Volkswagen Apollo

Volkswagen Apollo

The Volkswagen Apollo was an automobile sold in Brazil between 1990 and 1992. when Volkswagen and Ford Motor Company shared models in South America in a joint venture known as Autolatina.

It was a rebadged version of Ford Brasil's Verona, a two-door sedan based on the European-sourced Ford Orion.

It was replaced by the Volkswagen Logus, which was, similarly, in turn, based on the Ford Orion.


The Apollo had only VW's 1.8-litre as the engine: there was also Ford's 1.6-litre CHT engine only for LX version of Ford Verona.


A choice of GL and GLS versions was offered, gasoline or ethanol powered. A recurrent complaint from customers, owners of VW Apollos, was about the steel rod-operated gear shifting (instead of the traditionally used cable-operated).

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