University of Latvia

University of Latvia

University of Latvia (LU) (Latvijas Universitāte) is the oldest university in Latvia located in Riga, Latvia.


LU was established in 1919. Many popular politicians are graduates, including prime ministers of Latvia, doctor of physics Ivars Godmanis and Einars Repše, and member of parliament and minister for education and science, doctor of philology Ina Druviete.


Currently, the University of Latvia has 28,000 students.


It consists of 13 faculties:

  1. Faculty of Biology;
  2. Faculty of Chemistry;
  3. Faculty of Physics and Mathematics;
  4. Faculty of Economics and Management;
  5. Faculty of Education and Psychology;
  6. Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences;
  7. Faculty of History and Philosophy;
  8. Faculty of Law;
  9. Faculty of Medicine;
  10. Faculty of Modern Languages;
  11. Faculty of Philology;
  12. Faculty of Social Sciences;
  13. Faculty of Theology;

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