Unwired is an Australian public company dedicated to building a nationwide, fixed wireless telecommunications network offering carrier grade Internet services. They currently provide coverage in Sydney and Melbourne. Unwired has 53,405 customers and 112 employees as of 25 August 2006 . The technology used by Unwired is provided by American manufacturer Navini Networks and Venturi Wireless Solutions.

Unwired make use of a wireless network using base towers that broadcast a radio wave signal, offering speeds up to 1024Kbit/s. The Unwired network is the only data based network currently providing internet services in Australia. In Australia, wireless internet is provided by phone companies that allocate what is left of bandwidth to Data transport. The Unwired network is not shared with voice making it unique in Australia. Customers can use PCMCIA cards or external modems to connect to the wireless network. Unwired technology is portable, but not mobile - the technology does not operate well while the receiver is in motion. The network operates at 3.5 GHz within a spectrum reserved for use by Unwired only. Unwired offers free technical support 7 days a week between 7 am and 11:30 pm.

Seven Network investment

As of December 19, 2007 the Seven Network's subsidiary Network Holdings acquired 93% of total shares.

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