Vamar Shipwreck Site

Vamar Shipwreck Site

The Vamar (originally christened the Kilmarnock) is an English shipwreck (which sank on March 19, 1942) near Mexico Beach, Florida, United States. It is located 3.7 miles offshore from Mexico Beach. It became the ninth Florida Underwater Archaeological Preserve when it was dedicated in 2004. On April 10, 2006, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

Alternate names

The Vamar underwent several name changes in its history:

  • 1919 - christened the Kilmarnock
  • 1920s - renamed the Chelsea after being sold to a private firm
  • 1928 - Rear-Admiral Richard Byrd acquires the ship for his journey to Antarctica. He renames the ship the Eleanor Bolling, in honor of his mother, Eleanor Bolling Byrd
    • During the voyage, due to rough seas, the crew nicknamed the ship the Evermore Rolling
  • 1933 - the Vamar Shipping Company buys the ship and renames it the Vamar

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