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Notre Dame, University of, at Notre Dame, Ind., near South Bend; Roman Catholic; coeducational; est. and opened 1842, chartered 1844. It has a noted law school and computing center as well as laboratories for research in botany, radiation, geology, metallurgy, and engineering. It also operates important research institutes in the humanities; notable is the Jacques Maritain Philosophical Center. The university maintains an outstanding library system.
Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (also known as Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Lachine East) was a federal electoral district in Quebec, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1949 to 1997.

This riding was created in 1947. In 1980, its name was changed to "Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Lachine East.

It was abolished in 1987 when it was redistributed into Lachine—Lac-Saint-Louis and a new Notre-Dame-de-Grâce riding.

The new Notre-Dame-de-Grâce riding was created from parts of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Lachine East, Mount Royal and Saint-Henri—Westmount ridings.

This riding consisted of:

  • the towns of Saint-Pierre and Montréal-Ouest;
  • that part of the Town of Montréal bounded as follows: commencing at the intersection of the northeasterly limit of the City of Côte-Saint-Luc and Queen Mary Road; thence, successively, the following lines and demarcations: Queen Mary Road; Circle Road Street to the right; Bridle Path Street; Bonavista Avenue; Côte-Saint-Luc Road; the limits of the Town of Westmount; Autoroute 20; Autoroute 15; the Lachine Canal; the limits of the towns of LaSalle, Montréal, Montréal-Ouest, Montréal, Hampstead; the limits of the city of Côte-Saint-Luc to the point of commencement.

The electoral district was abolished in 1996 when it was merged into Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Lachine riding.

Election results

|- |WHITMAN, Frederick Primrose ||align=right|19,469 |- |LEWIS, John Bower Theodore ||align=right|10,293 |- |FOSSATI, Alfred ||align=right|1,054 |}

|- |HAMILTON, William McLean ||align=right|16,690 |- |WHITMAN, Frederick Primrose ||align=right|15,567 |- |BROWN, Alan Dunlop ||align=right|1,184 |}

|- |HAMILTON, William McLean ||align=right|24,517 |- |MOONEY, George Stuart ||align=right|17,551 |- |FLANAGAN, J. Cyril ||align=right|1,049 |}

|- |HAMILTON, William McLean ||align=right|27,145 |- |MACKAY, Kenneth C. ||align=right|16,172 |- |FLANAGAN, James Cyril ||align=right|1,526 |}

|- |ASSELIN, Edmund Tobin ||align=right|22,080 |- |HAMILTON, William McLean ||align=right| 18,033 |- |GIFFORD, C.G. ||align=right|4,875 |- |AUDET, Gérard ||align=right| 446 |}

|- |ASSELIN, Edmund Tobin ||align=right|30,532 |- |HAYES, W. Paschal ||align=right|8,734 |- |GIFFORD, C.G. ||align=right|7,141 |- |CLERMONT, Jean ||align=right|932 |}

|- |ALLMAND, Warren ||align=right|17,796 |- |GIFFORD, C.G. ||align=right|14,071 |- |CHAMBERS, Egan ||align=right|10,935 |- |BEAUDOIN, Adalbert ||align=right|257 |- |SAWCZYSZYN, Chester ||align=right|206 |}

|- |ALLMAND, Warren ||align=right|25,959 |- |GIFFORD, C.G. ||align=right|7,123 |- |SHAW, Gordon ||align=right|2,466 |}

|- |ALLMAND, Warren ||align=right|24,126 |- |ROUSTAN, Walter ||align=right|6,991 |- |MORIN, Roland ||align=right|3,957 |- |MAGUIRE, Peter David ||align=right|391 |}

|- |ALLMAND, Warren ||align=right|20,151 |- |ROUSTAN, Walter ||align=right|8,300 |- |MORIN, Roland ||align=right|3,673 |- |HYMAN, Ian R. ||align=right|391 |}

|- |ALLMAND, Warren ||align=right|33,011 |- |MILLER, Lou ||align=right| 6,632 |- |CALLAGHAN, Gus ||align=right|3,683 |- |RIOUX, Valères ||align=right|1,316 |- |ST-LAURENT, Michel ||align=right| 739 |- |RAINVILLE, Gilles ||align=right|116 |- |TANSEY, Larry ||align=right| 88 |}

|- |ALLMAND, Warren ||align=right|27,604 |- |BARKER, Gordon S. ||align=right|5,691 |- |HAINES, Grendon ||align=right| 4,482 |- |ROY, Chérubin Guy ||align=right| 900 |- |VERRIER, Robert ||align=right| 114 |}

|- |ALLMAND, Warren ||align=right|17,910 |- |AUF DER MAUR, Nick ||align=right|15,845 |- |HAINES, Grendon ||align=right|5,772 |- |MAC TAGGART, Don Blended 46 Years ||align=right|1,007 |- |CUSSON, René ||align=right|564 |- |CORRIVEAU, Michel ||align=right|140 |}

|- |ALLMAND, Warren ||align=right|22,928 |- |CHEBEIR, Samir ||align=right|11,702 |- |PELUSO, Maria ||align=right|5,154 |- |BRUNEAU, Stephen A. ||align=right| 848 |- |FELDMAN, Al ||align=right|678 |- |ADAMS, Robert ||align=right|356 |- |WERTHEIMER, Earl ||align=right|223 |- |FRAIN, Margaret ||align=right|80 |- |PLOURDE, Léon ||align=right|45 |}

|- |ALLMAND, Warren ||align=right|28,696 |- |OUELLET, Gilbert ||align=right|5,811 |- |QUAID, Maeve ||align=right|2,645 |- |TOOMBS, Bruce ||align=right|1,407 |- |DEMAINE, Shirley ||align=right|596 |- |DONDERI, Don ||align=right|540 |- |WILSON, Michael E. ||align=right|415 |- |WERTHEIMER, Earl ||align=right|197 |- |PHILIPS, John ||align=right| 171 |- |WINDEYER, Michael ||align=right|86 |- |SHIROKA, Alexander ||align=right|38 |}

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