Verna (Sword of Truth)

Verna (Sword of Truth)

Verna Sauventreen is a main character in The Sword of Truth series, written by Terry Goodkind. She is a Sister of the Light and a sorceress. Verna is the only Sister, of the three who set out, to return to the Palace of the Prophets after discovering Richard Rahl. She helps Richard escape and fulfill prophecy and becomes one of his closest friends and advisors. Verna later becomes Prelate of the Sisters after Ann fakes her death and then becomes in charge of the gifted forces with the D'Haran Army.



Verna is a tall, slender woman with long curly brown hair. She appears to be in her late 30's to very early 40's, but is in fact close to 160 years old, due to the age-slowing spell that is cast over the Palace of the Prophets. This is young for a Sisters of the Light, though she appears to be one of the middle aged Sisters. She looks older than the Sisters her age as she was sent on a journey for twenty years (Sisters journeys normally only last one standard year at most) and aged as those outside of the Palace age. She is thought to be a rather attractive woman. She has deep brown eyes and is not adverse to scowling when it is needed.


Verna Sauventreen is generally kind-hearted, although she does come off as being a no nonsense kind of a woman. Having grown up with the Sisters of the Light as a novice, later becoming a Sister and then the Prelate, she believes in The Creator and like her predecessor Annalina, though to a lesser extent, she believes that Richard is the only one who can triumph over the forces of evil as prophecy dictates.

She once had a relationship with Jedidiah and even had a daughter named Leitis with him. As Leitis was ungifted it was decided that she would go and live with a regular family outside the Palace. Verna discovered that Jedidiah had pledged himself to the Keeper and was forced to kill him with her dacra, when he attempted to murder Richard.

She married the wizard Warren during the time of the book "Faith of the Fallen" but he was killed by assassins when he saved one of Verna's novices. They shared one final kiss as he lay dying from wounds even Zedd could not heal. He had a talent for prophecy and it was speculated that he knew of his death. As he died he informed Kahlan and Verna that Richard was correct and that the D'Haran Army could not face the Imperial Order head on.

Unusual Amount of Power

After her beloved Warren's death Verna stayed on and continued in her capacity as director of the D'Haran armies gifted forces. It was Verna who was the main node of power to create the shields of magic to defend the D'haran passes. This was because she held an exceptional amount of power (or Han) as she had absorbed the gift of the two Sisters who had given their lives when she originally found and brought Richard to the Palace.


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