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Tadeusz Maćkała

Tadeusz Maćkała (born on 2nd november 1962 in Lubin) is a Polish senator, representing Platforma Obywatelska.

In 1986, graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Wrocław University. In 1991, articled to become a legal adviser.

1986-1990 - worked at Wojewódzka Dyrekcja Inwestycji (Provincial Works Directorate) in Wrocław and Wrocławskie Przedsiębiorstwo Projektowania Urbanistycznego ("Wrocław Urban Planning Enterprise").

1990-1994 - deputy mayor of Lubin; 1994- 1998 - mayor of Lubin.

1994- 2001 - member of Lubin Town Council.

Since 1993, member of Teraz Lubin Association which promotes the town of Lubin.

In the Third and Fourth Term Sejm, was member of the National Defence Committee, State Treasury, Enfranchisement and Privatization Committee, Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry Committee, Justice and Human Rights Committee and Legislative Committee.

During studies, was member of the Independent Students' Alliance and, subsequently, of the Solidarity Trade Union. Belonged to the Christian Democratic Party and to the Alliance of the Christian Democrats, which helped to create Solidarity Electoral Action. Member of the Lower-Silesian provincial board of the Civic Platform political party.

Married, has one child.

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