UWA Canadian Championship

UWA Heavyweight Championship (Vancouver version)

The Vancouver version of the UWA Heavyweight Championship was the top singles title in All Star Wrestling from its establishment sometime after All Star disaffiliated from the National Wrestling Alliance in late-1985 until the promotion closed in 1989.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Al Tomko 1 ? Title awarded
Mike Stone 1 1986 Cloverdale, BC
Joe Cagle 1 1986 British Columbia
Rick Davis 1 November 1, 1986 Cloverdale, BC
J.R. Bundy (not King Kong Bundy) 1 December 2, 1986 Burnaby, BC
Billy Two Eagles 1 1986 British Columbia
Timothy Flowers 1 April 3, 1987 Vancouver, BC
John Tenta 1 circa September 1987 British Columbia
Vacant 1987 Title vacant
Richie Magnet 1 January 2, 1988 Cloverdale, BC
John Tenta 2 1988 British Columbia
Sweet Daddy Sampson 1 November 8, 1988(?) Burnaby, BC
Title retired July 1989 Promotion closes (Title may have been abandoned before then)

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