Vampires Suck

Vampires Suck

Vampires Suck is a webcomic by Linus Larsson, aka 2ma2. It revolves around two Vampires, Abel and Lucius. Abel is a rather unlucky Vampire whose only "friends" are the people he talks to on the internet. Lucius is a pompous vampire who keeps Abel in the basement of his house. The comic started in 2006 and is updated weekly.



Abel lives in Lucius' basement, and his only form of "Friends" are the animals in his basement and the internet. He is not as good a Vampire as Lucius, and often asks for his advice. His ugly physical appearance and feebleness often contrast between the more attractive, more confident Lucius.


Lucius is an extremely confident, yet cynical vampire who enjoys putting down Abel. He can be described as pompous, always pointing out the stupidity of mortals.


Lemmiwinks was a small rat that lived in Abel's basement. It was his only friend until Abel killed him.


The graphical style of Vampires Suck is a hand-drawn black-white-grey colour with occasional dashes of sepia or scarlet.

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