Volta River

Volta River

[vohl-tuh or, It. vawl-tah for 1; vol-tuh, vohl- for 2]
The Volta is a river in western Africa that drains into the Gulf of Guinea. It is divided into the Black Volta, the White Volta and the Red Volta. The river gave its name to French Upper Volta and then the Republic of Upper Volta before that country was renamed Burkina Faso in 1984.

Lake Volta in Ghana is the largest man-made lake in the world, extending from the Akosombo Dam in southeastern Ghana to the town of Yapei, 1500 km (938 miles) to the north. The lake generates electricity, provides inland transport, and is a potentially valuable resource for irrigation and fish farming.

The Portuguese purchased much of their gold from inhabitants of this region during the Renaissance.


The river achieved its name because early Portuguese gold traders marked the river as their furthest point of exploration before turning around "Volta".

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