Veniamin Aleksandrovich Kaverin

Veniamin Aleksandrovich Kaverin

Kaverin, Veniamin Aleksandrovich, 1902-89, Russian novelist and short-story writer. He was a member of the literary group that called itself the Serapion Brothers, and he expounded that circle's creed of independence of art from politics in the story The Unknown Artist (1931, tr. 1947). Later Kaverin turned to a more conventional style. A long novel, The Fulfillment of Desires (1934-35, tr. The Larger View, 1938), deals with the adjustment of the intellectual to Soviet society. His later work includes Open Book (1949-56, tr. 1957).

See study by D. Piper (1970).

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
2001 Einstein 1973 EB Albert Einstein, German-American physicist and Nobelist
2002 Euler Leonhard Euler, Swiss mathematician and physicist
2003 Harding 6559 P-L Karl Ludwig Harding, German astronomer
2004 Lexell Anders Johan Lexell, Swedish-Russian astronomer and mathematician
2005 Hencke 1973 RA Karl Ludwig Hencke, German astronomer
2006 Polonskaya Elene Ivanovna Kazimirchak-Polonskaya, Russian astronomer
2007 McCuskey 1963 SQ Sidney W. McCuskey, American observatory director [S&T, Dec 1982, p. 542]
2008 Konstitutsiya Constitution of the Soviet Union
2009 Voloshina 1968 UL Vera Danilovna Voloshina, Russian partisan
2010 Chebyshev Pafnuty Lvovich Chebyshev, Russian mathematician
2011 Veteraniya Russian for "Veterans" (of World War II)
2012 Guo Shou-Jing Guo Shoujing, Chinese astronomer and mathematician
2013 Tucapel Araucanian chief
2014 Vasilevskis 1973 JA Stanislaus Vasilevskis, Latvian-born American astronomer
2015 Kachuevskaya Natasha Kachuevskaya, Russian soldier
2016 Heinemann 1938 SE Karl Heinemann, German astronomer
2017 Wesson A903 SC Mary Joan Wesson Bardwell, wife of American astronomer Conrad M. Bardwell
2018 Schuster 1931 UC Hans-Emil Schuster, German astronomer
2019 van Albada Gale Bruno van Albada, Dutch astronomer
2020 Ukko 1936 FR Ukko, Finnish supreme god
2021 Poincaré 1936 MA Henri Poincaré, French mathematician
2022 West 1938 CK Richard Martin West, Danish astronomer
2023 Asaph 1952 SA Asaph Hall, American astronomer
2024 McLaughlin 1952 UR Dean Benjamin McLaughlin, American spectroscopist and geologist [S&T, Dec 1982, p. 542]
2025 Nortia 1953 LG Etruscan goddess of fortune
2026 Cottrell 1955 FF Frederick Gardner Cottrell, businessman
2027 Shen Guo Shen Guo, astronomer
2028 Janequeo Wife of Araucanian chief Guepotan
2029 Binomi 1969 RB Notional inventor of Binomials
2030 Belyaev Colonel Pavel Ivanovich Belyaev, Soviet cosmonaut
2031 BAM builders of BAM
2032 Ethel 1970 OH Ethel Lilian Voynich, British author
2033 Basilea 1973 CA Basel, Switzerland
2034 Bernoulli 1973 EE Several mathematicians of the Bernoulli family
2035 Stearns 1973 SC Carl Leo Stearns, American astronomer
2036 Sheragul Sheragul, Siberian village
2037 Tripaxeptalis 1973 UB 3 times 679 Pax and 7 times 291 Alice
2038 Bistro 1973 WF Bistro, a type of restaurant
2039 Payne-Gaposchkin 1974 CA Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, British-born American astronomer
2040 Chalonge 1974 HA Daniel Chalonge, French astronomer
2041 Lancelot 2523 P-L Lancelot, Arthurian knight
2042 Sitarski 4633 P-L Grzegorz Sitarski, Polish astronomer
2043 Ortutay 1936 TH Gyula Ortutay, Hungarian cultural leader
2044 Wirt 1950 VE Carl A. Wirtanen, American astronomer
2045 Peking Beijing, China
2046 Leningrad Leningrad, USSR
2047 Smetana Bedřich Smetana, Czech composer
2048 Dwornik 1973 QA Stephen E. Dwornik or E. J. Dwornik, planetary geologists
2049 Grietje 1973 SH G. A. M. Haring-Gehrels, sister-in-law of Dutch-born American astronomer Tom Gehrels
2050 Francis 1974 KA Fred and Kay Francis, parents of discoverer
2051 Chang 1976 UC Zhang Yuzhe
2052 Tamriko 1976 UN Tamara West, wife of discoverer
2053 Nuki 1976 UO Nodari West, son of discoverer
2054 Gawain 4097 P-L Gawain, Arthurian knight
2055 Dvořák 1974 DB Antonín Dvořák, Czech composer
2056 Nancy A909 TB Nancy Lou Zissell Marsden, wife of Brian G. Marsden
2057 Rosemary 1934 RQ Rosemary Birky Hoffmann Scholl, first wife of Hans Scholl
2058 Róka 1938 BH Gedeon Róka, Hungarian science writer
2059 Baboquivari 1963 UA Babioquivari, mountain sacred to the Tohono O'odham of northern Mexico and southern Arizona
2060 Chiron 1977 UB Chiron, Greek centaur
2061 Anza 1960 UA Captain Juan Bautista de Anza, Spanish explorer
2062 Aten 1976 AA Aten, Egyptian god
2063 Bacchus 1977 HB Bacchus, Roman god
2064 Thomsen 1942 RQ Ivan Leslie Thomsen, New Zealand astronomer
2065 Spicer 1959 RN Edward H. Spicer, anthropologist
2066 Palala 1934 LB Palala River, tributary of the Limpopo River, South Africa
2067 Aksnes 1936 DD Kaare Aksnes, astronomer
2068 Dangreen 1948 AD Daniel W. E. Green, American observatory worker
2069 Hubble 1955 FT Edwin Hubble, American astronomer
2070 Humason 1964 TQ Milton L. Humason, American astronomer
2071 Nadezhda 1971 QS Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya, educator, wife of Vladimir Lenin
2072 Kosmodemyanskaya Lubov' Timofeevna Kosmodemyanskaya, mother of Soviet heroes Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya and Alexander Kosmodemyansky
2073 Janáček 1974 DK Leoš Janáček, Czech composer
2074 Shoemaker 1974 UA Eugene Shoemaker, American astronomer
2075 Martinez 1974 VA Hugo Arturo Martinez, Argentinian astronomer
2076 Levin 1974 WA Boris Yulevich Levin, Russian astronomer and geophysicist
2077 Kiangsu 1974 YA Jiangsu, China
2078 Nanking 1975 AD Nanjing, China
2079 Jacchia 1976 DB Luigi Giuseppe Jacchia, Italian-born American astronomer
2080 Jihlava 1976 DG Jihlava, Czech Republic
2081 Sázava 1976 DH Sázava River, tributary of Vltava River, Czech Republic
2082 Galahad 7588 P-L Galahad, Arthurian knight
2083 Smither 1973 WB John C. Smith, astronomer
2084 Okayama 1935 CK Okayama, Okayama, Japan
2085 Henan 1965 YA Henan, China
2086 Newell 1966 BC Homer Edward Newell, American physicist and space scientist
2087 Kochera 1975 YC Peter Kocher, Swiss amateur astronomer, technical director of a public observatory in Ependes, Switzerland and owner of his own telescope in Tentlingen, Switzerland?*
2088 Sahlia 1976 DJ Hermann Sahli, physician
2089 Cetacea 1977 VF Cetacea
2090 Mizuho 1978 EA Daughter of discoverer
2091 Sampo 1941 HO Sampo, magical artefact
2092 Sumiana 1969 UP Sumy, Ukraine
2093 Genichesk 1971 HX Genichesk, Ukraine
2094 Magnitka Magnitogorsk, Russia
2095 Parsifal 6036 P-L Parsifal, Arthurian knight
2096 Väinö 1939 UC Väinämöinen, from Finnish mythology
2097 Galle 1953 PV Johann Gottfried Galle, German astronomer
2098 Zyskin 1972 QE Yur'evich Zyskin, Professor at the Crimean medical institute.
2099 Öpik 1977 VB Ernst Öpik, Estonian astronomer
2100 Ra-Shalom 1978 RA Egyptian god Ra + Hebrew Shalom (in honour of the Camp David Peace Accords of 1978)
2101 Adonis 1936 CA Adonis, Greek mythological youth
2102 Tantalus 1975 YA Tantalus, Greek mythological figure
2103 Laverna 1960 FL Protecting divinity of thieves and imposters
2104 Toronto 1963 PD University of Toronto, during whose sesquicentennial celebration it was discovered
2105 Gudy 1976 DA Gudrun Werner, friend of discoverer
2106 Hugo 1936 UF Victor Hugo, French writer
2107 Ilmari 1941 VA Ilmarinen, Finnish mythology
2108 Otto Schmidt Otto Yulevich Schmidt, Soviet mathematician, geophysicist, astronomer polar researcher, and author
2109 Dhotel André Dhotel, French writer
2110 Moore-Sitterly 1962 RD Charlotte Moore Sitterly, American astronomer
2111 Tselina 1969 LG virgin soil development in the USSR.
2112 Ulyanov 1972 NP Aleksandr Ulyanov, brother of Vladimir Lenin
2113 Ehrdni Ehrdni Teldzhievich Delikov, Soviet Great Patriotic War hero
2114 Wallenquist 1976 HA Åke A. E. Wallenquist, Swedish astronomer
2115 Irakli 1976 UD Irakli West, son of discoverer
2116 Mtskheta 1976 UM Mtskheta, Georgia
2117 Danmark 1978 AC Denmark
2118 Flagstaff 1978 PB Flagstaff, Arizona, home of the Lowell Observatory
2119 Schwall 1930 QG August Schwall, observatory staff member
2120 Tyumenia 1967 RM Tyumen Oblast, Russian SFSR (now Russia)
2121 Sevastopol 1971 ME Sevastopol, Crimean peninsula
2122 Pyatiletka 1971 XB Five-Year Plans of the USSR
2123 Vltava Vltava River
2124 Nissen 1974 MK Juan Jose Nissen, Argentinian astronomer, or Poul Erik Nissen, Danish astronomer*
2125 Karl-Ontjes 2005 P-L Karl-Ontjes Groeneveld, German physicist
2126 Gerasimovich 1970 QZ Boris Petrovich Gerasimovich, Russian astrophysicist
2127 Tanya Tanya Savicheva, a 12-year-old schoolgirl who perished in Siege of Leningrad
2128 Wetherill 1973 SB George W. Wetherill, American geochemist and planetary geologist
2129 Cosicosi 1973 SJ Italian characterization of indifference
2130 Evdokiya Evdokiya Efimovna Shchelokova, mother of discoverer
2131 Mayall 1975 RA Nicholas U. Mayall, American astronomer
2132 Zhukov Georgij Konstantinovich Zhukov, Soviet military commander
2133 Franceswright 1976 WB Frances Wright, social reformer
2134 Dennispalm 1976 YB Dennis Palm, observatory worker
2135 Aristaeus 1977 HA Aristaeus, Greek god
2136 Jugta 1933 OC Jay U. Gunter, author of "Tonight's Asteroids" (hence, J.U.G. T.A.) [Astronomy, June 1981, pp. 24-26]
2137 Priscilla 1936 QZ Priscilla Fairfield Bok, American astronomer, wife of Dutch-born American astronomer Bart Bok
2138 Swissair 1968 HB Swissair, airline company
2139 Makharadze 1970 MC Makharadze, Georgia (twin city of Genichesk, Ukraine), named in honor of friendship betweer Georgian and Ukrainian nations
2140 Kemerovo 1970 PE Kemerovo Oblast, Russia
2141 Simferopol Simferopol, Ukrainian SSR (now Ukraine)
2142 Landau 1972 GA Lev Davidovich Landau, Soviet physicist
2143 Jimarnold 1973 SA Jim Arnold, chemist
2144 Marietta Marietta Sergeevna Shaginyan, Soviet writer
2145 Blaauw 1976 UF Adriaan Blaauw, Dutch astronomer
2146 Stentor 1976 UQ Stentor, Greek warrior
2147 Kharadze 1976 US Evgenii Kirillovich Kharadze, Georgian astronomer, Director of Abastumani Observatory
2148 Epeios 1976 UW Epeios, Greek soldier and builder of Trojan Horse
2149 Schwambraniya 1977 FX Fictional land from Lev Kassil's Conduite and Schwambraniya
2150 Nyctimene 1977 TA A daughter of Epopeus, King of Lesbos
2151 Hadwiger 1977 VX Hugo Hadwiger, Swiss mathematician
2152 Hannibal 1978 WK Hannibal, Carthaginian general
2153 Akiyama 1978 XD Kaoru Akiyama, Japanese astronomer
2154 Underhill 2015 P-L Anne B. Underhill, Canadian astrophysicist
2155 Wodan 6542 P-L Odin, Norse god
2156 Kate A917 SH Wife of L. K. Kristensen
2157 Ashbrook A924 EF Joseph Ashbrook, editor of Sky & Telescope
2158 Tietjen 1933 OS Friedrich Tietjen, German astronomer
2159 Kukkamäki 1941 UX T. J. Kukkamäki, Finnish geodesist
2160 Spitzer 1956 RL Lyman Spitzer, American astrophysicist
2161 Grissom 1963 UD Gus Grissom, US astronaut
2162 Anhui 1966 BE Anhui, China
2163 Korczak Janusz Korczak, Polish writer who died at Treblinka
2164 Lyalya Elena Konstantinova Ubiivovk, astronomy student who died in World War II
2165 Young 1956 RJ Charles Augustus Young, American astronomer
2166 Handahl 1936 QB Violent Handahl Green, mother of Daniel W. E. Green of the Minor Planet Center
2167 Erin 1971 LA Daughter of George Punko, astronomer
2168 Swope Henrietta Hill Swope, American astronomer
2169 Taiwan Taiwan
2170 Byelorussia 1971 SZ Belarus
2171 Kiev Kiev, Ukraine
2172 Plavsk Plavsk, Russia
2173 Maresjev Alexei Petrovich Maresiev, Russian war veteran
2174 Asmodeus 1975 TA Asmodai, god/demon
2175 Andrea Doria 1977 TY Andrea Doria, Genoese admiral
2176 Donar 2529 P-L Thor, Teutonic god
2177 Oliver 6551 P-L Bernard M. Oliver, researcher at Hewlett-Packard
2178 Kazakhstania Kazakhstan
2179 Platzeck 1965 MA Ricardo Pablo Platzeck, Argentinian astronomer
2180 Marjaleena 1940 RJ Marjaleena Johnsson, daughter of discoverer
2181 Fogelin 1942 YA Eric S. Fogelin, Minor Planet Center staff
2182 Semirot Pierre Sémirot, French astronomer
2183 Neufang 1959 OB Neufang, Thuringia, Germany
2184 Fujian Fujian, China
2185 Guangdong 1965 WO Guangdong, China
2186 Keldysh Mstislav Vsevolodovich Keldysh, Soviet physicist and mathematician
2187 La Silla 1976 UH La Silla Observatory
2188 Orlenok Orlyonok All-Union Young Pioneer camp
2189 Zaragoza 1975 QK Zaragoza, Spain
2190 Coubertin Baron Pierre de Coubertin, French educator and founder of the modern Olympic Games
2191 Uppsala Uppsala, Sweden, and its university
2192 Pyatigoriya 1972 HP Pyatigorsk, Russia
2193 Jackson 1926 KB Cyril V. Jackson, South African astronomer
2194 Arpola 1940 GE Discoverer's summer cottage near Turku
2195 Tengström Erik Tengström, Swedish geodesist
2196 Ellicott 1965 BC Andrew Ellicott Douglass, American astronomer
2197 Shanghai 1965 YN Shanghai, China
2198 Ceplecha 1975 VF Zdenek Ceplecha, Czech astronomer
2199 Kleť 1978 LA Kleť Observatory, standing on Kleť Hill, Czech Republic
2200 Pasadena 6090 P-L Pasadena, California, USA
2201 Oljato 1947 XC Moonlight Water, Monument Valley, Utah
2202 Pele 1972 RA Pele, Polynesian fire goddess
2203 van Rhijn Pieter Johannes van Rhijn, Dutch astronomer
2204 Lyyli 1943 EQ Lyyli Heinänen, amateur astronomer
2205 Glinka Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka, Russian composer
2206 Gabrova Gabrovo, Bulgaria
2207 Antenor Antenor, Trojan mythological hero
2208 Pushkin Aleksandr Pushkin, Russian poet
2209 Tianjin Tianjin, China
2210 Lois 9597 P-L Lois J. Baldwin, wife of Ralph Belknap Baldwin, American astronomer
2211 Hanuman Hanuman, monkey-god in mythology of India
2212 Hephaistos 1978 SB Hephaestus, Greek god
2213 Meeus Jean Meeus, Belgian amateur astronomer
2214 Carol 1953 GF Carol D. Valenti, Minor Planet Center staff member
2215 Sichuan Sichuan, China
2216 Kerch 1971 LF Hero City Kerch, Crimea
2217 Eltigen a place where Soviet troops landed in November 1943 (see Kerch-Eltigen Operation)
2218 Wotho 1975 AK Wotho Atoll, Marshall Islands
2219 Mannucci 1975 LU Edgardo Mannucci, observatory mechanic
2220 Hicks 1975 VB William B. Hicks, businessman
2221 Chilton 1976 QC Jean Chilton McCroskey, wife of Richard Eugene McCroskey, American astronomer
2222 Lermontov Mikhail Lermontov, Russian poet
2223 Sarpedon Sarpedon, Greek warrior
2224 Tucson 2528 P-L Tucson, Arizona, USA
2225 Serkowski 6546 P-L Krzysztof M. Serkowski, Polish-born American astronomer
2226 Cunitza Lydia Cunitz, discoverer's sister-in-law
2227 Otto Struve 1955 RX Otto Struve, Russian-born American astronomer
2228 Soyuz-Apollo 1977 OH The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project joint Soviet-American mission [S&T, November 1982]
2229 Mezzarco 1977 RO Italian for half-arch, half-vault
2230 Yunnan Yunnan, China
2231 Durrell 1941 SG Lawrence Durrell, British author
2232 Altaj Altai Republic, Russia
2233 Kuznetsov Nikolai Ivanovich Kuznetsov, Soviet partisan
2234 Schmadel 1977 HD Lutz D. Schmadel, German astronomer
2235 Vittore A924 GA Observatory in Bologna, Italy
2236 Austrasia 1933 FX Austrasia, kingdom of the Merovingian Franks
2237 Melnikov 1938 TB Oleg Aleksandrovich Melnikov, Russian astronomer
2238 Steshenko Nikolai Vladimirovich Steshenko, Russian (Ukrainian?) astronomer
2239 Paracelsus 1978 RC Paracelsus, physician
2240 Tsai 1978 YA Tsai Chang-hsien, Chinese astronomer
2241 Alcathous 1979 WM Alcathous, mythological Greek
2242 Balaton 1936 TG Lake Balaton, largest lake in Hungary
2243 Lönnrot Elias Lönnrot, Finnish scholar, collector of folk tales and traditions
2244 Tesla Nikola Tesla, Serbian-born electrical engineer and inventor
2245 Hekatostos 1968 BC Greek for 100th (asteroid discovered by a joint program)
2246 Bowell 1979 XH Edward L. G. Bowell, American astronomer
2247 Hiroshima 6512 P-L Hiroshima, Japan
2248 Kanda 1933 DE Shigeru Kanda, Japanese science writer
2249 Yamamoto 1942 GA Issei Yamamoto, Japanese astronomer
2250 Stalingrad 1972 HN now Volgograd, Russia
2251 Tikhov Gavriil Adrianovich Tikhov, Russian astronomer
2252 CERGA 1978 VT Centre d'études et de recherches géodynamiques et astrométriques (CÉRGA)
2253 Espinette 1932 PB house in Williams Bay, Wisconsin
2254 Requiem in memory of discoverer's mother
2255 Qinghai Qinghai, China
2256 Wiśniewski 4519 P-L Wiesław Z. Wiśniewski, Polish astronomer
2257 Kaarina 1939 QB Kaarina Soini, daughter of discoverer
2258 Viipuri 1939 TA now Vyborg, Russia
2259 Sofievka 1971 OG park in Uman, Ukraine
2260 Neoptolemus Neoptolemus, mythological Greek warrior
2261 Keeler 1977 HC James Edward Keeler, American astronomer
2262 Mitidika 1978 RB Gypsy girl from novel by Clemens Brentano
2263 Shaanxi Shaanxi, China
2264 Sabrina 1979 YK legendary English princess, daughter of King Locrine, drowned in the River Severn
2265 Verbaandert 1950 DB Jean Verbaandert, Belgian geophysicist
2266 Tchaikovsky 1974 VK Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Russian composer
2267 Agassiz 1977 RF Louis Agassiz, Swiss-born American zoologist and geologist
2268 Szmytowna 1942 VW Maria Szmytowna, chemist
2269 Efremiana Ivan Antonovich Efremov, Soviet paleontologist and author
2270 Yazhi 1980 ED Navajo for little one
2271 Kiso station of Tokyo Observatory
2272 Montezuma 1972 FA Moctezuma II, ninth emperor of the Aztec empire
2273 Yarilo Iarilo, Slavic sun god
2274 Ehrsson 1976 EA A friend of the discoverer
2275 Cuitlahuac 1979 MH Cuitláhuac, tenth emperor of the Aztec empire
2276 Warck 1933 QA Evelyne Warck, granddaughter of discoverer
2277 Moreau 1950 DS Fernand Moreau, Belgian astronomer
2278 Götz 1953 GE Paul Götz, observatory staff
2279 Barto 1968 DL Agniya Lvovna Barto, Soviet poetess
2280 Kunikov Tzezar Lvovich Kunikov, Soviet war hero, commander, whose army seized Malaya Zemlya in 1943
2281 Biela Wilhelm von Biela, Austrian astronomer
2282 Andrés Bello 1974 FE Andrés Bello, Venezuelan intellectual
2283 Bunke Tamara Bunke, German patriot
2284 San Juan San Juan Province, Argentina, and San Juan University
2285 Ron Helin 1976 QB Ronald P. Helin, husband of Eleanor F. Helin, American astronomer
2286 Fesenkov 1977 NH Vasilii Grigorevich Fesenkov, Soviet astrophysicist
2287 Kalmykia Kalmyk ASSR, Russian SFSR (now Kalmykia, Russia)
2288 Karolinum 1979 UZ The Karolinum, main building of the Univerzita Karlova (Charles University of Prague)
2289 McMillan 6567 P-L Robert S. McMillan, American astronomer
2290 Helffrich Joseph Helffrich, German astronomer
2291 Kevo 1941 FS Field station on the Kevo river, Lappland
2292 Seili 1942 RM Seili, island near Turku
2293 Guernica Guernica, Spain
2294 Andronikov Iraklii Luarsabovich Andronikov, Soviet writer
2295 Matusovskij Mikhail Lvovich Matusovskii, Soviet poet
2296 Kugultinov David Nikitich Kugultinov, poet of Kalmykia and USSR
2297 Daghestan 1978 RE Dagestan ASSR, Russian SFSR (now Daghestan, Russia)
2298 Cindijon A915 TA Cynthia and Jonathan, children of Brian G. Marsden
2299 Hanko 1941 SZ Hanko, Finland
2300 Stebbins Joel Stebbins, American astronomer
2301 Whitford 1965 WJ Albert E. Whitford, American astronomer
2302 Florya Nikolai Fedorovich Florya, Russian astronomer
2303 Retsina 1979 FK Retsina, Greek wine
2304 Slavia 1979 KB Slavia, sports club in Prague
2305 King Martin Luther King, civil rights leader
2306 Bauschinger 1939 PM Julius Bauschinger, German astronomer
2307 Garuda 1957 HJ Garuda is a son of Kasyapa and Vinata in the mythology of India
2308 Schilt 1967 JM Jan Schilt, Dutch astronomer
2309 Mr. Spock Discoverer's cat (who was in turn named after the Star Trek character)
2310 Olshaniya Hero of the Soviet Union Konstantin Olshanskij and other Soviet fighters who entered Nazi-occupied Nikolaev in March 1944
2311 El Leoncito Observing station at Felix Aguilar Observatory
2312 Duboshin Georgii Nikolaevich Duboshin, Soviet astronomer
2313 Aruna 1976 TA Represents the red glow of dawn in mythology of India
2314 Field 1977 VD George Brooks Field, American astronomer
2315 Czechoslovakia 1980 DZ Czechoslovakia, which split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993
2316 Jo-Ann 1980 RH Jo-Ann Bowell, wife of discoverer
2317 Galya 2524 P-L Galya Lubarsky, friend of Tom Gehrels
2318 Lubarsky 6521 P-L Cronid Lubarsky, friend of Tom Gehrels
2319 Aristides 7631 P-L Aristides, Athenian politician
2320 Blarney 1979 QJ Blarney, Ireland
2321 Lužnice Lužnice River, Czech Republic
2322 Kitt Peak Kitt Peak National Observatory, USA
2323 Zverev Mitrofan Stepanovich Zverev, Russian astronomer
2324 Janice Janice Cline, astronomy supporter
2325 Chernykh 1979 SP Lyudmila and Nikolai Chernykh, Russian astronomers
2326 Tololo 1965 QC Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, Chile
2327 Gershberg Roald Evgenevich Gershberg, Russian astronomer
2328 Robeson 1972 HW Paul Robeson, American singer, actor and activist
2329 Orthos 1976 WA Orthos, the two-headed dog from Greek mythology
2330 Ontake Mount Ontake, volcano
2331 Parvulesco 1936 EA Constantin Pârvulescu, Romanian astronomer.
2332 Kalm 1940 GH Pehr Kalm (Pietari Kalm), Finnish explorer, botanist, agricultural economist
2333 Porthan 1943 EP Henrik Gabriel Porthan, Finnish historian
2334 Cuffey 1962 HD James Cuffey, astronomy supporter
2335 James 1974 UB James G. Williams, mathematician
2336 Xinjiang Xinjiang, China
2337 Boubín Boubín, mountain in Bohemia, Czech Republic
2338 Bokhan Nadezhda Antonovna Bokhan, staff member at Institute of Theoretical Astronomy in Leningrad Saint Petersburg
2339 Anacreon 2509 P-L Anacreon, Greek poet
2340 Hathor 1976 UA Hathor, Egyptian goddess
2341 Aoluta Astronomical Observatory of Leningrad University
2342 Lebedev 1968 UQ Nikolai Aleksandrovich Lebedev, Russian war hero
2343 Siding Spring Siding Spring Observatory, Australia
2344 Xizang Tibet
2345 Fučik 1974 OS Julius Fučik, writer
2346 Lilio 1934 CB Aloysius Lilius, inventor of the Gregorian Calendar
2347 Vinata 1936 TK In mythology of India, daughter of Prajapati and wife of Kasyapa
2348 Michkovitch 1939 AA Vojislav V. Michkovitch, Serbian astronomer
2349 Kurchenko 1970 OG Nadezhda Kurchenko, heroic airline stewardess
2350 von Lüde 1938 CG Heinz von Lüde, German astronomer
2351 O'Higgins 1964 VD Bernardo O'Higgins, Chilean hero
2352 Kurchatov 1969 RY Igor Vasilevich Kurchatov, Russian physicist
2353 Alva 1975 UD former girlfriend of discoverer
2354 Lavrov Svyatoslav Sergeevich Lavrov, Russian computer scientist
2355 Nei Monggol Inner Mongolia, China
2356 Hirons 1979 UJ Charles and Ann Hirons, parents-in-law of discoverer
2357 Phereclos 1981 AC Phereclos, Trojan craftsman
2358 Bahner 1929 RE Klaus Bahner, observatory staff
2359 Debehogne 1931 TV Henri Debehogne, Belgian astronomer
2360 Volgo-Don Volga-Don Canal, Russia
2361 Gogol Nikolai Gogol, Russian writer
2362 Mark Twain Mark Twain, American writer
2363 Cebriones Cebriones, Hector's charioteer
2364 Seillier 1978 GD Mother of discoverer
2365 Interkosmos 1980 YQ Intercosmos, Russian space exploration organization
2366 Aaryn Aaryn G. Baltutis, grandson of discoverer
2367 Praha Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic
2368 Beltrovata 1977 RA Name give by writer Gottfried Keller to his friend Betty Tendering
2369 Chekhov Anton Chekhov, Russian writer
2370 van Altena 1965 LA William Foster van Altena (Willem van Altena), Dutch-born American astronomer
2371 Dimitrov Georgi Mikhailovich Dimitrov, Bulgarian politician
2372 Proskurin Vitalii Fedorovich Proskurin, Russian astronomer
2373 Immo 1929 PC Immo Appenzeller, German astronomer
2374 Vladvysotskij Vladimir Vysotsky, singer
2375 Radek 1975 AA Ctirad Kohoutek, Czech composer
2376 Martynov Dmitrii Yakovlevich Martynov, astrophysicist
2377 Shcheglov Vladimir Petrovich Shcheglov, Russian astronomer
2378 Pannekoek 1935 CY Anton Pannekoek, Dutch astronomer
2379 Heiskanen 1941 ST Weikko Aleksanteri Heiskanen, Finnish geodesist
2380 Heilongjiang 1965 SN Heilongjiang, China
2381 Landi 1976 AF Jorge Landi Dessy, Argentinian astronomer
2382 Nonie 1977 GA Daughter of Peter Jekabsons, observatory staff
2383 Bradley 1981 GN Martin and Maud Bradley, friends of discoverer
2384 Schulhof Leopold Schulhof, Hungarian-born (as Lipót Schulhóf) astronomer
2385 Mustel 1969 VW Evald Rudolfovich Mustel, Russian astronomer
2386 Nikonov Vladimir Borisovich Nikonov, Russian astronomer
2387 Xi'an 1975 FX Xi'an, China
2388 Gase Vera Fedorovna Gaze, part of the Pulkovo Observatory staff
2389 Dibaj Ernest Apushevich Dibai, astrophysicist
2390 Nežárka Nežárka River, Czech Republic
2391 Tomita 1957 AA Koichiro Tomita, Japanese astronomer
2392 Jonathan Murray Jonathan Murray, son of friends of discoverers
2393 Suzuki 1955 WB Keishin Suzuki, Japanese astronomer
2394 Nadeev Lev Nikolaevich Nadeev, Russian astrometrist
2395 Aho 1977 FA Arne J. Aho, observatory staff
2396 Kochi 1981 CB Kochi, Japan
2397 Lappajärvi 1938 DV Lappajärvi, lake in Finland
2398 Jilin Jilin, China
2399 Terradas 1971 MA Esteban Terradas e Illa, mathematician
2400 Derevskaya 1972 KJ Aleksandra Avramovna Derevskaya, foster mother
2401 Aehlita Martian girl from novel by Aleksei Nikolaevich Tolstoi
2402 Satpaev Kanysh Imantayevich Satpayev, Kazakh geologist
2403 Šumava 1979 SQ Šumava mountains, Czech Republic
2404 Antarctica 1980 TE Antarctica, in honour of the third Soviet Antarctic Expedition, in which the discoverer participated
2405 Welch 1963 UF David F. Welch, AURA administrator
2406 Orelskaya 1966 QG Varvara Ivanovna Orel'skaya, observatory staff
2407 Haug 1973 DH Ulrich Haug, German astronomer
2408 Astapovich Igor' Stanislavovich Astapovich, Russian astronomer
2409 Chapman 1979 UG Clark R. Chapman, American astronomer
2410 Morrison 1981 AF David Morrison, American astronomer
2411 Zellner 1981 JK Benjamin H. Zellner, American astronomer
2412 Wil 3537 P-L Wil van de Hulst, wife of Dutch astronomer Hendrik C. van de Hulst
2413 van de Hulst 6816 P-L Hendrik C. van de Hulst, Dutch astronomer
2414 Vibeke 1931 UG Daughter of L. K. Kristensen
2415 Ganesa 1978 UJ In mythology of India, represents call to spiritual power
2416 Sharonov Vsevolod Vasil'evich Sharonov, Russian observatory director
2417 McVittie 1964 CD George C. McVittie, American astronomer
2418 Voskovec-Werich 1971 UV Jiří Voskovec and Jan Werich, Czech actors
2419 Moldavia 1974 SJ Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic
2420 Čiurlionis 1975 TN M. K. Čiurlionis, Lithuanian painter and composer
2421 Nininger 1979 UD Harvey Harlow Nininger, American meteoriticist
2422 Perovskaya Sofya Lvovna Perovskaya, Russian revolutionary
2423 Ibarruri 1972 NC Ruben Ibarruri, Russian soldier
2424 Tautenburg Tautenburg, Germany
2425 Shenzhen 1975 FW Shenzhen, China
2426 Simonov 1976 KV Konstantin Mikhailovich Simonov, Russian writer
2427 Kobzar Taras Shevchenko (a.k.a. Kobzar), Ukrainian poet and painter
2428 Kamenyar Ivan Franko (a.k.a. Kamenyar), Ukrainian writer and scientist
2429 Schürer 1977 TZ Max Schürer, Swiss astronomer
2430 Bruce Helin 1977 VC Bruce Helin, son of one of the discoverers
2431 Skovoroda Hryhori Skovoroda, Ukrainian philosopher and poet
2432 Soomana 1981 FA Hopi for star girl
2433 Sootiyo 1981 GJ Hopi for star boy
2434 Bateson 1981 KA Frank Maine Bateson, New Zealand astronomer
2435 Horemheb 4578 P-L Horemheb, Egyptian pharaoh
2436 Hatshepsut 6066 P-L Hatshepsut, Egyptian queen
2437 Amnestia 1942 RZ Amnesty International
2438 Oleshko Valentina Iosifovna Oleshko, Russian partisan
2439 Ulugbek Ulugh Beg, Uzbek sultan and astronomer
2440 Educatio Education
2441 Hibbs Al and Marks Hibbs, friends of one discoverer
2442 Corbett 1980 TO Jim Corbett, hunter and writer
2443 Tomeileen A906 BJ Thomas and Eileen Marsden, parents of Brian G. Marsden
2444 Lederle 1934 CD Trudpert Lederle, German astronomer
2445 Blazhko 1935 TC Sergei Nikolaevich Blazhko, Russian astronomer
2446 Lunacharsky Anatoli Vasilevich Lunacharsky, Russian statesman and writer
2447 Kronstadt Kronstadt, Russia
2448 Sholokhov 1975 BU Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov, Russian writer
2449 Kenos 1978 GC First man in mythology of native Americans of Tierra del Fuego
2450 Ioannisiani 1978 RP Bagrat Konstantinovich Ioannisiani, Russian telescope designer
2451 Dollfus 1980 RQ Audouin Dollfus, French astronomer
2452 Lyot 1981 FE Bernard Lyot, French astronomer
2453 Wabash A921 SA Bob Warshow (a.k.a. "Wabash"), computer operator
2454 Olaus Magnus 1941 SS Olaus Magnus
2455 Somville Oscar Somville, seismologist
2456 Palamedes Palamedes, Greek commander
2457 Rublyov Andrei Rublev, Russian painter
2458 Veniakaverin Veniamin Aleksandrovich Kaverin, Russian writer
2459 Spellmann Leonard Spellmann, father of discoverer
2460 Mitlincoln MIT and Lincoln Laboratory
2461 Clavel Gustavine Clavel, centenarian
2462 Nehalennia 6578 P-L Nehalennia, Roman goddess
2463 Sterpin 1934 FF Julia Sterpin Van Biesbroeck, wife of discoverer
2464 Nordenskiöld 1939 BF Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld, Finnish-born Swedish explorer
2465 Wilson 1949 PK Sir Robert Wilson, British astronomer
2466 Golson 1959 RJ John C. Golson, observatory staff
2467 Kollontai 1966 PJ Alexandra Mikhailovna Kollontai, Russian ambassador
2468 Repin Ilya Yefimovich Repin, Russian painter
2469 Tadjikistan 1970 HA Tajikistan
2470 Agematsu Agematsu, Japan
2471 Ultrajectum 6545 P-L Latin name for the city of Utrecht
2472 Bradman 1973 DG Donald Bradman, Australian cricketer*
2473 Heyerdahl Thor Heyerdahl, explorer
2474 Ruby 1979 PB Ruby, the discoverer's dog, which lives at the Kleť Observatory
2475 Semenov Pavel Afanes'evich Semenov, Commander of a Russian tank battalion in World War II
2476 Andersen Hans Christian Andersen, Danish fabulist
2477 Biryukov Nikolai Zotovich Biryukov, Russian writer
2478 Tokai 1981 JC Tokai, Japan
2479 Sodankylä 1942 CB Sodankylä, Finland
2480 Papanov Anatolii Dmitrievich Papanov, Russian actor
2481 Bürgi 1977 UQ Jost Bürgi, Swiss clockmaker and maker of scientific instruments, astronomer, and independent inventor of logarithms
2482 Perkin 1980 CO Richard S. and Gladys T. Perkin of Perkin-Elmer Corp., supporters of astronomy [S&T, Dec 1982, p. 542]
2483 Guinevere 1928 QB Guinevere, Arthurian queen
2484 Parenago 1928 TK Pavel Petrovich Parenago, Russian astronomer [S&T, Dec 1982, p. 542]
2485 Scheffler 1932 BH Helmut Scheffler, German astronomer
2486 Metsähovi 1939 FY Metsähovi Observatory
2487 Juhani 1940 RL Son of discoverer
2488 Bryan 1952 UT William Lowe Bryan, university president
2489 Suvorov 1975 NY Alexandr Vasil'evich Suvorov, Russian military scientist
2490 Bussolini 1976 AG Juan A. Bussolini, Spanish astronomer
2491 Tvashtri 1977 CB Carpenter in mythology of India
2492 Kutuzov 1977 NT Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov, Russian military leader
2493 Elmer 1978 XC Charles Wesley Elmer, amateur astronomer
2494 Inge 1981 LF Jay L. Inge, cartographer
2495 Noviomagum 7071 P-L Latin name for the city of Nijmegen
2496 Fernandus Fernandus Payne, zoologist
2497 Kulikovskij Petr Grigor'evich Kulikovskii, Russian astronomer
2498 Tsesevich Vladimir Platonovich Tsesevich, Russian astronomer
2499 Brunk William E. Brunk, American astronomer [S&T, Dec 1982, p. 542]
2500 Alascattalo 1926 GC Alascattalo, mythical beast of Alaska


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