Singh, Vijay, 1963-, Fijian golfer of Indian descent. He turned pro in 1982, but was suspended (1985) from the Asian tour after allegations of cheating, which he denied. He joined the European Professional Golf Association (PGA) tour in 1988 and the U.S. PGA tour in 1993, when he was named rookie of the year. Singh won his first major tournament, the PGA Championship, in 1998 and took the 2000 Masters title. He came into his own in the 21st cent., becoming pro golf's biggest money winner in 2003 and again in 2004, when he was the first golfer to win more than $10 million.
Vijay is a common name for men in India. The famous Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan used the name Vijay in most of the movies he performed in. Another name for Arjuna the hero of the great Hindu epic, the Mahabharata is Vijaya, meaning "Victorious." The word Vijay is similar in meaning to Jai, though there is a difference. Vijay indicates being victorious while trying to conquer, Jai indicates victorious while trying to defend.

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