United Mobile

United Mobile

United Mobile is a Swiss company, operating in Kloten (near Zurich Airport) as a "branch" of a company based in Liechtenstein (for tax and legal purposes) and providing prepaid SIM cards offering low roaming costs, based on call back business approach.

Prices, fees structure

United Mobile charge customers call fees based on the usual roaming fees for both outgoing and incoming calls, albeit on (distinctly) lower rates than the competition (in marketing terms so called arbitrage offer) and marketed as "roaming free".

United Mobile, one of numerous MVNOs, seems to concentrate their revenues on so called Inter Operator Tariffs (IOT) on termination fees of their call back business approach.

SIM cards

The SIM cards are available at the United Mobile web shop, where they may also be recharged, and through resellers (eg. Die Post in Switzerland). The customer gets a new phone number – either in Liechtenstein or, since 2007, UK. During 2008 US, German and Russian phone numbers should be available as well.

So far one SIM card for voice and SMS, the other one since 2008 in cooperation with ICQ for data (SMS, voice as well, for higher cost than the voice SIM) marketed as different products as ICQ SIM and United Mobile Data SIM Card.

Blueslice Networks

In mid 2008, United Mobile began offering MNOs a low-roaming package, based on a Blueslice solution of the multi IMSI technology of their multi-profile subscriber convergence.

The idea to change the ways mobile networks signaling works, and so minimize, or even avoid roaming, has been around for a couple of years. Yet to make it work, a number of MNOs would have to join in and give up the roaming revenues, a substantial part of mobile business.

The cooperation between Blueslice and United Mobile has been announced in November 2007. In it Blueslice hopes to have found a/another distributor, United Mobile a supplier of a solution that would help to get enough customers aboard, and so satisfy investors not so happy with United Mobile's development so far.

The company

United Mobile was founded in 2001 in Winterthur by Rob Snijder and Erik Brunnekreef in 2002 bringing their first SIM on the market. Sven Donhuysen joined the company in 2004, getting Mobilcom Liechtenstein as much needed network partner aboard.

Morten Lund joined as investor in 2007, the goal would be to "combine Truphone, Jajah and Skype on one SIM card".

During 2007 Charles Fränkl, Achilles Rupf and Cor Swart joined in in executive positions. On United Mobile's board are Sven Donhuysen, Alfred K. Roth, Kaj-Erik Relander and Andreas Rueter.

The partnership with ICQ, that began 2008, should help find mobile network partners in 140 countries, ICQ already cooperates with.


In 2005 , and 2007 again, United Mobile claims to cover over 80 countries with voice, SMS. For the data SIMs, some 16 countries at start in 2008, "to rise to 30 until end of the year".


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