University of Dayton

University of Dayton

The University of Dayton (abbreviated UD) is a private Catholic university operated by the Society of Mary located in Dayton, Ohio. The full-time undergraduate student enrollment around 7,500. Total student enrollment is approximately 11,000.

The University of Dayton is one of the ten largest Catholic schools in the United States and is the largest of the three Marianist universities in the nation. It is also home to one of the largest campus ministry programs in the world. The university offers more than 70 academic programs in arts and sciences, business administration, education and allied professions, engineering and law. It was first in the country to offer an undergraduate degree program in human rights.

In 2006 the University of Dayton's entrepreneurship program was named to the top 5 in the nation according to the Princeton Review and was in the top 10 of Entrepreneur magazine's "Top 100 Entrepreneurial Colleges for 2005". To complement the entrepreneurship program a student run organization called Flyer Enterprises was created in 2000. The university's law school is noted for its Program in Law and Technology, which emphasizes intellectual property law (patent, trademark, and copyright). UD was also recognized in 2006 as the third best university in the country in positive contribution the institution has made to the welfare of its surrounding community, and ranked number one in international student satisfaction compared with other universities both in the United States and overseas, according to the International Student Barometer, the largest survey of international student satisfaction in the world.


Rev. Leo Meyer purchased the land that the University sits on from John Stuart with a medal of St. Joseph, and a promise of $12,000 during a cholera epidemic in the 1800s. The land, that at the time was known as Dewberry Farm, was and was primarily vineyards and orchards.

The university was founded in 1850 as a day school and boarding school for boys called St. Mary's School for Boys, later St. Mary's Institute. In 1913, the city of Dayton experienced a massive flood when the Great Miami River overflowed its banks; the university responded by sending faculty, Marianist Brothers, and students out in row-boats to rescue Dayton citizens. Thus in 1920, in order to reflect UD's commitment to its surrounding community, it assumed its current name. Currently, UD is the largest private university in Ohio.


Christmas on Campus

Each December 8 since 1963, UD has celebrated "Christmas on Campus." Christmas on Campus (COC) has become one of the nation's largest single-day, on-campus community service events as UD students "adopt" area children, as well as Senior Citizens and treat them to seasonal shows, displays and food. 1988 COC Brochure Front Cover 1988 COC Brochure Inside Pages
1988 Brochure created by Katie Schlegel class of 1990

This tradition is such a part of the University experience that many Alumni Chapters across the US have created their own traditions of giving under the title of "Christmas Off Campus." These events range from social gatherings to organized volunteer opportunities within their communities.


The University of Dayton main campus is compact and easy to navigate; one is generally able to cross campus in less than 10 minutes. Many of the buildings stand as they did when they were first constructed in the early years of the University and the newer buildings fit with the established architecture (with a few exceptions, including ArtStreet, Roesch Library and Miriam Hall). Recently the University purchased 49 acres of property from the National Cash Register Company and named it "Campus West". This property extends campus from Brown Street, the traditional western border of campus, to the Miami River. Currently the fields are being used for intramurals, and one building on the property, now known as the College Park Center, is used by the UD Public Safety Department, on-campus maintenance, and the City of Dayton Schools' Dayton Early College Academy (DECA). Burt-Hill Architecture is handling the development of the property.

The University of Dayton has a unique feature: it has a student neighborhood (literally). Over time, the University of Dayton has acquired houses that are adjacent to its property. Most of the students with junior or senior status at the university live in these houses. The university has been slowly renovating and/or rebuilding the houses which are in the worst condition. Most students refer to the south section of the neighborhood as "the Ghetto." The Ghetto is bounded by Brown Street to the west, Irving Avenue to the south, Trinity Avenue and Evanston Avenue to the east, and Caldwell Street and Stonemill Road to the north. The area north of the campus center is known as "the Darkside." Besides the Ghetto, the University of Dayton also has five residence halls, including Founders Hall, Marycrest Complex, Marianist Hall, Stuart Complex, and Virginia W. Kettering Hall. The university also owns a number of apartment buildings for student housing; these include the Lawnview Apartments, the Campus South, and Garden Apartments. Because of the student neighborhood, and massive availability of on-campus housing, over 95% of current UD undergraduates live on campus.


The Dayton Flyers compete in the Atlantic Ten Conference in all sports except football, in which they compete in the Pioneer Football League. The Flyers' mascot is "Rudy Flyer," a pun based on the university's initials, "U.D." Rudy is a barnstorming pilot who wears 1930s-1940s-era goggles and a leather pilot's helmet. The nickname "Flyers" is tribute to the Wright Brothers who began their careers and invented the airplane in Dayton.

Flyers basketball is one of the biggest sports attractions in the Dayton area with the Flyers perennially ranking in the NCAA Division I top 25 in basketball attendance. The men's basketball team has advanced to the NCAA tournament numerous times and holds a 13-15 all time NCAA tournament record. During what many fans consider the golden age of Dayton basketball, the team reached the NCAA finals against UCLA in 1967 and won the NIT in 1962 and 1968.

Football has similarly experienced considerable success throughout its history at Dayton. UD has won two NCAA Division III titles (in 1980 & 1989 respectively) and advanced to the title game three other times. Since moving to NCAA Division I-AA in 1993, the Flyers have won eight PFL championships and in 2002 were the NCAA Division I-AA Consensus Mid-Major Football National Champion.

UD Volleyball is a major attraction for UD students, faculty and Alumni. UD is currently ranked 24 Nationally in NCAA Division I Volleyball.

Dayton's historic rivalries in most sports have included the University of Cincinnati, Miami University and Xavier University. Dayton and Xavier play for the Blackburn/McCafferty Trophy during their regular season home-home men's basketball matchups.

UD offers a wide variety of varsity athletic opportunities to men (baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, tennis) & women (basketball, cross country, golf, rowing, soccer, softball, tennis, track & field, volleyball).

Many of these varsity athletic teams are supported by the Red Scare , UD's spirit group made up of 1300 undergrads. From its inception in 1996 until 2006, Red Scare was focused primarily on men's basketball. In 2007, the focus of Red Scare expanded to other sports including baseball and softball in the spring, football, men's and women's soccer, and volleyball in the fall, and men's and women's basketball in the winter. The Red Scare expanded other sports' fan base with the creation of a points system called "Spirit Points". Students are given points for each sporting event they attend. These points are then used to obtain a quality seat at the men's basketball game.

In addition to varsity athletics, there are numerous club and intramural sports available to students including ice hockey. In January 2006, the university opened its new "RecPlex", a $25 million state of the art sports and recreational facility for students of the university.

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