Vector (food)


Vector may refer to:

In mathematics

  • Euclidean vector, a geometric entity endowed with both length and direction, an element of a Euclidean vector space
  • Coordinate vector, in linear algebra, an explicit representation of an element of any abstract vector space
  • Probability vector, in statistics, a vector with non-negative entries that add up to one
  • Row vector or column vector, a one-dimensional matrix often representing the solution of a system of linear equations
  • Tuple, an ordered list of numbers, sometimes used to represent a vector

In computer science

  • A one-dimensional array
    • Vector (STL), a data type in the C++ Standard Template Library
  • Dope vector, a data structure used to store information about an array
  • Vector processor, a computer processor which works on arrays of several numbers at once
  • Vector graphics, images defined by geometric primitives as opposed to bitmaps
  • Interrupt vector, the location in memory of an interrupt handling routine
  • Vector (malware), methods used by computer viruses and malware to propagate themselves
  • Vector-06C, a computer developed in the USSR

In biology

In business

In entertainment

Fictional elements

Other uses

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