Vacation in Reno

Vacation in Reno

Vacation in Reno is a 1946 film directed by Leslie Goodwins starring Jack Haley, Anne Jeffreys, Iris Adrian, Wally Brown, Alan Carney, and Morgan Conway.


A man named Jack Carroll, portrayed by Jack Haley and his wife (Anne Jeffreys) have an argument about their friends, but when he makes a crack that his mother-in-law is a "fat porpoise", they fight and she leaves him. Jack runs into two strange men right before they burglarize a bank, leaving Jack to be the only one to identify. Because of this, he takes a vacation to Reno and checks into the Bar Nothing Ranch. Later, the robbers come to Reno and check in. They bury a suitcase of money where Jack plans to find it with his metal detector. Jack finds the money, but is taken by another lady. This is the beginning of his troubles, where he encounters different men: a sheriff, a sailor, and a gun moss who convinces to the police that she is Mrs. Carroll. Soon, Jack's wife comes and Jack is unable to adequately explain things to his wife before she gets a divorce.

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