Vincenzo Pacetti

Vincenzo Pacetti

Vincenzo Pacetti (Castel Bolognese 1746 – 1820) was an 18th century Italian sculptor and restorer, particularly active in collecting and restoring classical sculptures such as the Barberini Faun (1799 - now in the Glyptothek), the Hope Dionysus (now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art ) and the Athena of Velletri (1797 - now in the Louvre) and selling them on to rich collectors as finished artefacts. He was the brother of Camillo Pacetti.

He also produced many reliefs and stucci on mythological themes for the Sala degli Imperatori (of which "The goat Amanthea" and "Perseus freeing Andromeda" are most notable) and the room housing Bernini's Aeneas and Anchises, both at the Galleria Borghese. Other works of his are in San Salvatore in Lauro, Santo Spirito in Sassia, and the Palazzo Carpegna.

He died in Rome.


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