Vanga curvirostris


The vangas are a group of little-known small to medium-sized passerine birds restricted to Madagascar. Their relationship with other passerine groups is uncertain, but they seem most closely related to several other enigmatic African groups, such as helmetshrikes (Fuchs et al., 2004). Several of these species (including Van Dam's, Rufous and Sickle-billed) can be found in the Madagascar dry deciduous forests.

They are usually shrike-like, arboreal forest birds, feeding on reptiles, frogs and insects (but see below). Vangas' stick nests are built in trees. They do not migrate.

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Though vangas were traditionally believed to be a small family of generally shrike-like birds, recent research has revealed that several taxa most similar in appearance and habits (and formerly considered to be) flycatchers or Old World babblers are in fact vangas (Cibois et al. 1999, 2001; Yamagishi et al., 2001; Schulenberg, 2003).



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