WBQD-LP is the My Network TV afilliate for the Quad Cities, licensed to Davenport, Iowa. It is owned by Venture Technologies Group, and broadcasts on UHF channel 26, with no digital signal. Its over-the-air signal likely does not reach the entire market, due to its low-power status and the presence of KGCW-TV in nearby Burlington, which also broadcasts on channel 26. However, WBQD is more widely available on WQAD's digital subcarrier channel 38.3 (PSIP 8.3). The station currently has a construction permit for a low-power digital (-LD) transmitter on channel 7, as WBQD-LD.


Second Generation of Iowa, the owner of KFXA in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, had originally received a license to broadcast on channel 53. However, they were unable to get the station on the air, and on November 21, 2000, they transferred the license to Four Seasons Broadcasting, a partnership between Malibu Broadcasting in Cleveland, Ohio and Venture Technologies Group in Los Angeles, California. In May of 2002, after receiving permission to begin broadcasting on channel 26, the station began transmitter tests, and signed on the air with UPN programming on June 1, 2002.

WWE went off with bad terms with UPN when WWE SmackDown in 2006 but when it switched to MyNetworkTV WWE went back to the same station that UPN was now MYNetworkTV

In September 2006, WBQD became a My Network TV affiliate when UPN and The WB closed and merged to form The CW, which is shown on WB affiliate KGCW-TV. WBQD adopted the nickname "My TV 16", in reference to its channel number on the local Mediacom cable system.

Starting September 4th, 2007, WBQD began re-broadcasting WQAD's 6PM news at 9 PM.

Starting October 3, 2008 MY TV 16 Began Airing WWE SmackDown and was the only MY TV Station in the country that had Audio Problems with the sound going in and out and fading


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