Vouprasia (Βουπρασία) is a municipality in the Elis Prefecture, Greece. Its seat of administration is Varda (Βάρδα), a small town with a population of about 3,000. It's located between the highway that stretches from Pyrgos (Ilia) to Patras and Athens via GR-9/E55.


Its location is on a hilltop and other areas away from the train tracks are flat. The town has a river to its east. A health center, which is also serves like a rural hospital is founded southwest of the downtown core. Lying between the train tracks. It serves Kyllini, parts of Andravida Lechaina and Varda, cities that are near to this health center. The town also has a railroad station. Its speed limit on non-national roads is 40 to 50 km/h and 30 to 40 km/n on Movri mountain range. Its road condition were poor in the past. They are nearly in the excellent (A-plus or a+) level in the 21st century. Scenery of grassy Mount Movri and rocky Mount Scollis which is partly hidden near Vouprasia, and Kalogria and some prefer Lappa. is seen anywhere. Not far from Aghios Nikolaos monastery, the coast of Kyllini can be seen, along with Cephallonia/Cephallenia, Zante, Ithaca, and central Ilia.

A landfill is located, where its pollution level is trace. The pollution within the dumping site is high. It is 1 km SE of Andravida, and 300 m (1,100 ft) north of the underpass of GR-9. The activity has lasted for nearly 15 years. And ever since, fires has been burning ever since. It is the longest setting record on fires in the landfill. It is the only landfill for Várda, Láppa, and Lechainá areas. There are no plans to clean up the environment yet. Its height is exactly 15 m at the rims, with a 3 m deep crater filled with garbage and burning fires, and 20 to 25 m in radius. Its size is about 150 to 180 m². It contains about 1,000 to 1,500 metric tons of garbage in the landfill. The location is in front of an abandoned pasture on the valley south of Várda, on the north is a ravine, and pastures, and to the south, is the forest, creek, and bushes, along with buildings from Várda further west. GR-9 ot the east, and the Old road, and a pasture-land to the landfill's west.

There are now two, some prefer three active railroad crossings in the municipality, the remainder are not electrically operated. Tens of greenhouses are scattered mainly above sea level. They are founded mainly east of GR-9, or E55. It was built in the 1980s. There are one humongous greenhouse off the BP gas bar. width is almost 150 m and the length is exactly 700 to 800 m. There are other greenhouses scattered in Psari, east of Manoláda, Magoúla, Apiedona, and one SE of New Vourási(on). There are tens of barns scattered mainly above sea lever by 3 m, and east of GR-9 as well. Green Forest are located south of Várda and Manoláda. and further north of Varda. Forests in Várda and Manoláda dominate in the valleys and 2 km² of land.

Nea Manolada is a town northeast of Varda via the GR-9. There is only one road connecting the two parts. Not the four other sidewalks on railroad crossings. Its railroad station is modeled like a kiosk. It has no shelter, and has benches. The field in front of the streets and in the middle of the tracks is completely covered with green grass. A city square, and a school are lined up on this main street that has no name, but a highway number, GR-9, the old (inter)state highway. Approximately five streets are lined up almost due southwest to northeast, and eight are lined up form southeast to northwest. There is a road connecting Manoláda, Kounoupéli, and Kalógria on Manolada's northwest side. There are about 200 buildings, 100 poles, and thousands of trees, which New Manoláda is almost surrounded with. A creek is neighboring to the south, and Larissos river is bordered to the north. Laiki is very common. They are lined up southwest to northeast on a street just northwest of the train tracks. Its total length is 500 m. Fruits and vegetables are sold in the northeast, merchandise in the middle, and clothing to the southwest.

Population history

Year Communal Population Change Municipal Population Change
1981 3,039 - - -
1991 2,625 −414/−13.62% 9,664


Agriculture used to be the leading source of industry until the 1980s, eroded by non-agricultural industry by outlets, stores, and some markets, with the exception of some tomato plants.

Municipality of Vouprasias

A small municipality under the name Vouprasías (Δήμος Βουπρασίας D[é]mos Vouprasías that has a population around 3,000. Sixty to 70 per cent of the population live in the towns of Varda, Greece and Nea Manolada The size of the municipality is around 100 km². One-third of the area is forested, the other two-thirds contains farms, barren land, and rivers and riversides. The area has about 1,000 buildings, excluding barns, and including other units in Vouprasia. There are water towers in Psari, and Varda.

There are about 13 kilometres of sandy coastlines in the municipality, including the eastern part of the lagoon named Kotychi. There are rivers running in the municipality. About 40% of the rivers are not dry. Only its creek and streams (the remainder) are almost dry that it cannot flow into the bay. The first train tracks and railway stations opened in 1900s. There are three, some prefer four train stations, one is in the outdoors, and the rest are indoors. The municipality formerly included Mataranga and Spata. In the late-20th century, these areas were reverted to Larissos and to the prefecture of Achaia.

The list of towns and communities are:

Villages or Towns Population Elevation
Várda (Barda) Βάρδα around 1,000 8 to 10 m
Áno Kourtési (Άν. Κουρτέσι) around 100 10 m (32 ft)
Kapelét(t)o (Καπελέτο) around 150 12 m (35 ft)
Kounoupélli around 200 sea level to 3 m
Kourtesi around 150 and 200 5 m (15 ft)
Magoula (Elia) around 100 10 to 20 m
Manolada around 100 and 200 10 to 20 m (32 to 64 ft)
Nea Manolada (New Manolada) around 800 8 m
Neapolis (Vouprasia Half around 150 20 to 35 m
Psari around 150 around 10 m (32 ft)

The seat of the municipality is listed first, others are listed last.

North: Ionian Sea, Larissos
West: Ionian Sea, Lechaina (SW)
Vouprasia East: Larissos, Oleni
South: Lechaina

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