Unified Power Format

Unified Power Format

The Accellera sponsored Unified Power Format (UPF) technical working group created a standard for specifying the Power intent in Power Aware electronic design flows. The draft standard was ratified by the Accellera board on early 2007 and donated to the IEEE for robust standardization.

As of November 2007, the IEEE Standards Association DASC sponsored working group IEEE P1801 is working on extending the capabilities of the standard to:

  • clarify the semantics of the intent - this provides portability of design intent across many vendors tools
  • Add support for incremental refinement - Platinum source (constraints) from IP vendors, Golden source (configuration) from IP integrators, and Silicon source (implementation choices) from those that realize the instantiations.
  • Add support for bottom up and top down design
  • add documentation of the support for wildcard and regular expression selection of design instances
  • clarify the differences between ports and pins
  • provide for convergence capability from both UPF and Common Power Format


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