WGCB-TV is a television station serving the Harrisburg/Lancaster/York (Susquehanna Valley) region of Pennsylvania, United States. Broadcasting an analog signal on channel 49 and its digital signal on channel 30, it is an independent station producing mainly Christian programs. Its studio and transmission facilities are located in Red Lion.

Previously, the channel 49 frequency in the Susquehanna Valley region was occupied by WNOW-TV, which was located in York and was affiliated with the DuMont Television Network. It could not compete with WGAL-TV and eventually went off the air.

On November 27, 1964, the WGCB radio station carried a 15-minute religious broadcast that would spawn a monumental case that defined the Fairness Doctrine.

While WGCB no longer owns the radio station, it continues to own and operate religious international shortwave radio outlet WINB, which is headquartered at WGCB-TV.

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