Municipality of Valtetsi
Δήμος Βαλτετσίου
Dimos Valtetsiou
Prefecture: Arcadia
Province: Mantineia
Number of municipal districts: 13 (see below)
Population: (2001)
-Municipality (Change)

1,842 (-380 or -17.1% from 1991)

about 500 (west)
700 m
about 1,600 to 1,700 m (north)
Postal code: GR-220 27
Car designation: TP

Valtetsi (Greek, Modern: Βαλτέτσι, Katharevoussa: -ον -on), older forms: -o and -on, also with the first an e accented is a municipality and a village in Arcadia, Greece. Population 1,842 (2001). The seat of the municipality is in Asea. The municipality was recreated in the late-1990s. Valtetsi is located southwest of Tripoli, north-northwest of Sparta and east of Megalopoli.

Municipal districts


Year Municipal population Change Percent of the prefecture
1981 - - -
1991 2,222 - -
2001 1,842 -380 or -17.1% 1.81%


Its geography are mainly of mountains around the area, it has farmlands situated in valley areas including the central part that includes Asea and by its nearby villages. Forests dominate the middle to mid-higher elevations except for Tsibero which are mainly rocky and bushy.


Valtetsi has schools, a lyceum (middle school), a gymnasium (secondary school),church, banks, a post office, and a square (plateia).

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