United States gubernatorial elections, 2002

Although Republicans made some gains from Democrats, Democrats increased their overall number of governorships.

Democratic gains

Republican gains

Election results

A bolded state name features an article about the specific election.
State Incumbent Party Status Opposing Candidates
Alabama Don Siegelman Democratic Defeated, 49.0% Bob Riley (Republican) 49.2%
John Sophocleus (Libertarian) 1.7%
Alaska Tony Knowles Democratic Term-Limited, Republican victory Frank Murkowski (Republican) 55.8%
Fran Ulmer (Democratic) 40.7%
Diane E. Benson (Green) 1.3%
Don Wright (Alaskan Indep.)
Raymond VinZant (Rep. Mod.) 0.7%
Billy Toien (Libertarian) 0.5%
Arizona Jane Dee Hull Republican Term-Limited, Democratic victory Janet Napolitano (Democratic) 46.2%
Matt Salmon (Republican) 45.2%
Richard Mahoney (Independent) 6.9%
Barry Hess (Libertarian) 1.7%
Arkansas Mike Huckabee Republican Re-elected, 53% Jimmie Lou Fisher (Democratic) 46%
California Gray Davis Democratic Re-elected, 47.4% Bill Simon (Republican) 42.4%
Peter Camejo (Green) 5.3%
Gary Copeland (Libertarian) 2.2%
Reinhold Gulke (American Ind.) 1.7%
Iris Adam (Natural Law) 1.1%
Colorado Bill Owens Republican Re-elected, 62.6% Rollie Heath (Democratic) 33.7%
Ronald Forthofer (Green) 2.3%
Ralph Shnelvar (Libertarian) 1%
Connecticut John Rowland Republican Re-elected, 56.1% Bill Curry (Democratic) 43.9%
Florida Jeb Bush Republican Re-elected, 56% Bill McBride (Democratic) 43.1%
Georgia Roy Barnes Democratic Defeated, 46.3% Sonny Perdue (Republican) 51.4%
Garrett Hayes (Libertarian) 2.3%
Hawaii Benjamin Cayetano Democratic Term-Limited, Republican victory Linda Lingle (Republican) 51.6%
Mazie Hirono (Democratic) 47%
Kau`i Hill (Natural Law) 0.7%
Tracy Ryan (Libertarian) 0.4%
Jim Brewer (Independent) 0.3%
Idaho Dirk Kempthorne Republican Re-elected, 56.3% Jerry Brady (Democratic) 41.7%
Daniel Adams (Libertarian) 2%
Illinois George Ryan Republican Retired, Democratic victory Rod Blagojevich (Democratic) 52.2%
Jim Ryan (Republican) 45.1%
Cal Skinner (Libertarian) 2.1%
Iowa Tom Vilsack Democratic Re-elected, 52.7% Doug Gross (Republican) 44.5%
Jay Robinson (Green) 1.4%
Clyde Cleveland (Libertarian) 1.3%
Kansas Bill Graves Republican Term-Limited, Democratic victory Kathleen Sebelius (Democratic) 52.9%
Tim Shallenburger (Republican) 45.1%
Ted Pettibone (Reform) 1.1%
Dennis Hawver (Libertarian) 1.0%
Maine Angus King Independent Term-Limited, Democratic victory John Baldacci (Democratic) 47.2%
Peter Cianchette (Republican) 41.5%
Jonathan Carter (Green) 9.3%
John Michael (Independent) 2.1%
Maryland Parris Glendening Democratic Term-Limited, Republican victory Robert Ehrlich (Republican) 51.6%
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (Democratic) 47.7%
Spear Lancaster (Libertarian) 0.7%
Massachusetts Jane Swift Republican Not running for governor, Republican victory Mitt Romney (Republican) 49.8%
Shannon O'Brien (Democratic) 44.9%
Jill Stein (G-R) 3.5%
Carla Howell (Libertarian) 1%
Michigan John Engler Republican Term-Limited, Democratic victory Jennifer Granholm (Democratic) 51.4%
Dick Posthumus (Republican) 47.4%
Douglas Campell (Green) 0.8%
Joseph Pilchak (U.S. Taxpayers) 0.4%
Minnesota Jesse Ventura Reform Party/Independence Retired, Republican victory Tim Pawlenty (Republican) 44.4%
Roger Moe (Democratic) 36.5%
Tim Penny (Independence) 16.2%
Ken Pentel (Green) 2.3%
Kari Sachs (Socialist Workers) 0.1%
Lawrence Aeshliman (Constitution) 0.1%
Nebraska Mike Johanns Republican Re-elected, 68.9% Stormy Dean (Democratic) 27.5%
Paul Rosberg (Nebraska) 3.8%
Nevada Kenny Guinn Republican Re-elected, 68.3% Joseph Neal (Democratic) 22%
None of the above 4.7%
Dick Geyer (Libertarian) 1.6%
David Holmgren (Indep. American) 1.4%
Jerry Norton (Independent) 1.1%
Charles Laws (Green) 1%
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen Democratic Retired, Republican victory Craig Benson (Republican) 58.6%
Mark Fernald (Democratic) 38.2%
John Babiarz (Libertarian) 2.9%
New Mexico Gary E. Johnson Republican Term-Limited, Democratic victory Bill Richardson (Democratic) 55.5%
John Sanchez (Republican) 34.9%
David Bacon (Green) 5.5%
New York George Pataki Republican, Conservative Re-elected, 49.4% Carl McCall (Democratic), (Working Families 33.5%
Thomas Golisano) (Independence) 14.3%
Gerard J. Cronin (Right to Life) 0.9%
Stanley Aronowitz (Green) 0.9%
Thomas K. Leighton (Marijuana Reform) 0.5%
Andrew M. Cuomo (Liberal) 0.3%
Scott Jeffrey (Libertarian) 0.1%%
Ohio Bob Taft Republican Re-elected, 57.7% Timothy Hagan (Democratic) 38.3%
John Eastman (Independent) 3.9%
Oklahoma Frank Keating Republican Term-Limited, Democratic victory Brad Henry (Democratic) 43.3%
Steve Largent (Republican) 42.6%
Gary Richardson (Independent) 14.1%
Oregon John Kitzhaber Democratic Term-Limited, Democratic victory Ted Kulongoski (Democratic) 49%
Kevin Mannix (Republican) 46.1%
Tom Cox (Libertarian) 4.58%
Pennsylvania Mark Schweiker Republican Not running for governor, Democratic victory Ed Rendell (Democratic) 53.4%
Mike Fisher (Republican) 44.4%
Ken Krawchuk (Libertarian) 1.3%
Michael Morrill (Green) 1.2%
Rhode Island Lincoln C. Almond Republican Term-Limited, Republican victory Donald Carcieri (Republican) 54.8%
Myrth York (Democratic) 45.2%
South Carolina Jim Hodges Democratic Defeated, 47.1% Mark Sanford (Republican) 52.9%
South Dakota Bill Janklow Republican Term-Limited, Republican victory Mike Rounds (Republican) 56.8%
Jim Abbott (Democratic) 41.9%
James Carlson (Independent) 0.7%
Nathan Barton (Libertarian) 0.6%
Tennessee Don Sundquist Republican Term-Limited, Democratic victory Phil Bredesen (Democratic) 50.7%
Van Hilleary (Republican) 47.6%
Texas Rick Perry Republican Re-elected, 57.8% Tony Sanchez (Democratic) 40%
Jeff Daiell (Libertarian) 1.4%
Rahul Mahajan (Green) 1%
Vermont Howard Dean Democratic Retired, Republican victory Jim Douglas (Republican) 44.9%
Doug Racine (Democratic) 42.4%
Cornelius Hogan (Independent) 9.7%
Cris Ericson (Make Marijuana Legal) 0.8%
Michael Badamo (VT Progressive) 0.6%
Joel Williams (Libertarian) 0.4%
Patricia Hejny (VT Grassroots) 0.3%
Marilynn Christian (Restore Justice-Freedom) 0.3%
Pete Diamondstone (Liberty Union) 0.3%
Wisconsin Scott McCallum Republican Defeated, 41.4% Jim Doyle (Democratic) 45.1%
Ed Thompson (Libertarian) 10.5%
Jim Young (Green) 2.5%
Wyoming Jim Geringer Republican Term-Limited, Democratic victory Dave Freudenthal (Democratic) 50%
Eli Bebout (Republican) 47.9%
Dave Dawson (Libertarian) 2.12%

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