Unrar is the name of two different command-line applications for extracting RAR archives.

Free software UnRAR

This version of Unrar is free software, licenced under the GPL. It uses the GPL'd UniquE RAR Library unrarlib by Christian Scheurer and Johannes Winkelmann, which is in turn based on an old version of RARLAB's UnRAR, with permission from author Eugene Roshal.

This application has been pushed to obsolescence due to the implementation of RAR3 format by RARLAB in their WinRAR archiver. The unrarlib library only supports RAR and RAR2 formats.


This program is a simple command-line front-end to this library, and can list and extract RAR archives. It does not rival the non-free unrar in terms of features, but special care has been taken to ensure it meets most user's needs. It was designed as a back-end for GUI archivers such as GNOME file-roller and KDE ark.

Freeware UnRAR

This UnRAR is distributed by RARLAB, the makers of the commercial WinRAR archivers. The source code as well as the binaries for a few dozen platforms are available for download on their website. The source code is not licenced under a free software license. It can extract newer RAR 3.x archives not supported by the free software Unrar.

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