Varanus Island

Varanus Island

Varanus Island is the largest of the Lowendal Islands, an archipelago off the north west coast of Western Australia, near Karratha in the Pilbara region. It is located at .


It has facilities for piping oil and gas from various locations within the Harriet and East Spar oilfield, that was developed by the Bond Corporation in 1987 which is now known as the the Varanus Island Processing Hub and owned by Apache Corporation


The presence of oil and gas field operations appear to not have significantly affected local birdlife

2008 gas crisis

On 3 June 2008, Apache Energy's primary gas pipeline ruptured, causing an explosion. The plant was shut down, and all personnel on the island were airlifted out. The shutdown reduced Western Australia's gas supply by around a third, triggering an energy crisis. Apache Energy has stated that it will take two to three months until the plant is operating at even half capacity.

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