Veneziano, Domenico: see Domenico Veneziano.

(born circa 1410, Venice, Republic of Venice—died May 15, 1461, Florence, Republic of Florence) Italian painter. He was active mainly in Florence, where he settled circa 1439. Two signed works survive: fresco fragments of the Virgin and Child from a street tabernacle (1430s) and the altarpiece for the church of Santa Lucia dei Magnoli, called the St. Lucy Altarpiece (circa 1445), one of the outstanding Florentine early Renaissance paintings of the mid 15th century and Domenico's most successful experiment in rendering outdoor light. He used colour and texture as the basis of perspective and composition; his influence can be seen in the work of Alesso Baldovinetti.

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Veneziano, meaning "of Venice", "from Venice", or "the Venetian", may refer to:

  • Veneziano (surname), a surname, often derived as a nickname for persons from Venice.
  • Anonimo veneziano (the Anonymous Venetian), a 1970 film.
  • Il veneziano (The Venetian), the Italian distribution title of the 1987 TV movie, Casanova.
  • Gabriele Veneziano, an Italian theoretical physicist, founder of string theory.
  • Rondò Veneziano, an Italian chamber orchestra incorporating a rock-style rhythm section.
    • Rondò Veneziano, the eponymous first album produced by Rondò Veneziano.
  • Stucco Veneziano, a decorative plaster sometimes known simply as "Veneziano".

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