Vitamin B7


B7, B.VII or B-7 may refer to:

and also :

  • Douglas Y1B-7, a bomber of the United States Army Air Corps
  • the B nearly two octaves above Soprano C. It is the second highest note on a piano
  • a common shorthand for an RPG-7 (a type of rocket propelled grenade launcher), a term used especially in Lebanon.
  • a subclass of B-class stars
  • UNI Airways (Taiwan) IATA airline designator
  • An international standard paper size (88×125 mm), defined in ISO 216
  • Blake's 7, a BBC science fiction television series first broadcast in 1978–1981
  • Message board shorthand for banned (Banned=band=b&=b7).
  • Boeing 777
  • The seventh floor of Storms hall in the Towers at Iowa State University. Otherwise known as Boyd floor or B7.
  • Bundesstraße 7, A German Bundesstraße (Federal Highway)


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