Ussuri River

Ussuri River

[oo-soor-ee; Russ. oo-soo-ryi]

The Ussuri River is a river in the east of Northeast China and south of the Russian Far East. It rises in the Sikhote-Alin range, flowing north, forming part of the Sino-Russian border based on the Sino-Russian Convention of Peking in 1860, until it joins the Amur River at Khabarovsk (). It is approximately 897 km (557 miles) in length. The area of the Ussuri basin is 193,000 km². Its waters come from rain (60%), snow (30-35%) and subterranean springs. The Ussuri River is known for its catastrophic floods. It freezes up in November and stays under the ice until April. The river teems with different kinds of fish: grayling, sturgeon, humpback salmon (gorbusha), chum salmon (keta) and others.

The Sino-Soviet border conflict of 1969 took place on the Ussuri River.

Also, the Ussuri is a tributary of the Amur River.

Major tributaries of the Ussuri River are:

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