Varvasena or Varvassena (Βαρβάσαινα) is a town in the eastern part of the municipality of Pyrgos in the central part of the prefecture of Ilia. It is accessed by an old road connecting Pyrgos and Olympia and Tripoli (10th km) It now has the western junction, about 3 km W, the south junction about 1 to 2 km S and the east junction at about 3 km E. The new highway (GR-74) is south of Varvasena. It is located about 100 km (old: 110 km) S of Patras, about 30 km SE of Amaliada, 10 km SE of Pyrgos, 10 km W of Olympia, about 80 km SW of Lampeia and about 20 km N of Krestena.

Nearest places


  • Location:
    • Varvasena
      • Longitude: 21.498 (21°29'55') E
      • Latitude: 37.67 (37°40'17') N
    • Kato Varvasena
      • Longitude: 21.495 (21°29'45') E
      • Latitude: 37.658 (37°39'30') N
  • Postal code: 271 00
  • Elevation: 39 m
  • Dialing code: +11+30-26210 (030-26210)-44

Historical population

Year Communal population Change (town)
1981 1,134 -
1991 1,181 47/4.14%
2001 1,356 (municipal district), 1,250 (town) --->

Varvasena has a school, a lyceum, a gymnasium, a church, a post office, a train station (Patras - Kato Achaia - Lechaina - Amaliada - Pyrgos - Olympia), and a square (plateia).

The Enipeas river is situated 2.5 km from Varvasena.

The population was 62 in 1991 and risen to 106 in 2001.

Kato Varvasena (Κάτω Βαρβάσαινα), a settlement of Varvasena is located not far from Varvasena in the southwest.

The area has farms situated mainly in the south and the central part with a few forests especially situated next to the new highway. Hills with forests and some grasses are in the north, the west and around the valley. The Alpheus river is to the south.

The area has some morphological scarps in the semi-mountainous areas and west of the Cheimadi plain.

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