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A Volksfest is a large event in Germany which combines a festival and a carnival. Admission to a Volksfest is free however you have to pay for each ride separately. In contrast to Carnivals in the USA, each ride in a Volksfest is independently run so tickets for several rides are uncommon. There is at least one Volksfest in many of the larger towns in Germany every year. In some towns there are two or more per year. Sindelfingen is the only town to have given up its Volksfest. A Volksfest takes place nearly at the same date every year. A number of these have a long tradition. One of the oldest Volksfests in Germany is the Lullusfest in Bad Herfeld. A Volksfest usually takes place in a special location. Some of these sites are well known such as the Wasen in Stuttgart and Theresienwiese in Munich; however there are some Volksfest which take place partly in the streets of towns.

Well known Volksfests

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