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The udu is an African drum originated by the Igbo and Hausa peoples of Nigeria. In the Igbo language, udu means vessel. Actually being a water jug with an additional hole, it was played by women for ceremonial uses. Usually the udu is made of clay.

The instrument is played by hand and produces a special and unique bass sound by quickly hitting the big hole. Furthermore the whole corpus can be played by fingers. Today it is widely used by percussionists in different music styles.

The instrument is both an aerophone and an idiophone.

Fascinated by the possibilities and the various pitches of the usual Udu, Behnam Samani, a master in Persian percussion, created a new form, which still keeps the soft round harmonious bass tones yet opens the way to new inspiration and experience.

Based on the African Udu-Drum from Nigeria the Zarbang-Udu contains a very large dynamic range of sound, having two side holes (or one) and a membrane of natural skin placed in between them (beside it). This way the membrane and the hole/s can be played with one or two hands at the same time.

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