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Visual Café (formally Visual Café for Java) was an integrated development environment for the Java programming language. It included a GUI builder and was marketed as a series of editions: "Standard Edition," "Enterprise Suite," "Expert Edition," "Professional Edition," and "Development Edition." The "Enterprise Suite" was notable for supporting distributed CORBA and RMI debugging. Visual Cafe itself was not written in Java.

Visual Café was spun off by Symantec as the flagship of a new company, WebGain. WebGain acquired several other technologies, including TopLink, before ceasing operations in 2002. While TopLink found a home at Oracle, Visual Café is no longer commercially available.

WebGain purchased TogetherSoft's product Together Control Center (Together Studio) to integrate into Visual Café, but soon after the purchase was complete, Borland purchased WebGain's products Visual Café and Together Control Center. These products can now be found in JBuilder.

Mansour Safai, Vice President of the Language and Internet Tools Division of Symantec recognized the significance of the Java language early on, and was the first to offer integrated Java development tools in the pioneering Café product line, which evolved to the market leading product Visual Café.

Competing IDEs

Other IDEs that existed at the same time were Visual Age for Java and JBuilder.

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