Vym River

Vym River

The Vym River (Вымь) is a river in the Komi Republic, Russia. It is a tributary of the Vychegda River in the basin of Northern Dvina. It's length is 499 km, and its drainage basin 25,600 km². Average discharge is 196 m³/s.

The Vym has its sources in the southern foothills of the Timan Ridge. It runs towards the south, through a flat taiga landscape of coniferous forests and bogs. In the upper reaches of the river there are stetches of rapids. It joins the Vychegda at the settlement of Ust-Vym. The river is used for floating of timber, and it is navigable on its lower reaches.

Its main tributaries is, from the right: Vorykva, Edva, Pozheg and Chub, and from the left: Koin and Veslyana.

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