USFA Henry Nettleton Cavalry

USFA Henry Nettleton Cavalry

The U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co. (USFA) Henry Nettleton Cavalry revolver is machined from solid steel bar stock and features properly tempered springs and a hand-built action. It is painstakingly accurate to 1878 Colt Single Action Army pistols inspected by Henry Nettleton and is available only in the Nettleton-inspected serial numbers 47,056-51,083. It is available in .45 Colt caliber with 5½ inch or 7½ inch barrel. It is finished in a historically correct bluing process the company calls Armory Blue and the frame, gate, and hammer are hardened in the company's trademarked Old Armory Bone Case process, which gives these parts a mottled appearance. The Henry Nettleton Cavalry revolver features the same cartouche stampings as the originals, the same markings on parts, and the stamping style is true to the originals. The 5½ inch barrel gun is the Artillery model, and the 7½ inch barrel gun is the Cavalry model. The gun's frame is the black powder variation and the rear sight is a "V" notch while the front has a blade sight. These are considered the finest reproductions of the guns inspected by Henry Nettleton. The U.S. Fire Arms Government Inspector series includes reproductions of not only Henry Nettleton-inspected guns, but also those inspected by Orville W. Ainsworth (serial numbers 200-14,383), David F. Clark (serial numbers 53,006-121,238), John E. Greer (serial numbers 81,918-111,632), and Rinaldo A. Carr (serial numbers 130,438-140,361). They are popular for Cowboy action shooting and are entirely American made. The U.S. Fire Arms Safety and Instructional Manual for Single Action Firearms describes safe handling procedures and user responsibility.

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