Vibrania, is a Marvel Comics superheroine character from the fictional country of Kwarrai, Africa. Though her appearance was brief in the Marvel Universe, it was memorable to the superhero Speedball. She was created by Scott Lobdell, Ron Wilson & Don Perlin and first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 3 #4. (December, 1990)

Fictional character biography

In a small South African nation of Kwarrai, Shara was exposed to radioactive Vibranium in her father's lab. As a result she was paralyzed from the waist down and was sent to Springdale, Connecticut in the United States to be cured by Dr. Benson. At Hammond Labs, Shara underwent the experimental and painful treatments as Dr. Benson and Robert Baldwin watched. Later Benson told Robbie if no cure was found then she be sent home to be with her family during her final days. The next day Robbie asked if Shara accompany him on his break and since then the two became inseparable, spending as much time with each other as possible. Weeks later still no cure was found and it was decided that Shara would be sent home the next day. So for the last time Bobby and Shara went outside where he revealed to her that he was Speedball. Sure that Robbie would one day be the best superhero in the world, the two said there final goodbyes and kissed each other. However that night an earthquake killed all the residents of Kwarrai and when she learned about the lost of her family, the shock activated the abilities she had inherited from the accident with Vibranium. With this new power she was able to walk and possessed the power to release Vibranium-power blasts. Unfortunately in her rage she did not notice that her attacks were endangering children in until Robbie entered the scene. With her power, Shara saved Robbie and the children from the falling debris but was buried by it herself. Though Robbie removed the debris as Speedball, her injuries were lethal and she died in his arms after telling him that she loved him and that he would be the best superhero in the world. Afterward the TV and Newspapers reported about the incident, dubbing her Vibrania as they thought it sounded dramatic.

Powers and abilities

Due to being exposed to radioactive Vibranium she developed the ability to release Vibranium-powered blasts from her hands, these vibrations were strong enough to rip apart concrete. Beyond using her power offensively she could use her power to shield herself and others from falling debris as well, however only for a short period of time. It never is revealed what form of Vibraniun she was exposed to though as her powers allow her to admit vibrations it is most likely she was exposed to the Wakandan variety.


  • Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 3 #4-5

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