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Bloodhound Gang

The Bloodhound Gang is an American Alternative rock band from Trappe, Pennsylvania. Their songs typically have humorous and off-beat, often satirical lyrics. The group formed in 1992. Bloodhound Gang has sold a combined total of more than 5,000,000 albums.


Early days

The Bloodhound Gang began in 1992 as a small alternative band called Bang Chamber 8. It consisted of Jimmy Pop and Daddy Long Legs, both graduates of Perkiomen Valley High School. They released an eponymous tape before changing their name to the Bloodhound Gang, a reference to "The Bloodhound Gang", a segment on the 1980s PBS kids' show 3-2-1 Contact which featured three young detectives solving mysteries and fighting crime.

Unable to book shows anywhere else, the Bloodhound Gang first performed in an extra room at Evil Jared Hasselhoff's house, in exchange for Schlitz, Marlboros, and a chance to hand out their first demo tape, entitled Just Another Demo. When the floor caved in one night, they began performing every month at CBGBs in New York City. When asked about the band's tenure at the club, Jimmy Pop was quoted as saying, "I've seen cavemen with better clubs.

In April of 1994, the band released their second demo tape, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Hitler's Handicapped Helpers. This resulted in a record deal with Cheese Factory Records.

In the summer of 1994, Jimmy Pop had a small role in the short independent film The Chick That Was Naked by independent filmmaker Kurt Fitzpatrick. Also, a song by the band was used on its soundtrack.

In November of 1994, the Bloodhound Gang released their first EP, Dingleberry Haze.

Use Your Fingers

In March of 1995 the Bloodhound Gang signed a record deal with Columbia Records. They released their first full-length album, titled Use Your Fingers. They began touring around the United States. At this time Daddy Long Legs and M.S.G., who were angry with Columbia Records, left the band to form another rap group, Wolfpac. Bass player Evil Jared Hasselhoff and Turntablist Tard-E-Tard joined the group as replacements. When the tour ended, the deal with Columbia Records was dropped and band members Skip O'Pot2Mus and Tard-E-Tard left to pursue a career in the customer service industry.

One Fierce Beer Coaster

In March 1996, the band, complete with a new line-up, recorded their second full-length album, One Fierce Beer Coaster, first released on Cheese Factory Records (now Republic Records), and re-released on Geffen Records in 1998. The original release, designed by Michael Calleia at Industrial Strength Design in New York City, contained an actual beer coaster as part of the packaging. They embarked on their first "real tour" of the United States and Europe (they are quoted as saying this was "the first tour where nobody's parents had to drive out and pick up the band after the van broke down"). It was this album that broke them as a recognisable act in the rock/metal scene of the time, and many tracks from it became rock club staples that would be played for years to come. This album contained "Fire Water Burn", a song featured in the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 to imply that American soldiers in Iraq were not humanitarian enough. The band reportedly let Michael Moore use the song for free, claiming "Michael Moore kicks ass. He's the master of delivering a compelling point in an entertaining manner. So, when he asked us to use 'Fire Water Burn' in Fahrenheit 9/11, we not only said 'fuck yeah,' but waived our normal fee". In the summer of 1996, Jimmy Pop had a supporting role in the independent film Kin by director and star Kurt Fitzpatrick. Several Bloodhound Gang songs were used for the soundtrack for the film.

Hooray for Boobies

On February 29, 2000, they released their third album, Hooray for Boobies. Powered by the hit single, "The Bad Touch", they embarked on two more tours of Europe, where their popularity had increased dramatically ("The Bad Touch" and Hooray for Boobies reached #1 in Germany, where "Along Comes Mary" was also a Top 10 hit). They returned after selling over five million albums.

In 2003, the band released a DVD entitled One Fierce Beer Run, which chronicles their One Fierce Beer Coaster tour of 1997.

Hefty Fine

The band's newest album, Hefty Fine, was released on September 27, 2005. The title came about after Evil Jared Hasselhoff was fined during work on MTV's "Viva La Bam" (The Scavenger Hunt episode). Jared was fined $20,000, which Jimmy Pop allegedly had to pay (This is discussed in the "Uncommon-tary" Of the Viva La Bam DVDs). The CD's original title, Heavy Flow, was scrapped when it was noticed that fellow musician Moby had a song with the same name. The first single, "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo," gained heavy rotation on music video channels. Although the track "No Hard Feelings" recently broke into the Modern Rock Top 50, their second single "Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss" (which is featured in a Blaupunkt ad) has started radio circulation with a music video airing limitedly on a few music channels. Other songs from the new album are part of a campaign by the Bloodhound Gang to change the Pennsylvania state anthem into their appropriately titled "Pennsylvania", which is often incorrectly believed to be titled "Do You Even Know What a Wawa Is?", from that song's last stanza, as well as "Something Diabolical," featuring HIM's Ville Valo. The band's current members can also be found on a few episodes of Viva La Bam including the episode in which Bam Margera divides his friends into teams that go out and do outrageous stunts in order to earn points in a "scavenger hunt" to decide what happens to April Margera's piano that she wishes to get rid of. Bam Margera also makes a guest star appearance on their Hefty Fine album on a hidden track and in the music video for "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo."

Drummer Willie the New Guy was released from his position at the start of 2006, by mutual agreement between him & the band. He has been replaced by The Yin (whose birth name is Adam Perry) from the band A on their recent tour.

The band has also made several appearances on the MTV show Jackass, Viva La Bam, CKY4, as well as The Howard Stern Show.

In October 2008 Lupus Thunder quit the band- this was announced on a blog on the bands website by bassist Evil Jared.


Geffen Records refused to release the song "Yellow Fever" due to its lyrical content about Asian women. Examples of the lyrics from "Yellow Fever" include "She's like an oriental rug 'cause I lay her where I please, then I blindfold her with dental floss and get on my knees" and "Oh me Chinky, she's so kinky, got me hot like Nagasaki, burnin' up like napalm burstin' like an a-bomb." In response, Jimmy Pop told Yahoo! Launch that the Gang's lyrical matter was not meant to be taken seriously.

I think on the first record there's stuff that [offended people]… Really we're not trying to shock anybody, we're just saying things that we laugh at," he explained. "That was always the idea. The same things that we talk about on the bus are the same things we put on our records. On the first record we had lyrics like, 'There's little children unattended, let me get some poison candy,' which to me, that isn't very good.

The band arrived in the middle of a media storm mid-2006 when they started using a "golden shower" act onstage during a rendition of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" at Rock Am Ring and Pinkpop. On a Radio Bam show, Ant'nee (one of the band's crew members) mentioned in one of the Belgium shows, Evil Jared used feces instead of using urine as an alternate.


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