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The word Verify And Verification can refer to:

In Computing

  • In applications:
  • In software development:
  • In circuit development:
  • In systems engineering:
    • Testing to confirm that the system, subsystem or component meets documented requirements or specifications levied on the design.

In ICT uses, it is used to check whether data entered meets that which is required to continue, for example - the user needs to be 18 years old to watch a video posted on the internet, when requested to enter his or her date of birth, the date of birth will have to be equal or greater to that which means they are 18 before being allowed to continue, if a date of birth entered is lower than that of an 18 year old they will be disallowed from watching the video.

  • Verify - a dos command with which one can set if the data written on a disk are read afterwards for checking their correct content. Using Verify makes disk writes safer, but a bit slower.


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