VideoJug is a instructional video website, which aims to provide a how-to guide for many differing subjects such as "How to eat sushi to "How to tie a tie" using windsor knots, a half windsor knot, or a four-in-hand knot. It launched as a beta online in 2006 and about a month later went gold.

The website provides both professionally made videos produced internally, as well as videos produced by and uploaded by amateurs.

The company originally produced videos in Spain and London and in 2006 opened studios in Santa Monica (Los Angeles) in the USA. Videojug is unusual in that most of its content is internally produced professional material. During 2007 the company claimed to be making up to 800 videos per week.

The website was founded by David Tabizel who had management positions in or founded several companies prior to VideoJug. These include: Demon Internet, Durlacher Corporation, 365 Corporation, Autonomy Corporation and Rage Software. Other founders include Dan Thompson, who had previously been CEO of 365 Corporation and Renegade Software as well as Rupert Ashe (CEO Focus Communications).

During 2007, Videojug raised approximately $30 million in funding.

Videojug has worked with a number of celebrities who offer insights and experience on the site in video form. These include Roseanne Barr, Stephen Fry and William Shatner.


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