. One of the few 'Spy cartoons' to bear Ward's real name
1893-07-13 Mr Charles Frederick Hamond MP Newcastle-upon-Tyne Spy S 615
1893-07-20 Mr Arthur Hepburn Hastie he is a smart fellow and an honest lawyer Spy M 0569
1893-07-27 Sir John Richard Somers Vine CMG The Imperial Institute Spy M 0570
1893-08-03 M BC Coquelin Coquelin Ainé GUTH M 0571
1893-08-10 Sir RW Payne-Gallwey Bt Letters to young Shooters Spy M 0572
1893-08-17 Mr W Winans The Record Revolver Shot VA M 0573
1893-08-24 Sig P Mascagni Cavalleria Rusticana Lib M 0574
1893-08-31 Sir J Rigby QC MP Mr Solicitor STUFF S 616
1893-09-07 The Duke of Beaufort KG PC Badminton Spy S 617
1893-09-14 Lord Morris of Spiddal an Irish lawyer Spy S 618
1893-09-21 Mr Arthur John Edward Newton The Marlborough Street Solicitor Spy M 0576
1893-09-28 Sir HE Maxwell Bt MP Wigtownshire Spy S 619
1893-10-05 Mr WG Ellison-Macartney MP Fighting Ulster Spy S 620
1893-10-12 Mr Thomas Henry Bolton MP Buonaparte B Spy S 621
1893-10-19 Mr RA Yerburgh Chester Spy S 622
1893-10-26 Mr W Allan MP The Gateshead Giant Spy S 623
1893-11-02 The Hon Frederic Morgan MP Fred Spy S 624
1893-11-09 Mr EH Carson Dublin University Lib S 625
1893-11-16 Mr Harry Lawson Webster Lawson MP Cirencester Spy S 626
1893-11-23 Sir WH Wills Bt Birdseye Spy M 0575
1893-11-30 On the Terrace A Political Spectacle ("The Ayes have it - the Noes have it") Spy WS; J Chamberlain, A Chamberlain, Gorst, Temple, Balfour, Harcourt, McCarthy, Mundella; double print
1893-12-07 The Hon Sir Lewis William Cave That won't do you know Spy J 42
1893-12-14 The Hon Sir William Rann Kennedy Our weakest Judge Spy J 43
1893-12-21 The Earl of Darnley Cobham Hall Spy S 627
1893-12-28 M Pierre Louis Albert Decrais M Decrais GUTH M 0576
1894-01-04 The Grand Duke Michael Michailovitch of Russia Michael Michailovitch wag P 15
1894-01-11 Mr Edward Blake MP South Longford Spy S 628
1894-01-18 Mr Frederick Harrison L & NWR Spy M 0577
1894-01-25 Lord Monk Bretton MP Lord Monk Bretton Spy S 629
1894-02-01 Lord Congelton Lord Congleton Spy S 630
1894-02-08 Mr John Cumming Macdona MP St Bernards Spy S 631
1894-02-15 Mr HJ Cockayne-Cust MP The Pall Mall Gazette Spy S 632
1894-02-22 Mr G Alexander Aubrey Tanqueray Spy M 0578
1894-03-01 Mr JR Maguire MP West Clare Spy S 633
1894-03-08 Mr Alderman William Treloar Ludgate Hill Spy M 0579
1894-03-15 Mr Hugh Benjamin Cotton Benjie Spy M 0580; son of Lord Justice Cotton
1894-03-22 Mr Charles Thurston Fogg-Elliot Fogg Spy M 0581
1894-03-29 Lord Stanley MP Westhoughton Spy S 634
1894-04-05 The Warden of New College, Oxford The Shirt Spy M 0582
1894-04-12 Mr Henry David Erskine Sergeant-at-Arms Spy M 0583
1894-04-19 Mr CB Fry Oxford Athletics Spy M 0584
1894-04-26 Mr FC Selous Big Game VA M 0585
1894-05-03 The Earl of Sefton The Earl of Sefton Lib S 635
1894-05-10 Mr JW Clark MA Cambridge Registrary Spy M 0586
1894-05-17 Dr JS Burdon-Sanderson Oxford physiology Spy M 0587
1894-05-24 Mr Robinson Ellis Latin Literature Spy M 0588
1894-05-31 Mr George Newnes MP East Cambridgeshire Spy S 636
1894-06-07 Mr R Kipling Soldiers Three Spy M 0589
1894-06-14 Mr Charles Grey Mott a Railway Director Spy M 0590
1894-06-21 Mr William Montagu Tharp Chippenham Park Spy M 0591
1894-06-28 The Hon TF Bayard The United States Spy M 0592
1894-07-05 Sir HB Loch GCMG GCB The Cape High Commissioner Spy M 0593
1894-07-12 Lord Tweedmouth A Late Whip Spy S 637
1894-07-19 The Rt Hon AG Brand MP North Cambridgeshire Spy S 638
1894-07-26 Sir JD Astley Bt The Literary Mate Spy M 0594
1894-08-02 Mr Warren William De La Rue Old Warren Spy M 0595
1894-08-09 Capt Herbert Scarisbrick Naylor Leyland MP Colchester Spy S 639
1894-08-16 The Earl of Portarlington The Dasher Spy S 640
1894-08-23 The Earl of Denbigh HAC Spy S 641
1894-08-30 M JPP Casimir-Perier The French Republic GUTH M 0596
1894-09-06 Col ARM Lockwood MP West Essex Spy S 642
1894-09-13 The Marquis of Breadalbane KG PC The Queen's Lord Steward Spy S 643
1894-09-20 The Baron AJ de Rothschild Alphonse GUTH M 0597
1894-09-27 Mr GJ Gould Vigilant Spy M 0598
1894-10-04 The Earl of Albemarle Arnold Spy S 644
1894-10-11 Sir Balthazar Walter Foster MD DCL MP The Ilkeston Division Spy S 645
1894-10-18 The Hon Schomberg Kerr Mcdonnell CB He was Lord Salisbury's Private Secretary Spy M 0599; son of the Earl of Antrim
1894-10-25 Mr Charles Gibson Millar Saide, RYS Spy M 0600
1894-11-01 Sir Joseph Barnby Albert Hall Spy M 0601
1894-11-08 Sir GCH Armstrong Bt The Globe Spy M 0602
1894-11-15 Mr TH Ismay White Star Lib M 0603
1894-11-22 The Very Rev Francis Paget DD The House Spy M 0604
1894-11-29 Vice-Adm The Hon Sir Edmund Robert Fremantle KCB CMG on 1 China station PAT M 0605
1894-12-06 Members of the RYS during Cowes Week The RYS (At Cowes) Spy WS; Wilhelm II, Lord Dunraven, Rear-Adm Montagu, the Prince of Wales, Lord Ormonde and Lord Lonsdale.
1894-12-13 Mr WL Thomas The Graphics Spy M 0606
1894-12-20 Mr Clement King Shorter Three Editors Spy M 0607; editor of the Illustrated London News, Album and Pick-Me-Up
1894-12-27 Sir R Hart Bt GCMG MA LLD Chinese Customs jmp M 0608
1895-01-03 Capt Lord CW Beresford RN CB Steam Reserve Spy M 0609
1895-01-10 Sir RT Reid QC Mr Attorney Spy S 646
1895-01-17 Mr RC Lehmann Rudy Spy M 0610
1895-01-24 The Hon Sir Arthur Kekewich A hasty Judge Spy J 44
1895-01-31 The Baron Chaudron de Courcel The French Ambassador GUTH M 0611
1895-02-07 Lord FS Hamilton MP The Pall Mall Magazine Spy S 647
1895-02-14 Mr BI Barnato Barney Spy M 0612
1895-02-21 Mr Phil May Phil Spy M 0613
1895-02-28 Mr Robert Uniacke Penrose-Fitzgerald MP Cambridge Borough Spy S 648
1895-03-07 Count PW Metternich Count Paul Metternich Spy M 0614
1895-03-14 The Earl of Camperdown The Earl of Camperdown Spy S 649
1895-03-21 Mr FY Powell Oxford Modern History Spy M 0615
1895-03-26 Mr Charles Murray Pitman OUBC Spy M 0616
1895-04-04 The Master of Balliol Balliol Spy M 0617
1895-04-11 Dr Richard Garnett CB Printed Books Spy M 0618
1895-04-18 M FF Faure The eminently respectable GUTH S 650
1895-04-25 The Prince Royal of Siam A Prince Royal Spy P 16
1895-05-02 Mr J Forbes-Robertson Forbie Spy M 0619
1895-05-09 Mr VCW Cavendish MP heir presumptive to a Dukedom Spy S 651
1895-05-16 Mr ACW Harmsworth he is Conservative candidate for Portsmouth Spy M 0620
1895-05-23 Lord Hatherton Lord Hatherton STUFF S 652
1895-05-30 Dr Robert Farquharson MP West Aberdeenshire Spy S 653
1895-06-06 M LMJ Viaud Pierre Loti GUTH M 0621
1895-06-13 Mr AF Manns Crystal Palace Spy M 0622
1895-06-20 Lord Wrottesley JP DL A Staffordshire Peer STUFF S 654
1895-06-27 Mr William Wither Bramston Beach MP West Hampshire Spy S 655
1895-07-04 Mr Montague Shearman AAA wag M 0623
1895-07-11 Sir Henry Hoyle Howorth KCIE DCL FRS MP a Lancashire Lad Spy S 656
1895-07-18 Dean Samuel Hole of Rochester Roses FTD M 0624
1895-07-25 Mr Alfred James Bethell Go, Gas & Gold Spy M 0625
1895-08-01 Le Prince de Sagan Le Prince du Chic GUTH P 17
1895-08-08 Mr Samuel Whitbread MP Parliamentary Procedure Spy M 0626
1895-08-15 Mr James Thompson Caledonian Railway Spy M 0627
1895-08-22 Mr Tom Simpson Jay J Spy M 0628
1895-08-29 Hr Eduard Strauss Eduard Strauss EBN M 0629
1895-09-05 Mr John Loraine Baldwin I Zingari Spy M 0630
1895-09-12 Mr Albert George Sandeman The Bank of England Spy M 0631
1895-09-19 The Hon Seymour John Fortescue RN An Equerry in Waiting Spy M 0632
1895-09-26 Mr LV Harcourt Lulu Spy S 657
1895-10-03 Col Sir Henry Edward Colville KCMG CB Odger Spy M 0633
1895-10-10 The Earl of Dartmouth The Earl of Dartmouth STUFF S 658
1895-10-17 The Hon DWG Keppel Derek Spy M 0634
1895-10-24 Mr James Mellor Paulton MP Harry Spy S 659
1895-10-31 Baron Macnaghten PC MP He succeeded Lord Blackburn Spy S 660
1895-11-07 Mr Albert Frederick Calvert Westralia Spy M 0635
1895-11-14 Gen Jacques Charles René Achille Duchesne Madagascar GUTH M 0636
1895-11-21 The Bishop of Derry Derry Spy M 0637
1895-11-28 A group of Masters of Fox Hounds A Masters' Meet Spy WS; Lord Lonsdale, Lord Portman, Lord Willoughby de Broke, Capt Park Yates, and Thomas Garth; double print
1895-12-05 Mr Harry Kent Paxton Pakky Spy M 0638
1895-12-12 HRH The Crown Prince of Denmark The Crown Prince of Denmark Spy P 18
1895-12-19 Capt FJD Lugard DSO CB An earnest African Spy M 0639
1895-12-26 Mr AH Hawkins Anthony Hope Spy M 0640
1896-01-02 The Earl of Yarborough JP Brocklesby Spy S 661
1896-01-09 Mr Harry Leslie Blundell Mccalmont Giralda Spy S 662
1896-01-16 The Earl of Eglinton and Winton A good sportsman Spy S 663
1896-01-23 Mr GL du Maurier Trilby Spy M 0641
1896-01-30 Mr Edmund Widdrington Byrne QC MP Chitty's Leader Spy S 664
1896-02-06 The Marquis of Londonderry KG PC LLD The London School Board FTD S 665
1896-02-13 Mr RBS Haldane QC MP A Hegelian Politician Spy S 666
1896-02-20 Mr Alfred Austin the Laureate Spy M 0642
1896-02-27 Capt Oswald Henry Ames Ossie Spy M 0643
1896-03-05 Mr Arthur Bourchier AB Spy M 0644
1896-03-12 Mr Justice Theobald Mathew Commercial Court Spy J 45
1896-03-19 President of the Oxford University Boat Club Crumbo Spy M 0645
1896-03-26 Mr W Fitzherbert Fitz Spy M 0646; President, Cambridge University Athletic Club
1896-04-01 Maj FC Rasch MP South-East Essex Spy S 667
1896-04-09 Dr LS Jameson MD Dr Jim Spy M 0647
1896-04-15 Laurence James Oliphant Bully Spy M 0648
1896-04-23 The Marquis of Bath Frome Spy S 668
1896-04-30 Mr Augustus Helder MP Whitehaven Spy S 669; his portrait also sketched in corner
1896-05-07 Sir Francis Henry Evans KCMG MP Union Steamship Spy S 670
1896-05-14 Mr Arthur Richard Jelf QC Oxford Circuit Spy M 0649
1896-05-21 Mr Andrew Barclay Walker Ailsa WE Miller M 0650
1896-05-28 The Rt Hon Robert William Hanbury MP A Financial Secretary Spy S 671
1896-06-04 Viscount Curzon MP South Bucks Spy S 672
1896-06-11 Group of lady cyclists Cycling in Hyde Park Hal Hurst SS; double print
1896-06-18 Earl De La Warr Bexhill and Dunlop Spy S 673
1896-06-25 The Hon Sir Alfred Wills Benevolence on the Bench Spy J 46
1896-07-02 Mr THH Caine The Manxman JBP M 0651
1896-07-09 Capt Edgeworth Johnstone Hard Hitter Spy M 0652
1896-07-16 Mr Richard Arthur Henry Mitchell Mike Spy M 0653
1896-07-23 Sir Lewis Mciver Bt MP the Member for Scotland Spy S 674
1896-07-30 Mr Frederic Andrew Inderwick QC Divorce Court Spy M 0654
1896-08-06 The Hon AE Fellowes North Huntingdonshire Spy S 675
1896-08-13 The Viceroy of China Li GUTH M 0655
1896-08-20 The Earl of March Goodwood Spy M 0656
1896-08-27 Mr Arthur Edward Guest MP A South Western Director Spy M 0657
1896-09-03 Col George Malcolm Fox Swordsmanship Spy M 0658
1896-09-10 The Duke of Bedford Rousseau Spy S 676
1896-09-17 The Rt Hon The Speaker Mr Speaker Spy S 677
1896-09-24 Mr G Meredith Our first novelist Max M 0659
1896-10-01 Sir W MacCormac PRCS Gun shot wounds Spy M 0660
1896-10-08 The Hon JWE Douglas-Scott-Montagu A Southern Scott Spy S 678
1896-10-15 Mr William Woodall MP Hanley Spy S 679
1896-10-22 The Lord Advocate Lord Advocate Spy S 680
1896-10-29 Mr Thomas Colleton Garth A Very Old Master Spy M 0661
1896-11-05 Sam Loates Sam Loates Spy M 0662
1896-11-12 M G Hanotaux Affaires Etrangeres GUTH M 0663; sketch of Cardinal Richelieu in corner
1896-11-19 Mr Charles Carlos Clarke The Consol Market Spy M 0664
1896-11-26 Group of racehorse owners and trainers On the Heath Spy WS; James Jewitt, Richard Marsh, Tom Jennings Sr, John Dawson, Matthew Dawson, Porter, James Ryan; double print
1896-12-03 Lord Willoughby de Broke The Warwickshire Spy S 681
1896-12-10 Mr GW Balfour MP a Chief Secretary Spy S 682
1896-12-17 Mr Ernest Terah Hooley Papworth Spy M 0665
1896-12-24 Gen Frederick Marshall Fred Spy M 0666
1896-12-31 Col Sir George Archibald Leach An agriculturist FTD M 0667
1897-01-07 Mr JR Rodd CMG Diplomacy and Poetry Spy M 0668
1897-01-14 Mr Alfred Edward Thomas Watson The Badminton Spy M 0669
1897-01-21 Mr GA Moore Esther Waters Sic M 0670
1897-01-28 The Hon Sir James Stirling Equity Spy J 47
1897-02-04 Mr Max Pemberton A Puritan's Wife Spy M 0671
1897-02-11 Sir Vincent Henry Penalver Caillard Ottoman Public Debt Spy M 0672
1897-02-18 Mr JL Johnston Dietetics Spy M 0673
1897-02-25 Mr I Zangwill A Child of the Ghetto Sic M 0674
1897-03-04 The President of the Royal Academy PRA Spy M 0675
1897-03-11 Mr CF Maude Squirrel Spy M 0676
1897-03-18 The Hon Sir John Compton Lawrance Long Lawrance Spy J 48
1897-03-25 Capt Wentworth William Hope Johnstone Wenty Spy M 0677
1897-04-01 Mr Gilbert Jordan OUAC Spy M 0678
1897-04-06 Mr Douglas Hamilton Mclean Ducker Spy M 0679
1897-04-15 Sir A Milner KCB High Commissioner Spy M 0680
1897-04-22 The Bishop of London Ecclesiastical History FTD S 683
1897-04-29 Lord Kelvin Natural Philosophy Spy S 684
1897-05-06 Mr Charles Ernest Tritton MP The Norwood Division Spy S 685
1897-05-13 Mr Henry Fielding Dickens His father invented Pickwick Spy M 0681
1897-05-20 Capt Sir Alfred Jephson The Imperial Institute Spy M 0682
1897-05-27 The Bishop of Lichfield Lichfield STUFF S 686
1897-06-03 Group of lady cyclists, including Princess Brancovan and Duchesse Doudeauville Au Bois De Boulogne (Aux Chalets du Cycle) GUTH SS; double print
1897-06-10 The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor Mansion House Spy M 0683
1897-06-17 Her Majesty The Queen-Empress A Cimiez (Promenade Matinale) GUTH Diamond Jubilee supplement
1897-06-24 The United States Ambassador USA Spy M 0684
1897-07-01 Mr Justice Ridley The New Judge FTD J 49
1897-07-08 Mr JG Talbot DCL MP Oxford University Spy S 687
1897-07-15 Mr CJ Darling QC MP Littler Darling Spy S 688
1897-07-22 Maj-Gen The Hon Reginald Talbot CB Aldershot Cavalry Spy M 0685
1897-07-29 The Emperor of Abyssinia Abyssinia Glick So 21
1897-08-05 Mr SR Crockett The Stickit Minister FR M 0686
1897-08-12 Capt George Colborne Nugent A Sub-Editor Spy M 0687
1897-08-19 The Rt Hon Sir Wilfrid Laurier Canada Spy M 0688
1897-08-26 KS Ranjitsinhji Ranji Spy M 0689
1897-09-02 Lord Warkworth South Kensington Spy S 689
1897-09-09 Col FR Wingate CB In the Mahdi's Camp Spy M 0690
1897-09-16 The Rt Hon Sir JG Sprigg The Cape Spy M 0691
1897-09-23 The Hon Gerald William Lascelles The New Forest Spy M 0692
1897-09-30 Prince Henry of Orleans Prince Henry of Orleans GUTH P 19
1897-10-07 The Rt Hon Sir John Forrest WA jmp M 0693
1897-10-14 Mr HT Anstruther MP St Andrew's District Spy S 690
1897-10-21 HIM The Czar Nicholas II The Little Father GUTH So 23
1897-10-28 Lord Dungarvan Sol Spy M 0694
1897-11-04 His Hon Judge Bacon A Judicial Joker Spy J 50
1897-11-11 Mr Thomas Merthyr Guest Blackmore Vale CG M 0695
1897-11-18 Sir MM Bhownaggree KCIE MP North East Bethnal Green Spy S 691
1897-11-25 Of Empire Makers and Breakers A Scene at the South Africa Committee STUFF WS; Webster, Labouchere, Rhodes, Harcourt, and Chamberlain; double print
1897-12-02 Mr Joseph Hollman a great Cellist CG M 0695
1897-12-09 Mr M Beerbohm Max Sic M 0696
1897-12-16 Mr FG Jackson Franz Josef Land Spy M 0697
1897-12-23 The Rev Arthur Robins The Soldiers' Bishop Spy M 0698
1897-12-30 Mr Alfred Cooper FRCS Alfred Spy M 0699
1898-01-06 Viscount Falmouth The star Spy M 0700
1898-01-13 Count AEW Gleichen Glick Spy M 0701
1898-01-20 The Hon Algernon Henry Bourke Algy Spy M 0702
1898-01-27 M FJ Meline a Premier of France GUTH M 0703
1898-02-03 Mr Justice JC Bigham We Shall See Spy J 51
1898-02-10 Sen Luiz de Soveral GCMG Portugal Spy M 0704
1898-02-17 Justice Arthur Moseley Channell An amiable Judge Spy J 52
1898-02-24 Count Franz Deym Austro-Hungary Spy M 0705
1898-03-03 The Headmaster of Westminster School Westminster Spy M 0706
1898-03-10 Mr Ralph Sneyd Ralph STUFF M 0707
1898-03-17 Mr John George Witt QC A Sporting Lawyer Spy M 0708
1898-03-24 Mr WQ Orchardson RA Artist and RA Spy M 0709
1898-03-31 Capt David Longfield Beatty A hard rider GAF M 0710
1898-04-07 Mr DP Barton QC MP Mid Armagh Spy S 692
1898-04-14 WG Grace Cricket Spy Reprint of 1877-06-09
1898-04-21 Mr WA Spooner MA Spooner Spy M 0711
1898-04-28 Earl Grey A Chartered Administrator Spy S 693
1898-05-05 M BC Coquelin Coquelin Ainé GUTH M 0712
1898-05-12 Mr IZ Malcolm MP North West Suffolk Spy S 694
1898-05-19 Canon Richard Eyton a fashionable Canon FTD M 0713
1898-05-26 Maj FW Esterhazy Major Esterhazy GUTH M 0714
1898-06-02 Lord Farquhar Horace Spy S 695
1898-06-09 The Earl of Moray a fifteenth Earl Spy S 696
1898-06-16 Mr Henry Vincent Higgins Grand Opera Spy M 0715
1898-06-23 William Otto Adolph Julius Danckwerts Danky Spy M 0716
1898-06-30 Mr HCO Bonsor MP The Wimbledon Division Spy S 697
1898-07-07 The Hon Sir Walter Francis Hely-Hutchinson GCMG Natal Spy M 0717
1898-07-14 Sir Henry Charles Burdett KCB Hospitals QUIZ M 0718
1898-07-21 Baron Hermann von Eckardstein A German attaché Spy M 0719
1898-07-28 Mr Neil Haig I Say GAF M 0720
1898-08-04 Mr Henry Bargrave Finnelly Deane QC Bargrave Spy M 0721
1898-08-11 Lord Revelstoke Barings Spy S 698
1898-08-18 The Chevalier de Souza Correa Brazil Spy M 0722
1898-08-25 Capt EG Wynyard Hampshire CG M 0723
1898-09-01 Sir O Mosley Bt John Bull Spy M 0724
1898-09-08 Gen Sir WSA Lockhart KCB KCSI Tirah Spy M 0725
1898-09-15 Gen Julian Hamilton Hall Julian Spy M 0726
1898-09-22 The Duke of Marlborough Blenheim Palace Spy S 699
1898-09-29 Col Arthur Montagu Brookfield MP East Sussex Spy S 700
1898-10-06 M H Brisson Justice to Dreyfus GUTH M 0727
1898-10-13 Maj Michael Rimington Descended from Edward Longshanks GAF M 0728
1898-10-20 M V Maurel A fine baritone Spy M 0729
1898-10-27 Sir H Fletcher Bt MP Mid Sussex Spy S 701
1898-11-03 Viscount Portman An old Master Spy S 702
1898-11-10 Sir Thomas Henry Sanderson KCB KCMG Foreign Affairs Spy S 703
1898-11-17 The Bishop-Designate of Calcutta Calcutta Spy M 0730
1898-11-24 The Hon Sir WGF Phillimore Bt DCL A judicial Churchman Spy J 53
1898-12-01 A Committee of Taste The Lord Protect Us! Furniss WS; Balfour, Chamberlain, Harcourt, Lecky and Courtney examine a bust of Cromwell; double print
1898-12-08 Mr Walpole Greenwell Walpole Spy M 0731
1898-12-11 The Pilgrim Resting on His Way GAW
1898-12-15 Lord Barnard JP Raby Castle GAF S 704
1898-12-22 Mr James Lennox Hannay Marlborough Street Spy M 0732
1898-12-29 Mr EA Abbey RA Fairford Abbey Spy M 0733
1899-01-05 The Viscount Galway Serlby Spy S 705
1899-01-12 Mr Jonathan Edward Backhouse Jed GAF M 0734
1899-01-19 Sir CA Brooke GCMG Sarawak Spy M 0735
1899-01-26 Sir James John Trevor Lawrence Bt Horticulture Spy M 0736
1899-02-02 W Mckinley An American Protector Flagg M 0737
1899-02-09 M T Delcasse French Foreign Affairs GUTH M 0738
1899-02-16 The Marquis of Hamilton He will be the 3rd Duke Hadge M 0739
1899-02-23 Lord Kitchener of Khartoum GCB KCMG Khartoum Spy S 706
1899-03-02 Lord Justice Williams a Rustic Judge CGD J 54
1899-03-09 M PP Cambon French Ambassador GUTH M 0740
1899-03-16 Mr H White A Diplomatic Cousin Spy M 0741
1899-03-23 Mr Harcourt Gilbey Gold Tarka Spy M 0742
1899-03-30 Mr John Hargreaves Cattistock CG M 0743
1899-04-06 Mr William Ward Tailby a Leicestershire man GAF M 0744
1899-04-13 Mr John Balfour JB Spy M 0745
1899-04-20 Sir Edgar Vincent KCMG Eastern finance Spy M 0746
1899-04-27 Maj-Gen Sir Archibald Hunter KCB DSO our youngest General Spy M 0747
1899-05-04 Sir Gilbert Greenall Bt Belvoir CB M 0748
1899-05-11 Sir WGGVV Harcourt a retired Leader Cloister S 707
1899-05-18 M E Loubet the new French President GUTH M 0749
1899-05-25 T Sloan An American Jockey GDG M 0750
1899-06-01 Prince Victor Napoleon Victor GUTH P 20
1899-06-08 Col FW Rhodes Soldier and Correspodent Spy M 0751
1899-06-15 Col Sir RC Slatin KCMG CB MVO Salatin Spy M 0752
1899-06-22 Lord Balcarres MP Bal Spy S 708
1899-06-29 Canon Fleming Chester Square Spy M 0753
1899-07-06 Adm Lord CW Beresford The Commercial Traveller Cloister S 709
1899-07-13 Mr Reginald Ward Copper Spy M 0754
1899-07-20 Lord Beauchamp New South Wales Spy S 710
1899-07-27 Dr Carl Muck Wagnerian Opera wag M 0755
1899-08-03 Mr A Chamberlain MP East Worcestershire Spy S 711
1899-08-10 The Rt Hon Campbell-Bannerman The Opposition Spy S 712
1899-08-17 Mr Franklin Lushington He believes in the Police Spy M 0756
1899-08-24 Mr ET Cook The Daily News Spy M 0757
1899-08-31 The Rt Hon WL Jackson PC MP North Leeds Spy S 713
1899-09-07 Capt A Dreyfus at Rennes JB GUTH M 0758
1899-09-14 A Annesley MP Oxford City Spy S 714
1899-09-21 The Rev Joseph Wood DD Harrow GAF M 0759
1899-09-28 JH Choate United States Embassy Spy M 0760
1899-10-05 Dr J Stuart MP Hoxton Division STUFF S 715
1899-10-12 Le Comte Albert de Dion Automobile GUTH M 0761
1899-10-19 The Emperor Of Corea Emperor Of Corea Pry So 24
1899-10-26 Maj EJ Montagu-Stuart-Wortley CMG DSO Eddie Spy M 0762
1899-11-02 The Vice-Chancellor of Oxford Corpus FTD M 0763
1899-11-09 Lord EH Cecil at Mafeking Spy M 0764
1899-11-16 Capt George Londsay Holford CIE MVO an Equerry Spy M 0765
1899-11-23 The trial of Dreyfus At Rennes JB GUTH WS; Col Jacaust, Capt Dreyfus, MM Labori and Demange, Gens Billot, Mercier, Zurlinden, Roget, Gonse and Boisdeffre, Col Picquart, MM Hanotaux and Cavaignac, and others; double print
1899-11-30 Dr T Stevenson FRCP Medical Jurisprudence wag M 0766
1899-12-07 Sir EJ Cassel Egyptian Finance Spy M 0767
1899-12-14 Mr JS Lucas RA A Connoisseur N M 0768
1899-12-21 Lord Rayleigh FRS Argon FTD S 716
1899-12-28 IJ Paderewski easy execution Spy M 0769
1900-01-04 HH the Maharaja of Patiala Patiala MR P 21
1900-01-11 Arthur Yates Arthur Cloister M 0770
1900-01-18 Gen Sir RH Buller Redrag Spy M 0771
1900-01-25 Col Audley Dallas Neeld Composite Regiment Cloister M 0772
1900-02-01 Sir EA Sassoon Bt Hythe Spy S 717
1900-02-08 Mr GD Faber ex opera STUFF M 0773
1900-02-15 Sir Thomas Salter Pyne CSI Afghan engineering Spy M 0774
1900-02-22 Mr James Staats Forbes LCDR Spy M 0775
1900-03-01 The Rt Hon J Lowther MP Thanet Spy S 718
1900-03-08 Pres P Kruger Oom Paul Drawl M 0776 (See Paul kruger00a.jpg)
1900-03-15 Lord Chesham Imperial Yeomanry Spy S 719
1900-03-22 Mr Percy Melville Thornton MP Clapham Spy S 720
1900-03-29 The President of the CUBC CUBC Spy M 0777
1900-04-05 Mr Justice Buckley Company Law Spy J 55
1900-04-12 Dr Nathaniel Edward Yorke-Davies Dietetics Spy M 0778
1900-04-19 Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal Canada in London Spy S 721
1900-04-26 Mr RF Cavendish MP North Lancashire Spy S 722
1900-05-03 Mr WH Fisher MP Fulham Spy S 723
1900-05-10 Mr Justice Thomas Townsend Bucknill Tommy Spy J 56
1900-05-17 Lord Hopetoun The Lord Chamberlain Spy S 724
1900-05-24 Marquis of Clanricarde Old Wares Spy S 725
1900-05-31 The Hon Sidney Robert Greville CB A Private Secretary Spy M 0779
1900-06-07 The Prince of Monaco Prince of Monaco Spy P 22
1900-06-14 Gen Sir GS White Ladysmith Spy M 0780
1900-06-21 FM Lord Roberts Bobs Spy S 726
1900-06-28 Capt Hedworth Lambton HMS Powerful Spy M 0781
1900-07-05 Gen R Baden-Powell Mafeking Drawl M 0782
1900-07-12 Gen JD French The Cavalry Division GDG M 0783
1900-07-19 Sir F Treves Freddie Spy M 0784
1900-07-26 Otto Madden Otto Madden GDG M 0785
1900-08-02 Mr Arthur de Rothschild Eros Spy M 0786
1900-08-09 Mr MT Steyn ex President Steyn wag M 0787
1900-08-16 Mr Albert de Rutzen a model Magistrate Wag M 0788
1900-08-23 John Reiff Johnny Spy M 0789
1900-08-30 Lester Reiff Lester Spy M 0790
1900-09-06 Col Sir AJ Bigge Her Majesty's private secretary Spy M 0791
1900-09-13 The Hon LW Rothschild MP the Aylesbury Division Spy S 727
1900-09-20 George Wyndham Dover and War Spy S 728
1900-09-27 Winston Churchill Winston Spy M 0792
1900-10-04 Lord Moulton Patents Spy M 0793
1900-10-11 Sir J Talbot-Dillwyn-Llewellyn Bt Swansea Spy M 0794
1900-10-18 Lord HRH Cecil Greenwich Spy S 729
1900-10-25 The Master of the Quorn Long Burns CB M 0795
1900-11-01 Lord Alverstone Dick Spy J 57
1900-11-08 Adm Lord WT Kerr A Sea Lord Spy M 0796
1900-11-15 Mr Justice George Farwell Powers FTD J 58
1900-11-22 Mr Commissioner Kerr the City of London Court Spy J 59
1900-11-29 Lord Roberts and his commanders A General Group Spy WS; Standing are [L-R], Plumer, Hunter, Macdonald, Buller, Baden-Powell, Dundonald, Kitchener, Pole-Carew and Carrington. Seated at right are White and French. Roberts' foot rests on the March 8 print of Kruger; double print
1900-12-06 Mr Justice Gainsford Bruce slow and steady Spy J 60
1900-12-13 Col V Dawson Irish Guards Spy M 0797
1900-12-20 The Marquis of Salisbury The Prime Minister Spy S 730
1900-12-27 John Earle Welby A Father of the Belvoir CB M 0798
1901-01-03 The Gaekwar of Baroda The Gaekwar MR P 23
1901-01-10 The Earl of Clarendon MP JP The Lord Chamberlain Spy S 730
1901-01-17 Adm Sir Algernon Charles Fieschi Heneage KCB Pompo Spy M 0799
1901-01-24 The Hon Mr Justice HH Cozens-Hardy fair, if not beautiful Spy J 61
1901-01-31 The Provost of Eton The Head Spy M 0800
1901-01-31 Queen Victoria Queen Victoria GUTH Monochrome reprint of 1897-06-17
1901-02-07 Maj William Henry Mackinnon CIV Spy M 0801
1901-02-14 Lord Raglan Under Secretary for War Spy S 731
1901-02-21 Gen Reginald Pole-Carew Polly Spy M 0802
1901-02-28 Mr Arthur Campbell Ainger m’tutor Spy M 0803
1901-03-07 Mr J Chamberlain The Colonies Spy S 732
1901-03-14 The Earl of Rosebery Little Bo-Peep Spy S 733
1901-03-21 The Rev William Baker DD MTS wag M 0804
1901-03-28 Lord Justice Rigby a blunt Lord Justice Spy J 62
1901-04-04 The Earl of Harwicke Tommy Dodd Spy S 734
1901-04-11 Mr Alfred Chichele Plowden Marylebone wag M 0805
1901-04-18 Mr Richard William Evelyn Middleton the Conservative Party Spy M 0806
1901-04-25 Vice-Adm Sir HH Rawson KCB fresh from the Channel Fleet Spy M 0807
1901-05-02 Gen Sir ISM Hamilton CB DSO Mixed Forces Spy M 0808
1901-05-09 The Rev Hon Canon Edward Lyttelton MA Haileybury Spy M 0809
1901-05-16 Mr Charles Algernon Whitmore MP Chelsea Spy S 735
1901-05-23 The Bishop of London London Spy S 736
1901-05-30 Col Sir EWD Ward a Permanent Warrior Spy M 0810
1901-06-06 Mr Edward Compton Austen-Leigh MA The Flea Spy M 0811
1901-06-13 Sir WR Anson Bt MP All Souls Spy S 737
1901-06-20 M E Rostand Cyrano GUTH M 0812
1901-06-27 The High Master of St Paul's School The High Master of St Paul's School Spy M 0813
1901-07-04 Mr Reginald Saumarez de Havilland Havvy Spy M 0814
1901-07-11 Rev Cecil Legard a Judge CB M 0815
1901-07-18 The Secretary of State for War War Spy S 738
1901-07-25 Mr GL Jessop the Croucher Spy M 0816
1901-08-01 Surgeon-General James Jameson MD CB QH LLD Army Medical Spy M 0817
1901-08-08 The Knight of Kerry Knight of Kerry Spy M 0818
1901-08-15 The Bishop of Southwell Southwell Spy M 0819
1901-08-22 Sir Godfrey Yeatman Lagden KCMG Basutoland Spy M 0820
1901-08-29 Gen T Kelly-Kenny CB 6th Division Spy M 0821
1901-09-05 Gen the Hon Neville Gerald Lyttelton 4th Division Spy M 0822
1901-09-12 Fred Rickaby Rick Spy M 0823
1901-09-19 Sir TJ Lipton KCVO Shamrock Spy M 0824
1901-09-26 The Vice-Provost of Eton The Vice-Provost Spy M 0825
1901-10-03 The Earl of Selborne PC Admiralty Spy S 741
1901-10-10 Sir CM Macdonald KCB Tokio Spy M 0825
1901-10-17 Mr Edward Weatherby The Match-Book Spy M 0826
1901-10-24 Count LN Tolstoi War and Peace SNAPP M 0827
1901-10-31 Sir EH Seymour GCB KCB China Spy M 0828
1901-11-07 Mr John George Butcher KC MP York City Spy M 0829
1901-11-14 M A Santos Dumont the Deutsch Prize GEO HUN M 0829
1901-11-21 The Common Serjeant of London Bosey Spy J 63
1901-11-28 Group of hunters Kirby Gate CB WS; a meet of the Quorn in Leicestershire; double print
1901-12-05 Gen HL Smith-Dorrien DSO Doreen Spy M 0830
1901-12-12 Mr H Ibsen The Master Builder SNAPP M 0831
1901-12-19 The Bishop of Winchester Prelate of the garter Spy S 743
1901-12-26 The Maharajah Of Cuch Behar Cuch Behar P 24
1902-01-02 The Earl of Cromer The maker of modern 'Egypt' Spy S 744
1902-01-09 Maj-Gen Sir Henry Trotter KCVO Home District Spy M 0832
1902-01-16 The Earl of Desart Public Prosecutions Spy M 0833
1902-01-23 The Hon Sir Matthew Ingle Joyce steady-going Spy J 64
1902-01-30 Mr John Otho Paget Otho CB M 0834
1902-02-06 The Earl of Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Spy S 745
1902-02-13 The Hon Mr Justice C Swinfen Eady plausible Spy J 65
1902-02-20 Sir JB Stone MP East Birmingham Spy S 746
1902-02-27 Mr C Santley Student and Singer Spy M 0835
1902-03-06 Mr John Lawson Walton KC MP a Radical lawyer Spy S 747
1902-03-13 Mr JG Swift MacNeill KC MP South Donegal Spy S 748
1902-03-20 Dr Robert Spicer rhinology Spy M 0836
1902-03-27 Sir FC Lascelles PC GCB GCMG Berlin Spy M 0837
1902-04-03 Lord AF Compton DL MP North Bedfordshire Spy S 749
1902-04-10 Mr CA Cripps KC MP Vicar General Spy S 750
1902-04-17 The Rt Hon RJ Seddon King Dick How M 0838
1902-04-24 Viscount Tadasu Hayashi Japan Spy M 0839
1902-05-01 Sir Felix Semon MD FRCP Laryngology Spy M 0840
1902-05-08 Earl Dundonald a Cavalry reformer Spy S 751
1902-05-15 Duke of Devonshire Education and Defence Spy S 752
1902-05-22 DLA Jephson The Lobster Spy M 0841
1902-05-29 HSH The Duke of Teck GCVO the Duke of Teck Spy P 25
1902-06-05 Robert Abel Bobby Spy M 0842
1902-06-12 Prince Charles of Denmark a Prince of Denmark Spy P 26
1902-06-19 HM King Edward VII His Majesty the King Spy So 25
1902-06-26 Victor Emanuel III Italia Lib So 26
1902-07-03 Adm Sir AL Douglas North America and West Indies Spy M 0843
1902-07-10 The Rev George Charles Bell Marlborough College Spy M 0844
1902-07-17 Maj HSH Prince Francis of Teck Frank Spy P 27
1902-07-24 The Hon Sir Joseph Walton a lawyer on the Bench Spy J 66
1902-07-31 Gen C de Wet De Wet EBN M 0845
1902-08-07 Adm Raymond-Émile Gervais l'Amiral GUTH M 0846
1902-08-14 Lord Balfour of Burleigh Secretary for Scotland Spy S 753
1902-08-21 The Rev HM Villiers MA St Paul's Knightsbridge Spy M 0847
1902-08-28 The Hon Frank Stanley Jackson A Flannelled Fighter Spy M 0848
1902-09-04 Pres T Roosevelt USA Flagg M 0849
1902-09-11 The Archbishop of Canterbury Just Spy S 754
1902-09-18 Gen Sir Edwin Markham RMC Spy M 0850
1902-09-25 Mr Whitelaw Reid New York Tribune Spy M 0851
1902-10-02 Mr Arthur Diosy the Japan Society Spy M 0852
1902-10-09 Rev Bertram Pollock Wellington College Spy M 0853
1902-10-16 Sir Edmund Barton Australia Spy M 0854
1902-10-23 Sir Joseph Cockfield Dimsdale Bt MP JP The Lord Mayor Spy S 755
1902-10-30 Sir WH Broadbent KCVO MD FRCP LLD FRS orthodoxy Spy M 0855
1902-11-06 Adm JA Fisher Jacky Spy M 0856
1902-11-13 Gen HCO Plumer self reliant Spy M 0857
1902-11-20 Sir Joseph Loftus Wilkinson GWR Spy M 0858
1902-11-27 The Lord Chief Justice and other senior lawyers Heads of the Law Spy WS; Lord Justice Sterling, Mr Justice Barnes, The Master of the Rolls, Lord Justice Cozens-Hardy, Mr Justice Bigham, The Lord Chief Justice, Mr Justice Wright, Lord Justice Romer, Lord Justice Williams and Lord Justice Mathew; double print
1902-12-04 Mr Walter Durnford Walter D Spy M 0859
1902-12-11 Mr William McEwan McEwan & Co. Spy M 0860
1902-12-18 Sir Alexander Condie Stephen KCMG MCVO CB Russian, Persian and Turkish Spy M 0861
1902-12-25 Gen Sir Frederick William Edward Forestier-Walker Shookey Spy M 0862
1903-01-01 Col Douglas Frederick Rawdon Dawson CMG a Military Secretary Spy M 0863
1903-01-08 The Rt Hon WJ Pirrie PC LLD Harland and Wolff Spy M 0864
1903-01-15 Sir Michael Henry Herbert Washington Spy M 0865
1903-01-22 Adm Earl Clanwilliam An Admiral of the Fleet Spy S 755
1903-01-29 The Shah Persia Spy So 27
1903-02-05 Sir Edward Grey MP a Liberal Imperialist Spy S 756
1903-02-12 HH Ras Makunan An Abyssinian General Spy M 0866; father of Haile Selassie I
1903-02-19 Sir FH Laking MD GCVO The King's Physician Spy M 0867
1903-02-26 The Bishop of Kensington Kensington Spy M 0868
1903-03-05 The Duke of Wellington Stratfield Saye Spy S 757
1903-03-12 Chang Ta-Jen China in London Spy M 0869
1903-03-19 Sir Charles John Owens South Western transport Spy M 0870
1903-03-26 Rear-Adm WH May MVO Navy Control Spy M 0871
1903-04-02 Capt Wilfrid Hubert Chapman CUBC Spy M 0872
1903-04-09 Sir William Higgins Spectroscopic astronomy Spy M 0873
1903-04-16 Mr Aubrey Coventry Orleans Cloister M 0874
1903-04-23 Sir EM Satow Peking Spy M 0875
1903-04-30 Mr Seymour Berkeley Portman-Dalton Kempton Cloister M 0876
1903-05-07 J Kubelik Kubelik Spy M 0877
1903-05-14 Baron Adolph Wilhelm Deichmann Four-in-hand Spy M 0878
1903-05-21 Sir William Crookes FRS ubi Crookes ibi lux Spy M 0879
1903-05-28 Rev HM Butler Trinity Spy M 0880
1903-06-04 Mr AC Benson MA Fasti Etonenses Spy M 0881
1903-06-11 Sir Edward George Clarke Sir Edward Spy M 0882
1903-06-18 Mr Samuel Mure Fergusson Muir Spy M 0883
1903-06-25 FM Sir HW Norman Chelsea Hospital Spy M 0884
1903-07-02 The Head Master of Winchester Winchester Spy M 0885
1903-07-09 The Recorder Of London The Recorder Spy J 60
1903-07-16 Mr HH Hilton Hoylake Spy M 0886
1903-07-23 The Baron Shand a Scots lawyer Spy J 61
1903-07-30 The Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot Cabs Spy S 758
1903-08-06 Mr LCH Palairet Repton, Oxford and Somerset Spy M 0887
1903-08-13 Capt Alfred Hutton FSA Cold Steel Jest M 0888
1903-08-20 GH Hirst Yorkshire Spy M 0889
1903-08-27 Col RG Broadwood Natal Spy M 0890
1903-09-03 Mr PF Warner Plum Spy M 0891
1903-09-10 Mr DA Maher Danny Ao M 0892
1903-09-17 Capt Percy Scott RN ADC CB LLD Gunnery Spy M 0893
1903-09-24 Mr E Marshall-Hall KC MP Southport Division Spy S 759
1903-10-01 John Evelyn Watts JE Watts Ao M 0894
1903-10-08 The Danish Minister Denmark in England Spy M 0895
1903-10-15 Adm of the Fleet The Hon Sir Henry Keppel GCB OM DCL 94 Ao M 0896
1903-10-22 Sir Edward Letchworth FSA The Grand Secretary Spy M 0897
1903-10-29 Mr A Carnegie Free Libraries Spy M 0898
1903-11-05 Sir RR Wilmot Bt Berks and Bucks Ao M 0899
1903-11-12 HRH The Duke of Aosta KG The Duke of Aosta Lib P 28
1903-11-19 Mr RA McCall KC Ulsterman KC Spy M 0900
1903-11-26 Sir A Fuller-Acland-Hood Bt MP 1st Conservative Whip Spy S 760
1903-12-03 Adm Sir FGD Bedford Western Australia Spy M 0901
1903-12-10 His Holiness Pope Pius X His Holiness Pius X Lib So 28
1903-12-17 Sir Frederick Peel Bt PC a Railway Commissioner Spy M 0902
1903-12-24 The Russian Ambassador Russia in England Spy M 0903
1903-12-31 Capt Charles Harold Longfield Beatty DSO Charlie GDG M 0904
1904-01-07 Mr EW Beckett MP Whitby Spy S 761
1904-01-14 Sir AC Mackenzie MusDoc LLD DCL RAM Spy M 0905
1904-01-21 Viscount Churchill Conservative Whip Spy S 762
1904-01-28 Mr Charles Sydney Goldmann a self-made African Spy M 0906
1904-02-04 Sir OJ Lodge FRS DSc LLD Birmingham University Spy M 0907
1904-02-11 The Marquis of Northampton the lordship of Compton Spy S 763
1904-02-18 Mr RD Isaacs KC MP Rufus Spy M 0908
1904-02-25 Gen Sir HA de Maclean The Kaid Spy M 0909
1904-03-03 Lord Northcote The Australia Commonwealth Spy S 764
1904-03-10 The Earl of Amherst The Pro Grand Master Spy S 765
1904-03-17 The Hon George Lambton Stanley House Spy M 0910
1904-03-24 The Rev Edgar Sheppard DD CVO a great Marrier Spy M 0911
1904-03-31 The Very Rev HM Adler DD LLD PhD The Chief Rabbi Spy M 0912
1904-04-07 The Earl of Darnley Ivo Spy S 766
1904-04-14 Sir JF Bridge MVO MusDoc (Oxon) Westminster Bridge Spy M 0913
1904-04-21 The Bishop of Rochester Rochester Spy M 0914
1904-04-28 Sir Richard Douglas Powell KCVO MD FRCP MRCS Chests Spy M 0915
1904-05-05 Viscount Cobham Cricket, Railways and Agriculture Spy S 767
1904-05-12 The Rt Hon Sir HM Durand Washington Post Spy M 0916
1904-05-19 The Hon Sir Arthur Richard Jelf KC Ermined urbanity Spy J 62
1904-05-26 Mr Arthur James a hard rider Spy M 0917
1904-06-02 HE Avory KC slim Spy M 0918
1904-06-09 Sir CW Cayzer Chief of the 'Clans' Spy M 0919
1904-06-16 Lord Redesdale The Nobleman of the Garden Spy M 0920
1904-06-23 Mr Stewart Stirling the Hatter Spy M 0921
1904-06-30 Mr Charles Day Rose MP Newmarket Spy M 0922
1904-07-07 JE Redmond the Irish petrel Spy S 768
1904-07-14 The Rt Hon HH Asquith KC MP brains Spy S 769
1904-07-21 Count Charles de Lalaing The Belgian Minister Spy M 0923
1904-07-28 Lord Inverclyde A Cunarder Spy M 0924
1904-08-04 Samuel Smith MP Sammy Spy M 0925
1904-08-11 CH Hemphill KC MP The Irish Serjeant Spy M 0926
1904-08-18 Lord Shuttleworth Shuttleworth Spy S 770
1904-08-25 The Hon SG Holland How Much? Spy M 0927
1904-09-01 HL Doherty Thrice Champion Spy M 0928
1904-09-08 Maj-Gen HD Hutchinson CSI Patronage Spy M 0929
1904-09-15 Mr BJT Bosanquet an artful bowler Spy M 0930
1904-09-22 Lord Dalmeny In his father's steps Spy M 0931
1904-09-29 Herbert Jones A King's jockey Ao M 0932
1904-10-06 Lord Duncannon Duncannon Spy M 0933
1904-10-13 Mr Lewis Waller Romantic Drama jmp M 0934
1904-10-20 Sir RC Jebb Ajax MP Spy M 0935
1904-10-27 Maj John Eustace-Jameson MP the Major from Clare Spy M 0936
1904-11-03 The Marquess of Winchester The Premier Marquess Spy M 0937
1904-11-10 The Aga Khan The Aga Khan Spy M 0938
1904-11-17 Mr CA Pearson Joe's Stage Manager Spy M 0939
1904-11-24 Rev RJ Campbell Fearless but Intemperate Spy M 0940
1904-12-01 Sir AS Scott-Gatty The Minstrel Boy Spy M 0941
1904-12-08 The Hon WFD Smith MP head of the greatest publishing house in Christendom Spy M 0942
1904-12-15 Sir HS Maxim In the clouds Spy M 0943
1904-12-22 M and Mme Curie Radium jmp Pe 1
1904-12-29 M A Rodin He thinks in marble jmp M 0944
1905-01-05 Joseph Joachim The last of the classical school Spy M 0945
1905-01-12 Prof ER Lankester FRS His religion is the worship of all sorts of winged and finny freaks Spy M 0946
1905-01-19 Sir JI Thornycroft Destroyers Spy M 0947
1905-01-26 Sir J Wolfe-Barry He has engineered nothing better than his own fortunes Spy M 0948
1905-02-02 Sir CV Stanford MA DCL MusDoc He found Harmony Spy M 0949
1905-02-09 Lord Donoughmore A most discreet under secretary, drawn for the first time Spy M 0940
1905-02-16 Prince Louis of Battenberg He was born a Serene Highness but has lived it down Spy M 0941
1905-02-23 Maj JEB Seely DSO MP Extinction, Distinction - which will it be? Something of both at present, say the spiteful Spy M 0942
1905-03-02 Mr A Bonar Law MP A gentle shepherd who would lead his flock in to the protectionist fold Spy M 0943
1905-03-09 Mr Egerton Castle He insists that his pen is mightier than his sword Spy M 0944
1905-03-16 Sig G Marconi Wires without wires Spy M 0945
1905-03-23 The Marquess of Tullibardine Scottish horse Spy M 0946
1905-03-30 Mr Lionel Brough a fellow of infinite jest Spy M 0947
1905-04-06 Will Crooks MP The Labourer is worthy of his hire Spy M 0948
1905-04-13 Sir RS Ball popular Astronomy Spy M 0949
1905-04-20 The Earl of Onslow Chairman of Committees in the Lords Spy M 0960
1905-04-27 The Earl of Elgin He has decided where Churches disagree Spy M 0961
1905-05-04 Maj-Gen Sir JW Murray The Master General Spy M 0962
1905-05-11 Maj WE Evans-Gordon MP The Alien Immigrant Spy M 0963
1905-05-18 Sir A Critchett Bt The King's Oculist Spy M 0964
1905-05-25 Mr J Roberts Jr The champion of 1885 Spy Reprint of 1885-04-04
1905-05-25 Harry W Stevenson He might be champion if there were a Championship Spy M 0965
1905-06-01 HRH The Crown Prince of Germany Oh, child may'st thou be less talkative than thy father, But in all else like him GUTH M 0966
1905-06-08 Sir PC Walker Bt Peter Spy M 0967
1905-06-15 Sir WR Lawrence The Prince's cicerone Spy M 0968
1905-06-22 Sir J Poynder-Dickson MP To abandon Conservative ideals is to destroy the Empire Spy M 0969
1905-06-29 The Earl of Minto Roley Spy M 0970
1905-07-06 Mr Thomas Rawle The President of the Law Society Spy M 0971
1905-07-13 Ernest Baggallay A popular magistrate Spy M 0972
1905-07-20 Vice-Adm Caillard Vice-Admiral Caillard GUTH M 0973
1905-07-27 FP Dunne Mr Dooley Spy M 0974
1905-08-03 Sir AP Macdonnell Sir Antony MacDonnell Spy M 0975
1905-08-10 E O'Connor Terry a Mason of distinction Spy M 0976
1905-08-17 S Hope Morley Samuel Hope Morley Spy M 0977
1905-08-24 The Rt Hon HO Arnold-Forster MP The Heritage of Woe Spy M 0978
1905-08-31 Mr Henry W Lucy Toby MP Spy M 0979
1905-09-07 Gen Kuropatkin I regret to report jmp M 0980
1905-09-14 WAH Bass Billy Spy M 0981
1905-09-21 Thomas Brock RA The Queen's memorial Spy M 0982
1905-09-28 Mr Reginald Henry Rimington-Wilson Driven grouse Spy M 0983
1905-10-05 ER Henry CSI Finger Prints Spy M 0984
1905-10-12 Robert Henry Bullock-Marsham Bow Street Spy M 0985
1905-10-19 Mr TG Bowles MP An Encyclopaedia… Spy M 0986
1905-10-26 AN Hood The Princess's Private Secretary Spy M 0987
1905-11-02 Leo Trevor Leo Spy M 0988
1905-11-09 RECL Guinness Rupert Spy M 0989
1905-11-16 W Grossmith The Duffer Spy M 0990
1905-11-23 Lord Willoughby de Broke An MFH with a sense of humour Spy M 0991
1905-11-30 Col Barrington Foote Military Music Spy M 0992
1905-12-07 Group of hunters A Fox Hunting Constellation BEDE WS; double print
1905-12-14 The Dean of Westminster An erudite Dean Spy M 0993
1905-12-21 Count Albert Mensdorff Austria in England Spy M 0994
1905-12-28 Mr GB Shaw Magnetic, he has the power to infect almost everyone with the delight that he takes in himself Max M 0995
1906-01-04 Mr Edgar Lubbock The Master of the Blankney BEDE M 0996
1906-01-11 Mr William Johnson Galloway He is very Affluent Ruth M 0997
1906-01-18 The Rt Hon Augustine Birrell The Passive Resister's last hope Spy M 0998
1906-01-25 Sir WS Robson KC MP The Solicitor General Spy M 0999
1906-02-01 Mr AW Pinero Though it is an arguable point whether he be, as it was once reputed, the most intellectual, he remains, beyond dispute, the dressiest of contemporary British dramatists Bulbo M 1000; GB Shaw in background
1906-02-08 Mr JK Hardie MP Queer Hardie Spy M 1001
1906-02-15 Gen Sir HH Gough VC GCB Keeper of the Crown Jewels Spy M 1002
1906-02-22 Lord EAR Cecil KC MP So voluble an Advocate should become a successful Parliamentarian Spy M 1003
1906-03-01 Mr George Charles Fitzwilliam Billy Spy M 1004; former mayor of Peterborough
1906-03-08 The Bishop of Ripon A man Right Reverend and Well-Beloved Spy M 1005
1906-03-15 Mr Albert Brassey The Master of the Heythrop Spy M 1006
1906-03-22 Maj-Gen Sir Ronald Bertram Lane Rowdy Spy M 1007
1906-03-29 John Eldon Bankes KC Good Form Spy M 1008
1906-04-05 The Earl of Plymouth Good Works Spy M 1009
1906-04-12 Sir T Barlow Bt Physician to His Majesty's Household Spy M 1010
1906-04-19 The Bishop of Stepney A Bishop of Decision Spy M 1011
1906-04-26 Mr JH Taylor John Henry Spy M 1012
1906-05-03 Lt-Col W Anstruther-Thomson Commanding 2nd Life Guards Spy M 1013
1906-05-10 Maj-Gen Sir Hugh McCalmont MP Sir Hugh Spy M 1014
1906-05-17 Lord Howard de Walden He patronises literature and the turf, but does not waste his money Spy M 1015
1906-05-24 HM Alfonso XIII of Spain SM Alfonso XIII GUTH M 1016
1906-05-31 HRH Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg sketched at Kensington Palace May 1906 Leslie Ward
1906-06-07 The Rt Hon RK Causton MP A cheery Paymaster Spy M 1017
1906-06-14 Lord E Fitzmaurice MP He does not under-estimate his own ability Spy M 1018
1906-06-21 Mr WH Walker MP A Lucky Owner Spy M 1019
1906-06-28 Mr Felix Schuster Free Trade and Finance Spy M 1020
1906-07-04 Mr George Duncan Rowe A Celebrated Oarsman who prefers cricket to rowing and golf to both Spy M 1021
1906-07-11 T Hayward Tom Spy M 1022
1906-07-18 Mr RH Spooner Reggie Spy M 1023
1906-07-25 Lord Weardale A Cynical Radical Spy M 1024
1906-08-01 The Duke of Leeds Vice-commodore Spy M 1025
1906-08-08 JT Tyldesley Forty-six centuries in eleven years Spy M 1026
1906-08-15 The Rev Frank Hay Gillingham Cricketing Christianity Spy M 1027
1906-08-22 Mr Robert Maxwell North Berwick Spy M 1028
1906-08-29 Mr Edward Peter Mathers South Africa Spy M 1029
1906-09-05 Maj Eustace Loder Spearmint Spy M 1030
1906-09-12 Bernard Dillon Bernard Spy M 1031
1906-09-19 The Earl of Lytton Victor Spy M 1032
1906-09-26 The Bishop of St Albans Tolerance Spy M 1033
1906-10-03 Col Thomas Charles Pleydell Calley CB MVO 1st Life Guards Spy M 1034
1906-10-10 Adm Sir CE Domville 40 HP in a dingy Spy M 1035
1906-10-17 Mr Justice Reginald More Bray A man of Law and Broad Acres Spy M 1036
1906-10-24 The Rt Hon The Speaker Mr Speaker Spy M 1037
1906-10-31 Mr Reginald Mckenna MP In the winning Crew Spy M 1038
1906-11-07 Arthur Templeman A rising Star Spy M 1039
1906-11-14 Mr SK Hocking Silas Hocking Spy M 1040
1906-11-21 William Higgs Top of the List Spy M 1041
1906-11-28 William Griggs He rides for Lord Durham Spy M 1042
1906-12-05 Mr Evan Hanbury Cottesmore Spy M 1043
1906-12-12 Mr Reginald Corbet To the manner born Spy M 1044
1906-12-19 Lord Joicey Collieries Spy M 1045
1906-12-26 Capt JR Jellicoe RN Naval Ordnance Spy M 1046
1907-01-02 The Rt Hon SC Buxton The Post-Master General Spy M 1047
1907-01-09 Gen Sir WF Butler GCB a Radical General Spy M 1048
1907-01-16 Mr FE Smith MP A Successful First Speech ("Moab is my Washpot") Spy M 1049
1907-01-23 Mr AH Lee MP Our Army Critic Spy M 1050
1907-01-30 Father John Bernard Vaughan SJ A Modern Savonarola Spy M 1051
1907-02-06 The Lord Bishop of Truro A Most Select Preacher Spy M 1052
1907-02-13 Lord Althorp MP An Expert In Ceremony Spy M 1053
1907-02-20 Mr JD Rees MP Montgomery District Spy M 1054
1907-02-27 Mr William Gillette Sherlock Holmes Spy M 1055
1907-03-06 Lord Southampton The Sinner Spy M 1056
1907-03-13 Douglas Stuart Duggie Spy M 1057
1907-03-20 Lord de Ros The premier Baron Spy M 1058
1907-03-27 Mr Henry Chartres Biron Worship Street Spy M 1059
1907-04-03 Sir WJ Bull MP Hammersmith Spy M 1060
1907-04-10 The Hon Charles Russell A Son of his Father Spy M 1061
1907-04-17 Sir Henry Wood Queen's Hall Spy M 1062
1907-04-24 Mr Henry Kemble Hereditary Actor Spy M 1063
1907-05-01 The Rt Hon Sir Nicholas Roderick O'Conor GCMG KCB Diplomacy Spy M 1064
1907-05-08 The Hon Mr Justice CJ Darling Judicial Light Weight Spy M 1065
1907-05-15 P O'Brien United Ireland Spy M 1066
1907-05-22 Rev Canon Frederick Alfred John Hervey CVO MA Domestic Chaplain Ao M 1067
1907-05-29 Gen Louis Botha Uncle Louis PYG M 1068
1907-06-05 John Henry Martin Skeets Ao M 1069
1907-06-12 The Rt Hon Edmund Robertson MP Admiralty Spy M 1070
1907-06-19 Mr GA Prentice The Portly One Spy M 1071
1907-06-26 J Braid Jimmy Spy M 1072
1907-07-03 Mr BC Johnstone Bush Spy M 1073
1907-07-10 Mr CM Wells Father Spy M 1074
1907-07-17 Lord Suffield PC GCVO KCB Suffield Ao M 1075
1907-07-24 Mr Harry Seymour Foster MP The Fishermen's Friend Spy M 1076
1907-07-31 Mr A Gwynne Vanderbilt Mr Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt Spy M 1077
1907-08-07 Sir R Bulkeley Bt Tiggy Spy M 1078
1907-08-14 Mr KL Hutchings A Century Maker Spy M 1079
1907-08-21 The Earl of Portsmouth The Demon Spy M 1080
1907-08-28 Sir John Ormerod Scarlett Thursby JOS Spy M 1081
1907-09-04 Mr WS Buckmaster Buck Spy M 1082
1907-09-11 Lord Carrington Small holdings Spy M 1083
1907-09-18 Sir AD Fripp A Master of the knife Spy M 1084
1907-09-25 The Earl of Aylesford Charlie Aylesford Ao M 1085
1907-10-02 Marquess de Soveral GCMG GCVO Unlike Wilkes, who was only half-an-hour behind the handsomest man in Europe, M de Soveral is usually a minute or two ahead of him Ruth M 1086
1907-10-09 TJ Macnamara MA LLD MP The School Master Spy M 1087
1907-10-16 The Hon Sir AT Lawrence Lorry Spy M 1088
1907-10-23 Mr Hugh Cecil Lea MP East St Pancras Spy M 1089
1907-10-30 Mr Samuel Fay Great Central Spy M 1090
1907-11-06 Mr Frederic Abernethy Coleman Steam Spy M 1091
1907-11-13 The Rt Hon D Lloyd-George A Nonconformist Genius Spy M 1092
1907-11-20 Mr James Buchanan Whisky and Horses Spy M 1093
1907-11-27 The Hon Mr Justice Warrington very Sound Judge Spy M 1094
1907-12-04 Lt-Gen Sir George Luck JCB A Keeper of the Tower Spy M 1095
1907-12-11 Mr Frank Hedges Butler The Air Spy M 1096; Founder, Royal Aero Club
1907-12-18 Mr George Thursby Mr George Spy M 1097
1907-12-25 Mr GH du Maurier Gerald Spy M 1098
1908-01-01 Peter Purcell Gilpin Condition Spy M 1099; trainer of Pretty Polly and Spearmint
1908-01-08 JFP Rawlinson KC LLM MP Eton and Cambridge Spy M 1100
1908-01-15 Edward Snow Fordham North London Spy M 1101
1908-01-22 Grand Duke Michael Michaelovitch of Russia Michael Spy M 1102
1908-01-29 The Rt Hon J Chamberlain MP FRS DCL LLD JP War-Worn WHO M 1103
1908-02-05 Sir Edward Robert Pearce Edgcumbe LLD DL JP Small freeholds Spy M 1104
1908-02-12 Sir ST Evans KC JP MP Sam Spy M 1105
1908-02-19 HE The Marquis di San Giuliano The Italian Ambassador Spy M 1106
1908-02-26 George Elliott George Spy M 1107
1908-03-04 Lord Armstrong The Ogre Spy M 1108
1908-03-11 James Charles Inglis Great Western Spy M 1109
1908-03-18 GP Huntley GP Spy M 1110
1908-03-25 Sir B Redwood DSc FRSE Petroleum Spy M 1111
1908-04-01 ORH Bury Great Northern Spy M 1112
1908-04-08 Mr PJ Mackie Restless Peter Spy M 1113
1908-04-15 Lord Savile Rufford Abbey Spy M 1114
1908-04-22 David Jardine Jardine Davie Spy M 1115
1908-04-29 Marc Hambourg Impromptu Spy M 1116
1908-05-06 Sir Thomas Wrightson Bt MP Tariff Reform Spy M 1117
1908-05-13 SL Clemens Below the Mark Spy M 1118; Mark Twain
1908-05-20 Allan Aynesworth Tony Spy M 1119
1908-05-27 M GB Clemenceau The Little Great Premier Vanitas M 1120
1908-06-03 Sir D Cooper Bt Dan Spy M 1121
1908-06-10 AEW Mason MP Four Feathers Max M 1122
1908-06-17 Sir DL Salomons Electricity Spy M 1123
1908-06-24 Frank Curzon The Gaffer Spy M 1124
1908-07-01 The Earl of Granard Master of the Horse Spy M 1125
1908-07-08 Mr AG Hales Peace and War Spy M 1126
1908-07-15 Gen Sir AHF Paget Soudan Spy M 1127
1908-07-22 M Maeterlinck The Belgian Poet Max M 1128
1908-07-29 Benjamin Tillett and J Ward Labour Men Spy M 1129
1908-08-05 RB Etherington-Smith BA MB BC FRCS Ethel Spy M 1130
1908-08-12 The Earl of Crawford The Transit of Venus Spy M 1131
1908-08-19 Sir ML MacNaghten Scotland Yard Spy M 1132
1908-08-26 Sir TG Shaughnessy The Canadian Pacific Spy M 1133
1908-09-02 Alfred Deakin Australia Spy M 1134
1908-09-09 The Hon Abe Bailey Rhodes the Second Spy M 1135
1908-09-16 Earl Winterton MP A Stickler Spy M 1136
1908-09-23 CT Bright FRSE Submarine Telegraphs Spy M 1137
1908-09-30 Mr AF Bird A Midland Imperialist Spy M 1138
1908-10-07 M JL Jaures A Great French Orator GUTH M 1139
1908-10-14 Lord Newton An Imperialist without Guile Spy M 1140
1908-10-21 Sir 1st Baron Furness MP DL JP The Furness Line Spy M 1141
1908-10-28 Harry Leo Sydney Richardson LLD The Official Assignee WHO M 1142
1908-11-04 Alderman Sir GW Truscott The Lord Mayor Spy M 1143
1908-11-08 Elemir Bourges An Artist in Words GUTH M 1144
1908-11-11 WG Granet The Midland Spy M 1145
1908-11-18 Lady Dorothy Nevill Lady Dorothy Nevill WHO M 1146
1908-11-25 Lord Burton Burton Spy M 1147
1908-12-02 Sir William Ramsay Chemistry Spy M 1148
1908-12-09 HSH Prince Alexander of Teck HSH Prince Alexander of Teck Spy M 1149
1908-12-16 Alfred Chichele Plowden Wit and Wisdom Spy M 1150
1908-12-23 Isadore de Lara A Great English Composer M 1151
1908-12-30 Paul Nelka Options ELF M 1152
1909-01-06 Archdeacon Wilberforce The Chaplain Spy M 1153; Chaplain to the House of Commons
1909-01-13 Lord Coleridge The Silver Voiced Spy M 1154
1909-01-20 G Alexander The St James's Max M 1155
1909-01-27 The Earl of Chesterfield A Dandy Spy M 1156
1909-02-03 Sir Clifton Robinson Electric Traction Spy M 1157
1909-02-10 Col Frank Shuttleworth Charlie Spy M 1158
1909-02-17 Sir Horace Regnart JP Sir Horace JP Spy M 1159
1909-02-24 JS Sargent RA A Great Realist Max M 1160
1909-03-03 Sir CR Keppel Commodore HM's Yachts Spy M 1161
1909-03-10 Mr James Horlick JP DL Malted Milk Spy M 1162
1909-03-17 Carl Meyer CM Spy M 1163
1909-03-24 Frederick J Benson Swansea Harbour WHO M 1164
1909-03-31 Sir Theodore Fry MP Not a Small Fry Spy M 1165
1909-04-07 Mr Harry Deeley Mallaby-Deeley The Prince of Prince's Spy M 1166
1909-04-14 Sir J Scott Bt The Wallace Collection WHO M 1167
1909-04-21 Lord Inverclyde Jim Spy M 1168
1909-04-28 Lord Barrington Lord Barrington Spy M 1169
1909-05-05 Lord Newlands Jim Spy M 1170
1909-05-12 Mr John Reid Walker John Spy M 1171
1909-05-19 Edward George Hemmerde KC The New Recorder Spy M 1172
1909-05-26 Sir Maurice Fitzgerald Knight of Kerry Spy M 1173
1909-06-02 Sir Arthur Lucas Bt Arthur ELF M 1174
1909-06-09 Walter Winans Tracks and Triggers WHO M 1175
1909-06-16 The Rt Hon Robert Garnett Tatlow Finance and Fruit Spy M 1176
1909-06-23 Sir Gilbert Parker MP The member for Great Britain Spy M 1177
1909-06-30 Alfred James Curnick Alfred Spy M 1178
1909-07-07 Baron George de Reuter The Wicked Baron Spy M 1179
1909-07-14 Sir John Irving Courtenay A City Liberal Spy M 1180; Chairman, City Liberal Association
1909-07-21 Mr W Gardner Sinclair Beer, Budget and Brains Spy M 1181
1909-07-28 Mr SE Palmer Patron's Fund ELF M 1182
1909-08-04 Lord Leith of Fyvie Fyvie Spy M 1183
1909-08-11 M Anatole France The Greatest Living Frenchman GUTH M 1184
1909-08-18 Capt Thomas Malcolm Harvey Kincaid-Smith MP National Military Training Spy M 1185
1909-08-25 The Rt Hon JHM Campbell The Rt Hon James Spy M 1186
1909-09-01 Mr Harding Edward de Fonblanque Cox Cockie KITE M 1187
1909-09-08 Frank Wootton Frank Wootton Spy M 1188
1909-09-08 Minoru Minoru Percy Earl H 01
1909-09-15 Rt Hon JC Wason MP Orkney and Shetland WHO M 1189
1909-09-15 Bayardo Bayardo Percy Earl H 02
1909-09-22 Raymond Blathwayt A Good Listener Spy M 1190
1909-09-22 Cyllene Cyllene Percy Earl H 03
1909-09-29 Sir J Jackson Docks and Harbours Spy M 1191
1909-09-29 Dean Swift Dean Swift Percy Earl H 04
1909-10-06 Ernest Shackleton The South Pole KITE M 1192
1909-10-06 Dr HS Lunn The King of Clubs ELF M 1193
1909-10-13 Sir Edward Daniel Walker ED Quip M 1194; Mayor of Darlington and owner of the Northern Echo
1909-10-13 Lutteur III Lutteur III Emil Adam H 05; winner of the 1909 Grand National
1909-10-20 Sir R Buchanan-Jardine Bt Willie ELF M 1195; Head of Jardine Matheson
1909-10-20 Sceptre and Maid of Corinth Sceptre and Maid of Corinth Percy Earl H 06
1909-10-27 Lord Monk Bretton JP The Private Secretary Spy M 1196
1909-10-27 Pretty Polly Pretty Polly Percy Earl H 07
1909-11-03 The Hon WS Fielding MP Canadian Finance WHO M 1197
1909-11-03 St Simon St Simon Percy Earl H 08
1909-11-10 King Manuel II of Portugal Europe's Youngest Monarch Nibs M 1198
1909-11-17 Col WJ Bosworth The Colonel ELF M 1199; Chairman, The Automobile Association
1909-11-17 Rock Sand Rock Sand Percy Earl H 09
1909-11-24 Sir Charles Friswell Frizzy HCO M 1200; Chairman, Standard Motor Company
1909-11-24 Persimmon Persimmon Percy Earl H 10
1909-12-01 Sir AO Williams Bt MP The Champion of the Ladies HCO M 1201
1909-12-01 Flying Fox Flying Fox Percy Earl H 11
1909-12-08 HA Barker Bones ELF M 1202
1909-12-16 Sir Archibald Williamson MP Moray and Nairn HCO M 1203
1909-12-23 The Rt Hon HJ Tennant MP Dangerous Trades Spy M 1204
1909-12-23 Col EH Carlile MP Mid Herts ELF M 1205
1909-12-30 The Rt Hon Frederick Leverton Harris MP MP for Stepney Spy M 1206
1909-12-30 Douglas Vickers Brightside DV Spy M 1207
1910-01-06 G Younger MP Ayr Burghs HCO M 1208
1910-01-06 Sir J Barker Falmouth HCO M 1209
1910-01-06 Emanuel Raphael Belilios Billy PIP M 1210
1910-01-06 A du Cros JP MP Hastings and Aviation HCO M 1211
1910-01-20 SB Joel Sollie HCO M 1213
1910-01-27 Rt Hon A Balfour Dialectics XIT M 1214
1909-01-27 Santry Santry Frank Paton H 12
1910-02-03 John Bland-Sutton FRCS A Great Surgeon ELF M 1215
1910-02-10 Sir EJ Ruggles-Brise Borstal System Spy M 1216
1910-02-10 Torpoint Torpoint Percy Earl H 13
1910-02-17 Herbert Haynes Twining Herbs HCO M 1217; head of Twinings Bank
1910-02-24 James Richard Hennessy Lutteur *** HCO M 1218; of the Hennessy company; owner of Lutteur III
1910-03-03 Joseph Nathaniel Lyons Joe HCO M 1219; founder, J. Lyons and Co.
1910-03-10 Lord Welby The Treasury HCO M 1220
1910-03-17 The Rt Hon HH Asquith A Great Orator XIT M 1221
1910-03-24 PH Pridham-Wippell Pridham ELF M 1222
1910-03-31 CH Workman Through every passion raging ELF M 1223
1910-04-07 Sir P Watts KCB Naval Construction Spy M 1224
1910-04-14 The Marquis of Bute The Bute WHO M 1225
1910-04-21 Sir TF Brinckman Bt Theodore ELF M 1226
1910-04-28 RA Yerburgh MP Chester WHO M 1227
1910-05-05 Anthony Joseph Drexel Tony ELF M 1228
1910-05-12 HM King Edward VII The Pacificator of Europe XIT
1910-05-19 Sir JG Nutting Bt JG Pry M 1229
1910-05-26 Sir Charles Philip Huntingdon Tubby Quip M 1230
1910-06-01 J Porter John Porter XIT M 1231
1910-06-08 Gen Sir Alfred Turner KCB Versatility WHO M 1232
1910-06-15 Miss C Pankhurst LLB Women's Suffrage Spy
1910-06-22 Guy Owen Tea cum Rubber ELF M 1233
1910-06-29 Alfred W Cox Fairie Spy M 1234
1910-07-06 Robert Henry Forster MA LLB Bill ELF M 1235
1910-07-13 Lord NE Crichton-Stuart Cardiff WHO M 1236
1910-07-20 RV Vassar-Smith Lloyd's Bank HCO M 1237
1910-07-27 The Hon Stephen Coleridge Anti-Vivisection ELF M 1238
1910-08-03 Colin Blythe Charlie ALS M 1239
1910-08-10 Col John McAusland Denny Philip WHO M 1240
1910-08-17 William Balle Huntington Endowed Lectures Pry M 1241
1910-08-24 Sir J King Bt King of Campsie HCO M 1242; Laird of Campsie and Carstairs
1910-08-31 Lord Barrymore An Irish Landowner Spy M 1243
1910-09-07 John Hamilton-Buchanan Long John QUIP M 1243
1910-09-14 Marshall Stevens Manchester Ship Canal ELF M 1244
1910-09-21 GM Baring Isle of Wight Spy M 1245
1910-09-28 William Speirs Simpson Science and Invention Spy M 1246
1910-10-05 JE Renan The Greatest of Fathers GUTH M 1247
1910-10-12 Viscount Ridley Tariff Reform League WHO M 1248
1910-10-19 The Rt Hon Alfred Emmott MP The Deputy Speaker WHO M 1249
1910-10-26 Lord Herschell A Lord-in-Waiting WHO M 1250
1910-11-02 Sir EP Tennant MP Glen WHO M 1251
1910-11-09 Emile Garcke Electrical Energy HCO M 1252
1910-11-16 Lord Glantawe Swansea WHO M 1253
1910-11-23 Martinez de Hoz An Argentine Sportsman WHO M 1254
1910-11-30 Sir PH Waterlow Bt Philip WHO M 1255
1910-12-07 John Stirling Ainsworth Johnnie WHO M 1256
1910-12-14 Col Sir PW Chetwode Bt DSO 19th Hussars WHO M 1257
1910-12-21 Mr Alfred Butt The Palace HCO M 1258; sketch of Maud Allan in background
1910-12-28 Mr Arthur Collins The Guv'nor Wallace Hester M 1259; Manager, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
1911-01-04 Mr O Stoll The Coliseum Ape Junior M 1260
1911-01-11 Mr Clarence F Ravenscroft The Birkbeck Ape Junior M 1261; Manager, Birkbeck Bank
1911-01-18 Mr Justice Lush Like father like son Ape Junior M 1262
1911-01-25 The Hon Price Ellison British Columbia Wallace Hester M 1263
1911-02-01 William Lowndes Toller Foy A Well-known face in the Timber World HCO M 1264
1911-02-08 The Rt Hon Sir EH Carson KC MP Dublin University Wallace Hester M 1265
1911-02-15 Col Daniel Patrick Driscoll DSO An old war horse Ape Junior M 1266
1911-02-22 Marshall O Roberts Easton Hall Spy M 1267
1911-03-01 Ernest Collins A Great Engineer Ape Junior M 1268
1911-03-08 The Rt Hon Winston Churchill Winnie Nibs M 1269
1911-03-15 The Hon Mr Justice Eve A Good Judge Ape Junior M 1270
1911-03-22 Julian W Orde A Popular Secretary Ape Junior M 1271; Secretary, Royal Automobile Club
1911-03-29 Robert Croft Bourne a good stroke Ape Junior M 1272
1911-04-05 Sir H Beerbohm Tree His Majesty's Nibs M 1273
1911-04-12 Rev Cannon Edgar Sheppard DD CVO the Sub-Dean Ape Junior M 1274
1911-04-19 Lt-Gen Sir R Baden-Powell Boy Scouts Ape Junior M 1275
1911-04-26 GJ Edwardes The Guv'nor Nibs M 1276
1911-05-03 CC Hutchinson KC Hutchy Ape Junior M 1277
1911-05-10 C Graham-White Claudie Tec M 1278
1911-05-17 Montagu Alexander Pyke Cinematographs Ape Junior M 1279
1911-05-24 Sir John Robinson JP Worksop Manor Spy M 1280; former Sheriff of Nottingham
1911-05-31 The Rt Hon Lord Elphinstone Carberry Tower Ape Junior M 1281
1911-06-07 HM Queen Alexandra Her Majesty Queen Alexandra O 1282
1911-06-14 Mr Robert Paterson Houston MP The Britisher's Best Friend Spy O 1283
1911-06-21 Mr HJ Brown Oil Spy M 1284
1911-06-21 HM King George V His Majesty The King Ape Junior
1911-06-28 Mr Justice TE Scrutton Copyright Ape Junior M 1285
1911-07-05 Mr F Matcham Architect Matcham Nibs M 1286
1911-07-12 HRH The Prince of Wales HRH Nibs O 1287
1911-07-19 Capt James Craig JP MP Orangeman WHO M 1288
1911-07-26 Sir George William Kekewich KCB A Sturdy Educationist WHO M 1289
1911-08-02 The Hon THAE Cochrane DL JP North Ayrshire Spy M 1290
1911-08-09 FE Smith KC MA BCL MP No Surrender Nibs M 1291
1911-08-16 GB Shaw GBS Ritchie M 1292
1911-08-23 Lord Ellenborough RN (ret) nautical freshness WHO M 1293
1911-08-30 Col REB Crompton CB The Road Builder WHO M 1294
1911-09-06 Sir C Holcroft Bt Brumagem 'Varsity HCO M 1295
1911-09-13 JL Garvin ?-! Ritchie M 1296
1911-09-20 Capt Sir William Nott-Bower CVO City Police RAY M 1297
1911-09-27 Sir Alfred Pearce Gould KCVO MS FRCS Surgical Diagnosis WH M 1298
1911-10-04 Dr TR Allinson Wholemeal Bread RAY M 1299
1911-10-11 The Rt Rev Edward Stuart Talbot DD CVO Winton RAY M 1300
1911-10-18 Sir JA Simon Kt KC Simple Simon WH M 1301
1911-10-25 Sir G Ranken Askwith KC KCB The Conciliator WH M 1302
1911-11-01 SF Cody All British Ritchie M 1303
1911-11-08 Sir Thomas Boor Crosby Kt MD FRCS JP His Lordship of London MD WH M 1304
1911-11-15 O Hammerstein Opera de Luxe RAY M 1305
1911-11-22 Arthur Frederick Bettinson Peggy WH M 1306
1911-11-29 O Asche Kismet Ritchie M 1307
1911-12-06 HG Selfridge Self-- Ritchie M 1308
1911-12-13 William McAuliffe Stonehenge 1911 Ritchie M 1309
1911-12-20 Lucien Wolf Diplomaticus Ritchie M 1310
1911-12-27 Philip Whitwell Wilson PWW Ritchie M 1311
1912-01-03 Vice-Adm Sir Frederick William Fisher KCVO Uncle Bill Ray M 1312
1912-01-10 Robert Loraine The Flying Stage Ritchie M 1313
1912-01-17 The Rt Hon Sir EH Carson Kt PC MP KC I never ask anyone to do anything which I will not do myself WH M 1314
1912-01-24 LA Atherley-Jones KC MP Jonesey WH M 1315
1912-01-31 The Very Rev WR Inge DD CVO The Genial Dean WH M 1316
1912-02-07 Sir GH Savage Kt MD FRCP Ms Sana Ray M 1317
1912-02-14 Eugene Corri a typical Englishman Ritchie M 1318; first boxing referee to officiate from inside the ring
1912-02-21 G. K. Chesterton GKC Strickland M 1319
1912-02-28 WM Shuster The Yankee from Persia WH M 1320
1912-03-06 RN Angell Lane an Angel of Peace Strickland M 1321
1912-03-13 Sir CW Macara Bt a leading Figure in the Cotton Industry Ritchie M 1322
1912-03-20 Sir CE Cradock-Hartopp Bt Topps WH M 1323
1912-03-27 The Rt Rev HE Ryle DD CVO the Dean WH M 1324
1912-04-03 SE Swann the Light Blues Stroke WH M 1325
1912-04-10 The Rt Hon A Bonar Law MP PC JP the opposition Strickland M 1326
1912-04-17 Sig P Mascagni The Intermezzo WH M 1327
1912-04-24 The Rev HH Henson DD CVO St Margaret's WH M 1328
1912-05-01 The Rev LGBJ Ford New Harrow Strickland M 2270
1912-05-08 Evan Spicer DL JP Paper Ray M 2271
1912-05-15 Samuel Osborn FRCS JP Sam WH M 2272
1912-05-22 The Rt Rev The Bishop of London DD In his lighter moments WH M 2273
1912-05-29 Mr Charles W Coop Prospectuses WH M 2274
1912-06-05 Frank Ree L and NW WH M 2275
1912-06-12 RA Stewart Hollebone big things in Oil WH M 2276
1912-06-19 The Earl of Lonsdale the Horse has no better friend WH M 2277
1912-06-26 Lt-Col Mark Sykes JP FRGS MP Our Mark WH M 2278
1912-07-03 John Corrie Carter steered three winning crews WH M 2279
1912-07-10 Lt-Col Charles Robert Crosse MVO Bisley Camp WH M 2280
1912-07-17 Maj-Gen The Lord Cheylesmore KCVO Arms and Sport WH M 2281
1912-07-24 Capt GS Swinton East and West Ray M 2282
1912-07-31 Mr Gustav Hamel Flight WH M 2283
1912-08-07 Mr JB Hobbs A Tested Centurion WH M 2284
1912-08-14 Sir AST Griffith-Boscawen JP MP Housing Ray M 2285
1912-08-21 J Hassall RI Posters Strickland M 2286
1912-08-28 Charles Edward Jerningham Marmaduke WH M 2287
1912-09-04 Sir RA Hadfield Kt FRS Steel WH M 2288
1912-09-11 Lord Kinnaird FRGS DL JP Soccer WH M 2289
1912-09-18 Mr Frederick Vincent Brooks A Master Craftsman WH M 2290
1912-09-25 Mr Harry Tate the King's Jester WH M 2291
1912-10-02 HE The French Ambassador His Excellency The French Ambassador K M 2292
1912-10-09 Earl Waldegrave Earl Waldegrave WH M 2293
1912-10-16 Sir Henry Austin Lee KCMG CB Sir Henry Austin Lee KCMG CB K M 2294
1912-10-23 Sir FC Lascelles GCB GCMG Sir Frank Lascelles GCB GCMG K M 2295
1912-10-30 Mme S Bernhardt Madame Sarah Bernhardt K M 2296
1912-11-06 Lady Dorothy Nevill The Lady Dorothy Nevill K M 2297
1912-11-13 The Marquis de Soveral GCMG GCVO The Marquis de Soveral GCMG GCVO K M 2298
1912-11-20 Mrs George Cornwallis-West Mrs George Cornwallis-West K M 2299
1912-11-27 Lord Annaly The Lord Annaly K M 2300
1912-12-04 Capt the Hon Henry Denison Captain the Hon Henry Denison WH M 2301
1912-12-11 His Grace the Duke of Wellington KG GCVO DL His Grace the Duke of Wellington KG GCVO DL WH M 2302
1912-12-18 Mr LSB Irving Mr Laurence Irving WH M 2303
1912-12-25 Col WH Walker MP Colonel William WH M 2304
1913-01-01 Earl Brownlow PC Earl Brownlow PC WH M 2305
1913-01-08 Lt-Col Sir Robert William Inglis Lt-Col Sir Robert William Inglis WH M 2306
1913-01-15 Lord Alverstone Lord Chief Justice of England WH M 2307
1913-01-22 Mr Malcolm Burr DSc (Oxon) Science and Sport WH M 2308
1913-01-29 The Rt Hon Sir Ralph Henry Knox PC DCB Knox WH M 2309
1913-02-05 John Hickory Wood Modern Pantomime WH M 2310
1913-02-19 Capt RF Scott RN The South Pole WH M 2311
1913-02-26 Dennis Eadie Mr Eadie WH M 2312
1913-03-05 MH Hewlett an Artist in verbal pigments WH M 2313
1913-03-12 Pres T Woodrow Wilson The New President of the United States WH M 2314
1913-03-19 The Rt Hon RBS Haldane FRS PC LLD Government Marked OWL M 2315
1913-03-26 Sir Edward Grey the general colour of the Secretary Bird is bluish Grey OWL M 2316
1913-04-02 Mr EA Bennett The Business Man of Letters OWL M 2317
1913-04-09 Herbert Alfred Humphrey MICE MIME MIEE The Chingford Pump Hester M 2318
1913-04-16 Sir FG Banbury The Blocker Eianley Cock M 2319
1913-04-23 Mr Reginald McKenna The Universal Puzzle is: find Mr McKenna OWL M 2320
1913-04-30 Mr Charles Hallam Elton Brookfield He never attacks morality Ritchie M 2321
1913-05-07 Mr J Lavery RSA RHA ARA HROI He paints various Royalties Ritchie M 2322
1913-05-14 HV Esmond Uncle Sandy Wallace Hester M 2323
1913-05-21 Sir W Arbuthnot-Lane Bt MB MS IRCS Willie Eianley Cock M 2324
1913-05-28 Hr A Nikisch Nikisch OWL M 2325
1913-06-04 Sir J Forbes-Robertson Kt Mr Forbes-Robertson Ritchie M 2326
1913-06-11 Mr E Phillpotts The Prophet of Dartmoor Ritchie M 2327
1913-06-18 Sir RD Isaacs Why Man, He Doth bestride the narrow world/Like a Colossus… Men at some time are masters of their fates/The fault, dear Rufus, is not in our stars/But in ourselves OWL M 2328
1913-06-25 M R Poincaré Messieurs OWL M 2329
1913-07-02 AWC Gore Baby Eianley Cock M 2330
1913-07-09 Col Montague George Johnstone DSO Monty Wallace Hester M 2331
1913-07-16 HRH Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert HRH Wallace Hester M 2332
1913-07-23 M Cheri Raymond Halbronn The French Tattersall OWL M 2333
1913-07-30 The Rt Hon Sir Charles Tupper Bt Sir Charles Tupper Bt OWL M 2334
1913-08-06 Sir CC Allom Istria OWL M 2335
1913-08-13 Charles Ernest Nicholson He is the one designer OWL M 2336
1913-08-20 John Merry LeSage The Daily Telegraph OWL M 2337
1913-08-27 FA Bebel August Bebel M 2338
1913-09-03 Mr EW Dillon The Champion County OWL M 2339
1913-09-10 M L Tellegen Dorian Gray OWL M 2340
1913-09-17 Sir J Rankin Bt JP DL MA MFH for Herefordshire OWL M 2341
1913-09-24 Lord Loreburn Loreburn OWL M 2342
1913-10-01 Capt Quintin Dick DL Dandy Dick Astz M 2343
1913-10-08 Mr O Stoll The Coliseum OWL M 2344
1913-10-15 HRH Prince Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert Prince Arthur OWL M 2345
1913-10-22 James Stevens Jimmy Astz M 2346
1913-10-29 R Williams Esq KC Rhys KC OWL M 2347
1913-11-05 Dr Emile Joseph Dillon The Semi-official ambassador OWL M 2348
1913-11-12 Mr Frank Harris Unpath'd Waters OWL M 2349
1913-11-19 The Rt Hon Sir SO Buckmaster KC MP The Solicitor General OWL M 2350
1913-11-26 AH Savage Landor The Cutter of Continents Astz M 2351
1913-12-03 Mr Landon Ronald Guildhall Music Astz M 2352
1913-12-10 Raymond Roze Opera in English Astz M 2353
1913-12-10 Collapse of the Conference Born June 17 - died November 10 / 'If so shortly I was done for, What was I begun for?' (Old Epitaph for an infant) Mouse WS; Asquith, Lloyd-George, Balfour, Chamberlain, Bonar-Law, and others; double print
1913-12-17 Kenelm Foss Magic Astz M 2354
1913-12-24 Courtenay Foote The Man on the Film Astz M 2355
1913-12-31 The Earl of Plymouth Crystal Palace Hit M 2356
1914-01-07 Sir C Wyndham Le Doyen Astz M 2357
1914-01-14 J Chamberlain The Great Imperialist Astz M 2358

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