Veggie Booty

Pirate's Booty

Pirate's Booty is a snack food produced by Robert's American Gourmet Food. Available in the United States, it is considered Robert's top product.

The snack was developed by commodities trader Robert Ehrlich. He would often watch people purchasing Cheese Puffs in a local supermarket. The snack, Ehrlich explained, did not have "any real cheese in them...most of the ingredients you couldn't even pronounce."

The snack is made with natural ingredients and real cheese. The leading snack of Ehrlich's product line, it is available in 90% of supermarkets across the United States. The snack is often considered a healthy alternative to other snack foods. Robert's has also marketed a number of other similar products, including a low carbohydrate version called Girlfriend's Booty, Simply Booty Vegan, the fruit-based Fruity Booty, Moon Chips, Pirate's Swag Granola and Trail Mix, Tings, Smart Puffs and the vegetable-based Veggie Booty.

Product Recall

On June 29, 2007, Robert's American Gourmet recalled their Veggie Booty brand snack food due to salmonella contamination.

In addition, they recalled other snacks due to the same reasons.


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