Kevin Johansen

Kevin Johansen (Fairbanks, Alaska, 1964) is an Argentine-American rock musician. Born to an Argentine mother and an American father, he lived most of his childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area, but moved with his family to Buenos Aires at the age of 12.

Kevin made a brief appearance in the local rock scene with the band Instrucción Cívica in the 80s (only album Obediencia Debida in 1985), but went to New York in 1990. There he met and married his Argentine wife, with whom he has a daughter. He played in the CBGB's club for long years, until he created the group The Nada, and in 2000 recorded the album with the same name, a mix of different Latin sounds with modern pop, funk and rock.

During the same year, and with the new album in his hands, he returned to Argentina, where he currently lives. The album, released by Los Años Luz, was relatively successful and Kevin and the group went on tour as far as Spain (album edited there by K Industrias).

By the end of 2002 Johansen recorded Sur o no Sur, also released by Los Años Luz in Argentina and by Sony Music in the rest of the world. Again, Kevin surprises with a combination of Latin music, pop, and humour.

During 2003, Kevin became a huge success in Argentina, playing in June at the Gran Rex Theatre, the largest Buenos Aires hall. Again in Spain, he promoted his new album with concerts in Madrid and Barcelona, this time with bigger audiences. He also performed during the MTV Latino awards, from where he continued a concerts tour to Miami, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco prior to the release of the album in United States.

In 2004 he continues with concerts in Mexico, Chile, Belgium and again Spain (now in many different cities) with an even greater response from the people and the media. At the Latino Grammy Awards, Sur o no Sur was nominated for "Album of the year", "Song of the year" (La Procesión) and "Best Music Video" (La Procesión).

In between trips, Kevin recorded his third album City Zen, again by Los Años Luz, which was well received both by fans and the media. The cover of his album Logo was drawn by cartoonist Liniers.

Due to his notable physical resemblance to Argentine Football (soccer) player Piojo López, he is frequently called Piojo Johansen .

Johansen and Tango

Several of Kevin Johansen's songs have a typical milonga 2/4 beat and are used to dance Argentine Tango to at milongas. For example; "Sur o no sur" and "Tangomana" are popular with alternative tango djs in the US.


  • The Nada (2000)

#En mi cabeza
#You’re the Bossa
#No me abandones
#Ni idea
#Campo argentino
#Living in a story
#McGuevara’s o CheDonald’s
#Heat of the moment
#So lazy
#El círculo
#El de la puerta

  • Sur o no Sur (2002)
    1. Sur o no sur
    2. Star estrella
    3. Puerto Madero
    4. La procesión
    5. Daisy
    6. Timing
    7. Down with my baby
    8. Chill out james
    9. Cumbiera intelectual
    10. No seas insegura
    11. Sur o no sur (Reprise)
    12. Acción!
    13. La chanson de Prevert
    14. Hindue blues
    15. Go on
    16. Hacele caso
    17. La tangómana
    18. Me fui pal monte
    19. Candombito
    20. He andao

  • City zen (2004)
    1. City zen
    2. All I wanna do is you
    3. Desde que te perdí
    4. Atahualpa, you funky!
    5. El palomo
    6. I don’t know
    7. Oops
    8. No voy a ser yo
    9. La falla de San Andrés
    10. The gem in I
    11. Volutas de humo
    12. Buenos Aires Anti-social Club
    13. El incomprendido
    14. Push your luck
    15. Milonga subtropical
    16. Tom Zen
    17. Twist del rezo
    18. Tema del zurdo
    19. Everything is (Falling into place)
  • Logo (2007)
    1. Logo
    2. Anoche Soñé Contigo
    3. Susan Surrender
    4. Ese Lunar
    5. Fantasmas de Carnaval
    6. Funny Face
    7. Road Movie
    8. Son del Mp3
    9. La Hamaca
    10. Por Las Ruas
    11. Chica Rollinga
    12. S.O.S. Tan Fashion
    13. Oh My Love, My Love
    14. Everybody Says
    15. Luna Sobre Porto Alegre
    16. Amistad de Borrachera
    17. Cliché Latino, Cliché Gringo

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