Voi is a market town in southern Kenya, lying on the edge of the Tsavo National Park. It lies at the junction of the railway lines from Nairobi to Mombasa and Taveta. Also the Voi Sisal Estates are located near the town.

Voi is located in the Taita-Taveta District, Coast Province.


According to local history the name of town comes from a slave trader called Chief Kivoi who settled near the Voi river about 400 hundred years ago. There after the town grew as a trade post between the local Taita people, other Kenyan tribes and Arabs.

The town started to grow at the end of the 19th century when the Kenya-Uganda railway was constructed. People started to move in to work on the railway and the near by sisal estates.

In Fiction

Voi is the location for 3 levels of the video game Halo 3. It takes place during the Covenant invasion of Earth and an attempt to activate a massive artifact found near the city.


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