Upi, Shariff Kabunsuan

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Upi (also known as North Upi) is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Shariff Kabunsuan, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 51,141 people in 9,975 households.


The current mayor of North Upi is Mr. Ramon Piang, a former principal of Notre Dame of Upi, a local high school manage by the Catholic church.


According to popular belief, Upi came from the word "upi"(Tiruray name for yam), a popular root crop cultivated by the local "Tirurays". According to oral history, when Capt. Edwards first arrived in this cool, serene town, he found a local villager tending his root crops, when ask about the town's name, the villager mistakenly said that its upi, thinking that the foreigner is asking for the crop's name.



Upi is politically subdivided into 23 barangays.

  • Bantek
  • Bayabas
  • Blensong
  • Borongotan
  • Bugabungan
  • Bungcog
  • Darugao
  • Ganasi

  • Kabakaba
  • Kibleg
  • Kibucay
  • Kiga
  • Kinitaan
  • Mirab
  • Nangi
  • Nuro (Poblacion)

  • Ranao Pilayan
  • Rempes
  • Renede
  • Renti
  • Rifao
  • Sefegefen
  • Tinungkaan

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