Undistinguished nationalities

Undistinguished ethnic groups in China

Undistinguished ethnic groups in China (: Wèi Shíbié Mínzú; sometimes translated as Undistinguished nationalities) are ethnic groups in the People's Republic of China that have not been officially recognised as individual ethnic groups. These groups number more than 730,000 people, and if counted together as a single group, would constitute the 20th most populous ethnic group of China. In addition, there are ethnic groups with relatively small populations that may be thought to be unique, but were classified as parts of larger ethnic groups that are officially recognised. It should be noted that the term wèi shíbié carries the meaning "unclassified" in this context.

Examples of undistinguished ethnic groups include:

Ethnic groups that have been classified as part of the official list of 56 recognized ethic groups:

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