Uropeltis arcticeps

Uropeltis arcticeps

Madurai Earth Snake, Uropeltis arcticeps, is a species of snake. It is also called the "Tinevelly Uropeltis."

Distribution: South India (Western Ghats south of Palghat; from sea level (Alleppey) to about 5,000 feet in the Travancore Hills; Tinnevelly Hills). Type locality:Tinevelly, S India. [Silybura arcticeps Günther] Type locality: High Wavy mountain, Madura district, elevation 5500 feet, S India. [Silybura madurensis Beddome] Type locality: North Travancore near Peermede, on coffee estate at an elevation between 3000 and 4000 feet", S India. [Silybura nilgherriensis var. picta Beddome].

Further reading

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