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Ladysmith Black Mambazo discography

This is a near-complete list of recordings made by the South African vocal group Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

The group was offered a recording contract to Gallo Record Company, the largest record company in South Africa, in 1972. They accepted, and remain with the studio today. Ladysmith Black Mambazo's first release Amabutho (1973) sold over 25,000 copies and became the first release in South Africa by black musicians to receive gold status. Their early recordings – recorded for Gallo's 'Mavuthela Music Company' division – sold very well.

In 1975, Shabalala converted to Christianity and the group released their first religious album, Ukukhanya Kwelanga. It earned a double platinum disc award, and the group's repertoire came to be dominated by hymns, mostly Methodist. Their 1976 Ukusindiswa became one of their most popular religious albums. By 1981, the group was well-known throughout South Africa, and was allowed to travel to Cologne, Germany. The group toured the country and appeared on television, and learned some of the German language; the 1981 album Phansi Emgodini included a German-language song, "Wir Grüssen Euch Alle". The following year, the group traveled back to Germany to appear on a televised quiz show, bringing about requests for live appearances.

The group's releases sold highly in the 1980s; even more so when Paul Simon introduced them into international audiences in his 1986 Graceland album. Graceland itself went onto sell high figures. Mambazo's international career subsequently took off and brought them to new heights.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo has since released over fifty studio recordings; many more assorted compilations, cassette tapes, video tapes, and DVDs have been released. A number of reissue releases from the group's early recording career sold high numbers in the late 1980s, partly due to the newfound interest in South African music created by Paul Simon.

Title of release Record label and catalogue number Year
Unkanka Odla Amacembe S.A.B.C. (LT 14319, 14320, 14351, 14352) 1966
Amabutho Gallo (Motella BL 14) 1973
Imbongi Gallo (Motella BL 18) 1973
Ufakazi Yibheshu Gallo (Mavuthela BL 22) featuring Empangeni Home Tigers 1973
Umama Lo! Gallo (Mavuthela BL 23) 1974
Isitimela Gallo (Motella BL 27) 1974
Ukukhanya Kwelanga Gallo (Motella BL 35) 1975
Amaqhawe Gallo (Motella BL 81) 1976
Ukusindiswa Gallo (Motella BL 86) 1977
Shintsha Sithothobala Gallo (Motella BL 91) 1977
Phezulu Emafini Gallo (Motella BL 92) 1977
Ushaka Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 129) 1978
Indlela yaseZulwini Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 153) 1978
Ezinkulu Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 186) 1979
Intokozo Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 205) 1980
Nqonqotha Mfana Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 253) 1980
Ulwandle Olungcwele Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 300) 1981
Cologne Zulu Festival Network (5????) 1981
Phansi Emgodini Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 321) 1981
Umthombo Wamanzi Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 353) 1982
Induku Zethu Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 393) 1983
Ibhayibheli Liyindlela Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 472) 1984
Inkazimulo Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 504) 1985
Inala Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 531) 1985
Ezulwini Siyakhona Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 548) 1986
Kuyakhanya Madoda Gallo (Ezomdabu-Gallo XWI123a) 1986
Mabahambe Abathakathi Gallo (Ezomdabu-Gallo XWI123b) 1986
Shaka Zulu Warner Bros (1-25582) 1987
Thandani Gallo (Ezomdabu BL 613) 1987
Inala (reissue) Shanachie (SH 430??) 1987
Induku Zethu (reissue) Shanachie (SH 43021) 1987
Ulwandle Olungcwele (Reissue) Shanachie (SH 43030) 1987
Umthombo Wamanzi (reissue) Shanachie (SH 430??) 1987
Zibuyinhlazane Gallo (Ezomdabu HUL40131) 1988
Journey Of Dreams Warner Bros (1-25753) 1988
Isigqi Zendoda Gallo (HUL40203/CDGMP40203) 1990
Two Worlds, One Heart Warner Bros (1-26125) 1990
Zulu Traditional JVC World Sounds (JVC VICG-5230) 1990
Favourites Gallo (HUL40300/CDGMP40300) 1992
Classic Tracks Shanachie (SH 43074) 1992
The Best Of (Vol. 1) Shanachie (SH 43098) 1992
Liph' Iqiniso Gallo (CDGMP40392) 1993
Gift Of The Tortoise Gallo (CDGMP40451) 1994
Zulu Hits Vol. 1 Gallo (CDGMP40616) 1995
Gospel Hits Vol. 2 Gallo (CDGMP40617) 1995
Shosholoza (with the Team Shosholoza) Gallo (CDSING 8 I) 1995
Thuthukani Ngoxolo Gallo (CDGMP40641) 1996
Ukuzala-Ukuzelula (with the Mahubo Nesigekle Ladies Choir) Gallo (CDGMP40691) 1995
Heavenly Gallo (CDGMP40697) 1997
Heavenly UMTV (540 790 2) 1997
The Best of (VHS) Gallo (GMPV 11) 1997
Very Best Of – Spirit Of South Africa Nascente (NSCD 021) 1998
Best Of – The Star and the Wiseman UMTV (568 988 2) 1998
Best Of – The Star and the Wiseman Gallo (CDESP020) 1998
Inala (reissue) Wrasse (WRASS001) 1999
Thuthukani Ngoxolo (reissue) Wrasse (WRASS002) 1999
Zibuyinhlazane (reissue) Wrasse (WRASS003) 1999
Liph' Iqiniso (reissue) Wrasse (WRASS004) 1999
Gospel Songs Wrasse (WRASS005) 2000
In Harmony (Ladysmith Black Mambazo album) Wrasse/UMTV (153739-2) 1999
Live at the Royal Albert Hall (DVD/VHS) Shanachie (SH DV-108) 1999
Live at the Royal Albert Hall Shanachie (SH 66023) 1999
In Harmony - Live at the Royal Albert Hall Wrasse/UMTV (WRASV001) 1999
Lihl' Ixhiba Likagogo Gallo (CDGMP 40830) 2000
Thandani/Umthombo Wamanzi Gallo From the Archives (CDGSP3007) 2001
Favourites (Different release) Wrasse (WRASS017) 2001
The Ultimate Collection (UK release) Wrasse/UMTV (556 682 2) 2001
Congratulations South Africa - The Ultimate Collection (international) Wrasse/UMTV (WRASS037) 2001
Friends In Concert (featuring Lucky Dube and Jabu Khanyile) Gallo (GWVCD 042) 2002
Ukusindiswa/Umthombo Wamanzi Gallo From the Archives (CDGSP3012) 2002
Chillout Sessions Wrasse (WRASS067) 2002
Wenyukela Gallo (CDGMP 40892) 2003
Raise Your Spirit Higher (Wenyukela) Wrasse (WRASS100) 2003
Raise Your Spirit Higher [Wenyukela] Heads Up International/Gallo (HUCD 3082, HUSA 9082) 2004
The Very Best of - Rain, Rain Beautiful Rain Wrasse (WRASS132) 2004
No Boundaries (featuring the English Chamber Orchestra) Heads Up International/Gallo (GWVCD 060) 2004
No Boundaries (featuring the English Chamber Orchestra) Heads Up International/Gallo (HUCD 3092, HUSA 9092) 2005
The Best of (reissue) Gallo (GMVDVD 025) 2005
Live at Montreux Eagle Records/Red (EE 39023 2) 2005
Live at Montreux (DVD) Eagle Records/Red (EREDV382) 2005
Long Walk to Freedom (international) Heads Up International/Gallo (HUCD 3109, HUSA 9109) 2006
Long Walk to Freedom (South African release) (South Africa only) Gallo (CDGMP 40952) 2006
The Best of - Essential Tribute Budget (ABLCD121) 2006
The Hits (CD/DVD set) Gallo The Hits (GMVCOM1000) 2006
Phansi Emgodini (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1024) 2006
Ulwandle Olungcwele (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1023) 2006
Ezulwini Siyakhona (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1030) 2006
Thandani (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1031) 2006
Ukusindiswa (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1033) 2006
Ilembe (South Africa only) Gallo (CDGMP 40976) 2007
Ilembe - Our Tribute to King Shaka (international) Warner Jazz 2007
Ushaka (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1014) 2007
Amabutho (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1015) 2007
Indlela yaseZulwini (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1016) 2007
Imbongi (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1017) 2007
Ezinkulu (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1018) 2007
Intokozo (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1019) 2007
Umama Lo! (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1020) 2007
Isitimela (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1021) 2007
Nqonqotha Mfana (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1022) 2007
Umthombo Wamanzi (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1026) 2007
Ibhayibheli Liyindlela (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1028) 2007
Inkazimulo (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1029) 2007
Amaqhawe (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1032) 2007
Phezulu Emafini (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1034) 2007
Shintsha Sithothobala (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1035) 2007
Inala (reissue) Gallo Archives (CDBL 1036) 2007
Ilembe: Honoring Shaka Zulu Heads Up International/Gallo (HUCD 3133, HUSA 9133) 2008

Catalogue numbers in bold represent Hybrid SACD and/or enhanced versions


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