Veritas: The Quest

Veritas: The Quest

Veritas: The Quest is a television program that aired in 2003. It follows a rebellious but intelligent teenager, Nikko Zond, discovering that his father, Solomon's profession is much more mystical and adventurous than he previously thought. Solomon and his team (dubbed "Veritas," a Latin variant of "the truth") search for the answers to some of the world's mysteries, a quest began because of the mysterious disappearance of Nikko's mother during an archaeological dig. Thus begins Nikko's fantastical journey into an Indiana Jones-style adventure with his father and his colleagues in trying to follow in his mother's footsteps to discover what strange secrets she was uncovering. The series was only partially shown in the United States with only four episodes being aired. Thirteen episodes were broadcast on Sci-Fi Channel in the United Kingdom and Sony Entertainment Television of Spain. Though the series only filmed one season, the final episode showed the viewer that there was more to Nikko Zond than first met their eye.

Plot Outline

The main protagonist of the series is Nikko Zond, a young teen, whose father is involved in many different archaeological expeditions ranging from Antarctica to harsh deserts. Nikko is at first reluctant to participate in many of the adventures, but throughout the series, it would appear that there is a hidden destiny for Nikko. In the episode Skulls, a mysterious figure appears out of nowhere, whom only Nikko can see, and guides Nikko for the episode, the episode ends with a Crystal Skull, that was largely the center of the plot of the episode was modelled to reveal what someone would look like with skin and muscle added to that skull. The image formed matches the mysterious man who helped Nikko.

In a further episode, Nikko is poisoned and the only cure is for him to drink water that heals, and assures eternal life. While it is unknown if he gained eternal life or not, he did heal.

In the final episode, he suffered from hallucinations that lead him to find a fragment of an artifact called the "Ring of Truth". Before the episode ends, he has another hallucination that reveals that the fragment of the "Ring" also joins together with another fragment that his father had acquired earlier in the series. The episode ends with Nikko displaying telekinetic powers: when he reaches for his soda, it slides across the table into his hand.

Total Episodes

  • Episode 1: Reunion
  • Episode 2: Antarctica
  • Episode 3: Skulls
  • Episode 4: Heist (final episode aired in the United States)
  • Episode 5: The Wheel Of Dharma
  • Episode 6: Sangraal
  • Episode 7: Mummy Virus
  • Episode 8: Name Of God
  • Episode 9: Devil's Child
  • Episode 10: Avalon
  • Episode 11: The Lost Codex
  • Episode 12: Eternal
  • Episode 13: Helmholtz Resonance


  • All 13 episodes have been uploaded by a user at YouTube.


  • The skyline of Berlin shown in Episode 3 is actually the one of Cologne.

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