Vaughan—King—Aurora was a federal electoral riding in Ontario, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1997 to 2004, and was a provincial electoral riding represented in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1999 to 2007.

Federal riding

The federal riding was created in 1996 as Vaughan—Aurora, and was subsequently renamed "Vaughan—King—Aurora" from parts of Markham, Oak Ridges, and York North ridings.

It existed only for the 1997 and 2000 elections.

It was abolished in 2004, as ridings in York Region were redistributed due to its fast-growing population. The riding was redistributed into Newmarket—Aurora, Oak Ridges—Markham, and Vaughan ridings.

Provincial riding

The provincial riding of Vaughan—King—Aurora was created before the 1999 election when Ontario provincial electoral districts were redefined to be the same as the federal districts. Municipalities in this riding were previously in parts of York Centre (Vaughan) and York—Mackenzie (Newmarket, Aurora, King) ridings.

Currently, the riding is held by the Honourable Greg Sorbara, representing the Ontario Liberal Party in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Sorbara served as the Minister of Finance for the Cabinet of Ontario from 2003 until his resignation in October 2005, however he was reinstated in may 2006.

Federal election results

|- |Liberal |BEVILACQUA, Maurizio |align="right"| 33,502 |Progressive Conservative |COOMBS, Lara |align="right"| 8,591 |Reform |HAZELGROVE, Maralyn |align="right"| 7,273 |New Democratic Party | NAVARRETTA, Robert |align="right"| 2,250 |Independent |JAMES, Andrew |align="right"|524 |}

|- |Liberal |BEVILACQUA, Maurizio |align="right"|38,208 |Canadian Alliance |VISENTIN, Adrian |align="right"| 9,757 |Progressive Conservative |MAZZUCA, Menotti |align="right"| 6,551 |New Democratic Party |BECKLES, Octavia |align="right"|1,938 |No affiliation |KNIGHT, Lesley Arden |align="right"|384 |}

Provincial election results

|- |Greg Sorbara |align="right"|36928 |align="right"|56.14 |align="right"|15.97 |- |Carmine Iacono |align="right"|21744 |align="right"|33.06 |align="right"|-21.64 |- |Mike Seaward |align="right"|4697 |align="right"|7.14 |align="right"|4.22 |- |Adrian Visentin |align="right"|2412 |align="right"|3.67 |align="right"|2.73 |} |- |Al Palladini |align="right"|28836 |align="right"|54.7 |- |Tony Genco |align="right"|21173 |align="right"|40.17 |- |Michael Seaward |align="right"|1539 |align="right"|2.92 |- |John W. Genser |align="right"|670 |align="right"|1.27 |- |Ernst von Bezold |align="right"|495 |align="right"|0.94 |}

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