Ushojo language

Shina language

Shina (also known as Tshina) is a Dardic language and is spoken by a plurality of people in Northern Areas of Pakistan. The Valleys include Astore, Chilas, Dareil, Tangeer, Gilgit, Ghizer, and a few parts of Baltistan and Kohistan. It is also spoken in Gurez, Drass, Kargil and Ladakh valleys of Jammu and Kashmir. There were 321,000 speakers of Gilgiti Shina as of 1981, and an estimated total of speakers of all dialects of 550,000. Many Shina speakers are also found in Pakistan's major urban centres of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Abbottabad, Hyderabad and Karachi.

Dialects include Gilgiti Shina (the main dialect), Astori Shina, Brokskad (of Baltistan and Ladakh), Domaaki, Kohistani Shina, Palula, Savi and Ushojo.




Labial Coronal Retroflex Palatal Velar Glottal
Stop Plain p t ʈ k
Aspirated ʈʰ
Voiced b d ɖ ɡ
Affricate Plain ʈʂ ʧ
Aspirated ʈʂʰ ʨʰ
Voiced ɖʐ ʤ
Fricative Plain f s ʂ ʃ h
Voiced v z ʐ ʒ
Nasal m n ɳ
Lateral l
Rhotic r ɽ
Semivowel j


Tshina has two contrasting tones, level and rising.

Days of the week

English Shina Sanskrit
Sunday Adit Adityabar
Monday Tsundora Sambar
Tuesday Ungaroo Mangal bar
Wednesday Bodo Budh bar
Thursday Bressput Brihaspati bar
Friday Shooker Suk bar
Saturday Shimshere Sanisch bar
'These names are used in Gilgit, Hunza, Nager, and were most probably introduced by the Shins, as they were in use long before the Sikh power was felt across the Indus. It would seem as if the Shins, while introducing the Hindoo days of the week, adopted in other respects the mode of computing time already existing in the country.

Useful Phrases


Khiri beyi: sit down

Weyi pi: drink water

Tiki kha: Eat your food

Mas tut khush thamus: I love you

jaik hal hin: How are you.

konat bujno: Where are you going?

Sadpara kon hin: where is sadpara?

muzzu in wa: Muzzu come here.

loko: quick

mah buja mus: i want to go

babo: father

ajee: mother

sa: sister

kako: brother

huntthay: pick up

atay: bring

mishti dish kon hin: whats the best place around phapi: anti dado: granpa

the whole people of sadpara of skardu is also shina, these nation was came from chilas since 500 years ago.the main couse of this departure is prasharize of enemies. there are some points of this language which is similer as sindhi language for example: (dih)is use for daughter in shina and this ward is also use in sindhi for daughter cato,dar,dado,dadi,bali etc.

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kaki sister Dado grand father dadi grand mother fapi aunty momo uncle bado big chonu small thulo fat ashato weak dango tall khuto short


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